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Here’s our fantasy premier league GW30 team selection article where we outline the FFGeek teams. We look at last weeks points, transfers, team lineups and captain decisions.


Just to repeat that I’m continuing with my 2 team theme as a result of my accidental free hit chip being used in GW23.

Team 1 is the team with the free hit chip lost.

Team 2 has the free hit team intact and was cloned from one of my alternate FFGeek teams to be my original team through a -28 point hit.

Team 2 is to help people who were following my original team as a reference point so they can continue doing so.

Team 1 will help those people who used their free hit chip earlier in the season.

Both teams require totally different strategies to navigate through the potential blank and double gameweeks up coming


GW29 points: 66 (average 46) Tot Points: 1,709 Gameweek rank 180k Overall Rank: 42k green arrow 18k Team Value: £103.1m

Here’s the team points. An 18k green arrow to 42k OR. My 3rd best gameweek rank of the season.  If you want more info re last week and the immediate thought process see my early thoughts on the FFGeek team article

 fantasy premier league GW30 team selection


 So the one certainty about next week ie the blank GW31 is that Shaqiri is coming into my team. I’m a sceptic but he’s by far the most popualr non Liverpool GW31 player so he seems the logical choice.

Other than that the players I could have in my team include Walcott, Coleman, Zanka, Mounie and Butland.  However 5 into 1 transfer just doesn’t go which isn’t helpful.

So I’ve been staring at my team for some while thinking what to do this week .  Walcott, Zanka, Mounie and Coleman all have good fixtures so they are all options.

First Walcott.  Getting him into the midfield this week is an issue though as Salah, Richarlison and McArthur are all staying as GW31 players.  I have some gametime doubts about Son but there’s no way he’s going anywhere in his current form.  Sterling similar.   I don’t know what’s going on with Sterling as he’s been training for over a week but not in any squads.  Obviously Pep was as unhelpful as ever in his press conference but taking him out against Stoke when the game isn’t until Monday and they have no fixture after that and then there’s an international break just isn’t sitting with me well at all.  Add to that both Sane and Bernardo played 90 minutes v Basel so surely the obvious AMs are Silva, De Bruyne and Sterling.  I absolutely hate taking players out before good fixtures and I know this results in me holding players too long but I just can’t take him out.

I’m keeping Niasse as 1 FPL point as a sub for GW31 is better than none so that blocks Mounie for now.  Butland is a no go with Man City next.

That leaves Zanka and Coleman with Kenny and Ogbonna in the frame.  I probably marginally prefer the Everton defence to the Huddersfield defence but Ogbonna home to Burnley even with the Adrian double up is tempting although not exactly spreading risk.  It could either end in Ogbonna leaving in a triumphant farewell in GW31/GW32 or kicked out with the disgust his hopeless tenure in my team deserves.

I could definitely get rid of Kenny as his season playing for Everton certainly seems done.  What’s been bugging me all day though is why do I want to use 1 of 2 transfers left on a defender?  Especially in a defence that last week couldn’t even hold Burnley out after Everton had taken the lead.  The supposed parking of a bus could be barely described as a mini van.  Surely I should use it for Walcott and Shaqiri? or even Mounie for Kane?  I have a fair bit tied up in Sterling which will probably drop to nil next week anyway but surprisingly little tied up in Kane.  Surely that makes more sense?

By the way you can probably tell I’ve already decided I’m not going to take a hit. Spending 4 points for 1 week (WC 32) even if I could rationalise it as 2 points (assuming the player starts and doesn’t get booked) just doesn’t work for me.

So for the moment I’m not making a transfer.  I’m just going to take the very possible pain that could come my way.

If I do I’ll tweet tomorrow but I can’t see what rehearsing the same arguments will change

So carrying over the free transfer.


 I’ve already done a captain article so at the risk of giving away the ending I’m going with Kane.  Salah vice.


 A very tricky team selection this week mainly due to Niasse and Kenny losing their place.  Kenny was fairly easy as I can’t see anything other than a minuscule chance of 1 point.  Tosun scoring last week means I can’t see Niasse starting either so I’ve put both to the bench.

fantasy premier league GW30 team selection


Liverpool – Van Dijk, Salah, Firmino

Watford – Richarlison

Everton – Kenny and Niasse

Stoke – no one

Huddersfield – no one

Palace – McArthur

Bournemouth – no one

WBA – no one

That gives me 5 players who should start plus Niasse and Kenny with 2 transfers to use.


This team is as if I didn’t make an accidental free hit ie the same as my original team and was cloned from one of my alternate FFGeek teams to be my original team through a -28 point hit. I will keep it to show how I would have navigated through the blanks with all the chips intact. I think that will be helpful for those who were using my original team as a reference point

GW29 points: 53 (average 46) Tot points: 1,653 Gameweek rank 1,490k Overall Rank: 181k green arrow 2k Team Value: £101.5m

Here’s the points:

A 2k green arrow to 181k OR.

 fantasy premier league GW30 TEAM SELECTION

So I have thought about Lingard to Walcott but it seems with Martial injured that Lingard could very well start so I’ve kept him.

So carrying over the free transfer.

I also have 6 GW31 players plus Kenny and 2 transfers.

Selection was tricky but here’s the lineup.

 fantasy premier league GW30 team selection

Good luck everyone

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