fantasy premier league GW33 captain poll


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW33 captain poll for you to cast your vote on.  With a number of people activating their wildcard this week there’s no additional transfer polls


 Just the captain poll this week and no additional ones as explained above


 fantasy premier league GW33 FIXTURES


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4 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW33 captain poll”

  1. Could someone confirm how transfers work in your free hit week.
    I think it has been said somewhere that if you don’t use a transfer in your free hit week it isn’t carried over, but what happens if you transfer a player before playing your free hit.

    All being well I plan to use 2 free transfers and my BB in week 34. If in week 35 I transfer out a player I don’t want for week 36 and then use my free hit what happens.
    a) I am stopped from making a free hit (don’t think this is the case but it would be disaster if it was).
    b) The week 35 transfer is undone and I start week 36 with my week 34 squad
    c) The week 35 transfer does go through I get a sneaky extra transfer

  2. You can play your free hit but the following week you only get ONE transfer, you lose any saved transfers so only get one, even if you are carrying two over

  3. Option b) plus even if you save your transfer . You’ll be getting only one free transfer in GW 36

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