fantasy premier league GW31 tips – early thoughts on the FFGeek team including wildcard thoughts


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW31 tips article where we outline our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW31. We review GW30 and talk about potential transfers, captains and lineups for GW31. I also debate on whether to use my wildcard and show a first draft

Fantasy Premier League GW31 Tips – Early Thoughts On The FFGeek Team Including Wildcard Thoughts

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 4 seasons overall ranks are 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k.

GW30 review

GW29 points 55 (FPL average 25) Total points 1,951, Overall Rank: 40k, red arrow 4k.  Team Value: £103.7m

I’ve used my Free Hit Chip and the Bench Boost Chip

Here’s the points:

So a gameweek that promised so much delivered so little with a 4k red arrow to 40k overall rank. Last week I was worried and got a small green in contrast to this week when I was so hopeful and ended up with a red arrow. At the heart of it was the benching of Son and Bale plus the no show of Cancelo in contrast to Dias’s 6 points. Lingards 12 points or so also made a difference against me.

If you use Livefpl you’ll see the players that effect your rank. Watkins was the highest EO (effective ownership against me) and it was disappointing after doing nothing all game that he rlled up at the last minute for 7 points

Team structure

Regular readers will know that I categorise players as either Template, Template replacement, difference makers or bench players.

Template is defined by being owned by 7 of the 10 top FPL managers I follow. I generally have them in my team irrespective of my thoughts about them as it protects my rank downsize. The rest of the categories are, hopefully, self explanatory

It’s possible that this could change somewhat with 5 of the 10 top FPL managers still having a wildcard and this week with a fixture swing being one of the natural times to wildcard

transfer and wildcard thoughts

1 free transfer and £0.2m in the bank.

Just a reminder that Aston Villa v Everton and Palace v Southampton still have to be rearranged

The desire to give each set of fans a home game with supporters in the ground means there is a possibility that this could end up with a double GW35 and a blank GW36

Wildcard thoughts

My team has such terrible fixtures with Leeds at Man City and Spurs at Man Utd that it’s made me think about using the wildcard.

there are 2 reasons I’m thinking about not using it.

The first is that I probably won’t want Son in it but need to have him for the double gameweek 32. Not having him will give me money to spread around which I can’t now.

the 2nd reasoning is to deal with any future fixture problems that the fans in grounds may cause

If I do use it I’m likely not to activate it until Friday just due to the general chaos that could happen fixture wise at any time this season

Draft wildcard

My low team value of £103.7m isn’t that helpful here

I would rather have Alexander Arnold than Kabak and with price changes I may even move him to Phillips. Vydra was just the cash I had left.

I’ve kept Raphinha in despite the fixtures because he’s been in such phenomenal form

Alternatives to wildcarding

I could take Bale and Calvert Lewin out for Salah and Vydra for a -4. That still gives me a pretty rotten lineup. I only just have the cash for that but according to the price change site FPL statistics there’s nothing that will go against me today at least so I’ve got some thinking time.

Captain Thoughts

A difficult one this week and I think the polls will be crucial but I have a feeling it will be a split poll.

Salah v Aston Villa feels like the best pick.

Here’s the lineup assuming no wildcard

The subs are just for now at the moment.

Pretend Calvert Lewin is Vydra vs Newcastle and Bale is Salah vs Villa

Excuse the wobbly writing. The pen on the graphic tool is so hard to work

Hope you had a good gameweek!

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