fantasy premier league GW28 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s some early FFGeek team thoughts in this fantasy premier league GW28 article. We look at gameweek 27, some issues facing the team, transfer thoughts and early captain thinking


So firstly it’s important to remind you I’m continuing with my 2 team theme as a result of my accidental free hit chip being used in GW23.

Team 1 is the team with the free hit chip lost.

Team 2 has the free hit team intact and was cloned from one of my alternate FFGeek teams to be my original team through a -28 point hit.

Team 2 is to help people who were following my original team as a reference point so they can continue doing so.

Team 1 will help those people who used their free hit chip earlier in the season.

Both teams require totally different strategies to navigate through the potential blank and double gameweeks up coming

Here was my team selection article going into the gameweek if you’re interested


GW27 points: 96 (average 61) Total points 1,593 Gameweek rank 264k Overall Rank: 52k green arrow 28k Team Value: £103.4m

Here’s the team points. A 28k green arrow to 52k OR.

 fantasy premier league GW28

 So a good week with a gameweek rank of 264k, my 3rd best of the season.  Strange how sometimes you fear a week and it works out well and vice versa.

The added bonus was the form of Niasse and Tosun not even getting off the bench and now Niasse looks like a decent bet for the potential blank of GW31.   Also, while I would never wish an injury on anyone, Seamus Coleman’s injury gives some chance for Kenny to play if the muscle injury is a few weeks out.  That 2 players potentially in the frame for the potential blank GW31 with good fixtures ahead that I was counting on having to ditch.

The captain choice was disappointing especially as in my captain article I gave the edge to Aguero.  Salah with his ownership seemed the safer option.


I have 2 free transfers and £1.3m in the bank.


Injured although apparently could play in the round of 16 clash v Porto on Wednesday the 14th.   It’s hard to see Gomez playing in GW31 home to Watford as Alexander Arnold has played alot of the easier home games.  Plus with 2 good fixtures next with West Ham home and Newcastle home I feel Van Dijk is more guaranteed to play.  However if Moreno plays in the Chmapions League that could set a pattern and Robertson maybe worth a punt.


A welcome clean sheet but I don’t need 2 representatives from the West Ham defence.  Liverpool away is the perfect exit point.  I could as easily exit Adrian if I wanted a GK for GW31.

Liverpool (A)
Swansea (A)
Burnley (H)


It was a pretty underwhelming performance v West Ham and a continuation of the last 7 games.  He does have a guaranteed game in GW31 which is something although a likely 2 pointer away to Liverpool.  It’s just making transfers in priority that will see when he leaves

 Everton (H)
West Brom (H)
Arsenal (A

Son HM

4 consecutive blanks and in the last 4 games we’ve seen 2 subbings prior to 70 minutes.  2 of those last 4 have seen good underlying stats.  This weeks were appalling as were the GW24 stats v Southampton.  Finding it hard to be desperate to get rid of him with these fixtures though.  Minutes are likely to dictate an exit rather than worries about form

Crystal Palace (A)
Huddersfield (H)
Bournemouth (A)


 I have 2 free transfers and £1.3m in the bank.  It’s close to 2 weeks before GW28 and there’s 2 sets of Champions League fixtures plus the FA Cup 5th round so I’ll be leaving transfers to the Friday before the deadline.  The focus will be on teams that will potentially have a fixture in GW31 which will become clearer after the FA Cup games.  Read my blanks and double gameweeks article if you’re unsure of the background.  That article will definitely be updated after the FA Cup games.

I’m thinking about Van Dijk for Ogbonna or Gomez.  Also I’ve thought about Son or Richarlison for Walcott.  Walcott was anonymous v Palace but his first 3 games have been excellent and of course he consistently posted good stats for Arsenal so too early to write him off after 1 game.

I’m not in any hurry to use 2 transfers and may continue carrying over 1 free to use 2 in GW31.


 So far I have Kenny, Gomez, Salah, Richarlison with guaranteed fixtures in GW31 subject to selection and McArthur if Man Utd can beat Huddersfield in the FA Cup 5th round.  Something I became less confident about after the weekend.

My plan at the moment is wildcard GW32, Bench Boost GW34, Triple captain GW35 or 37.  Remember this team has no free hit chip.

The players with guaranteed fixtures that I want in addition to my current crop for GW31 are Walcott, Firmino, Van Dijk and maybe a Stoke defender and Shaqiri.


fantasy premier league GW28

 So not great fixtures defensively apart from the GK but ok fixtures in attack assuming Man City can keep their attacking form up against the Arsenal home defence.

 Captain thoughts

On Kane for the moment but I could easily switch to Salah.  One for the captain article next week.


This team is as if I didn’t make an accidental free hit ie the same as my original team and was cloned from one of my alternate FFGeek teams to be my original team through a -28 point hit. I will keep it to show how I would have navigated through the blanks with all the chips intact. I think that will be helpful for those who were using my original team as a reference point

GW27 points: 85 (average 61) Total points 1,545 Gameweek rank 793k Overall Rank: 186k green arrow 26k Team Value: £101.9m

Here’s the points:

 fantasy premier league GW28

So an ok gameweek.  Anytime you have a gameweek rank under under 1 million which is the top 17% of teams you have to be happy. Again I’ve got 2 free transfers but no cash in the bank.

In addition to problems players in the section above Lingard is an issue in this team.  Not so much for his basic play as he still consistently gets into the box but more for the minutes as he is now doing a job share with Mata 60 minutes and 30 minutes.

Moreno also is a sell.

Bournemouth were pathetic against Huddersfield and the amount of space Aaron Mooy had can’t have reflected well on Lewis Cook so he’s a watchout.  Wilson has had 2 pretty ordinary performances as well.  However Newcastle at home next isn’t a priority sell fixture.

With no funds in the bank I may have to use 2 transfers this week.

At the moment this team isn’t as placed well for GW31.  Only Salah, Moreno, Kenny and Richarlison have guaranteed fixtures.  Subject to selection of course.

However we’ll see what the FA Cup 5th round brings us.

My plan at the moment is wildcard GW32, Bench Boost GW34, Free Hit GW35 Triple captain GW37

Here’s the lineup without any transfers:

 fantasy premier league GW28


So nearly 2 weeks before the deadline so I’m taking it easy a little this week.

Remember tomorrow (Wednesday) is valentines day.  If you’re reading this you undoubtedly play too much FPL so make sure you get a card and some chocolates bare minimum for your partner.

But also set your team up in advance to avoid any post Friday night sleep ins meaning you forget to.

Here’s the fixtures for GW28 btw.  It’s worth remembering that if Wigan v Man City goes to a replay in the FA Cup it’s likely the Arsenal v Man City GW28 fixture will be postponed to goodness knows when.  That midweek GW28 date is the likely time for FA Cup 5th round replays.

 fantasy premier league GW28

Hope you had a good gameweek

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7 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW28 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

  1. Which will be the bigger blank gameweek? E.g. less teams playing? GW 31 or GW 35? I have my free hit chip in tact so wondering which gameweek it is best used on? Generally speaking of course as everyone has different players and advantages based on this. Thanks!


  2. What is your reasoning for FH 35 instead of 31? There looks to be enough fixtures 35 to field a team fairly easily. 31 is pretty limited.

    • It will be worth seeing the fixtures that come out of FAC5 but if you read my linked article in this post you will see that it looks possible that GW34 and GW37 will have a number of the same teams having doubles. Therefore by wildcarding in 32/33 you can set up a team with doubles in both 34 and 37. Otherwise to cover 35 without a free hit you don’t get the doubles in 37. Hope that makes sense but if you read the article it will be clear cheers

      • In addition, if we look at our teams, representation of big 6 teams are more than the rest because we rely more on these teams to deliver than others. If there aren’t any major upsets in the FA Cup, Liverpool will be the only big 6 representative in BGW 31, meaning there won’t be many “relibale” teams to choose from. So if you play FH chip that week with players from lesser teams chances of not getting returns can go up. BGW 35 on the other hand will have less blanks but more teams from Big 6 (on paper), hence more “reliable” options to choose from. Having said that, one or more major upsets in FA Cup, of course, will prove all these wrong. So it’s best to take a call keeping an eye on not only the no. of blanks but also the teams blanking.

        • Max: yeah I have been thinking about that too. I don’t disagree but often those games with lower table teams produce some goals and fantasy points. If it’s between not having players playing, and FHing to get a full team, I’d rather do the FH. I think it’s usually better to give yourself a chance for points than not. Anyway, lots to consider. I hope people post their strategies here – it’s interesting to weigh out the options with people.

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