fantasy premier league GW33 – analysing 10 top FPL managers

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A round where scores were more similar than previous weeks with the captain choice not making a significant difference.

If you haven’t seen the articles before this is the latest in the series where we follow the teams of 10 top managers.  These aren’t just managers successful now but managers who have been successful for the last 3 years. The 10 managers have never finished outside the top 10,000 in the last 3 years. These articles give you another perspective apart from mine. They should also give you confidence if they’re holding or selling a player when you are.  

fantasy premier league GW33 – analysing 10 top FPL managers

First off all I’ll remind you of the new managers stats. Then we’ll look at team structure and then the transfers made to get an insight into their thinking. There’s also a team at the end  to summarise the position if you don’t want to go through the whole article

Top 10 FPL managers stats:

1. Their averaging finishing position over the last 3 years has been 2,353

2. The 10 FPL managers have never been outside the top 10,000 in the last 3 years. Thats 30 times playing

3.  5/10 have finished in the top 1,000 in the last 3 years

4.  4/10 have finished in the top 100 in the last 3 years

GW32 average score and rank

The GW32 average score of the FPL managers was 53 compared to the average of 46 points.   Thats 7  points and 15% above the average.  The high score was 67.  The low score 44.  Thats a spread of 22.

The average of the top 10 FPL managers increased to 14,100 up from 16,400 last week.    The highest is approximately 450  and the lowest 50k.

6/10 managers are still under the magic 10k mark which is the same as last week.    However still 2 are just outside and it looks on for 8/10 finishing in the top 10k.  1 is in the top 1,000

The average team value

The average team value moved slightly down at £106.6 down from £106.7 last week.

GK/DEFS by player

Van Aanholt and Rose are owned by 6/10 top FPL managers

Terry is owned by 5/10 of the FPL managers

Pantilimon, Ivanovic, Naughton and Clyne are owned by 4/10 of the FPL managers

Myhill and Krul are owned by 3/10 FPL managers

GK/DEFs by team

Chelsea  have 11 players in the 10 FPL managers teams
Sunderland have 10 players in the 10 FPL managers teams

Southampton have 9 players in the 10 FPL managers teams

Tottenham, Swansea and WBA have 6 players in the 10 FPL managers teams

Newcastle have 4 players in the FPL managers teams


Sanchez and Hazard are in  9/10 FPL managers teams
Eriksen and Silva are in 7/10 FPL managers teams
Boyd is in 4/10 FPL managers teams


Kane and Aguero are owned by 10/10 FPL managers teams

Remy is owned by 5/10 FPL managers

Giroud is owned by 4/10 FPL managers

GW32 transfers

Most transferred in 

Remy x 5

Most transferred out

Austin x 5

Most common transfer

Austin to Remy x 5

The average day of the transfers was Friday 10th April

GW32 Captain choice

Kane x 6

Hazard x 3

Sanchez x 1

How many took hits?

0/10 of the FPL managers took a hit.

What was the most popular formation?

3-4-3 was used by 9 of the FPL managers

4-4-2 was used by 1 of the FPL managers

How many have used their wildcard?

7 the FPL managers used their regular season wildcard now.

Team source

Mane, Clyne and Downing are the only players in the  10 FPL managers teams over £6.0m that are outside my definition of the traditional  top 4 challenging teams of Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Spurs and Man Utd.

High ownership players

I’ve removed this now as there is such a distortion on ownership due to a number of FPL managers having given up on their teams.  If anything this article is a good bellweather for leading FPL managers ownership

Team structure


3/10 FPL manager played an elite keeper.

2/10 FPL managers played cheapies with back up from the same team

5/10 FPL managers played rotating cheapies

In defence

0/10 FPL managers had 0 defenders from the top 7 teams as I define them above

5/10 FPL managers had 1 defender from the top 7 teams

3/10 FPL managers had 2 defenders from the top 7 teams

2/10 FPL managers had 3 defenders from the top 7 teams

In midfield

1 FPL managers had 5 proper midfielders

9 FPL managers played 4 proper midfielders and a cheapie reserve

The forwards

10 teams had 1 forward over £10m. All had 1 mid and 1 cheap (more than not either Remy or Giroud and Kane)

Here’s a team to represent that.  It is around £105.0m which is below the  FPL managers average value.



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fantasy premier league GW33

fantasy premier league GW33