fantasy premier league GW33 midfielder tips – player rankings


With time against me here’s our fantasy premier league GW33 midfielder tips article in a shorter form than normal.  There’s a comprehensive table of stats to help you make a transfer choice.


This week it’s just the table of stats and some general commentary afterwards as time is not my friend today especially with 2 wildcards to finish


Pts per 90:  the FPL points earned per 90 minutes played

Fixture ease ranking so you can see who has the best fixtures to the end of the season. See our fixture ease article
Bookies anytime goal scoring odds for the player in GW33.
Expected goal information is from the excellent free site See our underlying stats article

DGW/BGW: This will tell you whether the team has a DGW34 or anticipated DGW37 (fixtures TBC) and whether they have a fixture in the blank 35. A positive mention says they do. Hopefully it’s not too hard to understand and the fixtures are below.

GW33 Fixtures

fantasy premier league GW33 midfieldder tips


fantasy premier league gw33 midfielder tips

The rankings table

Important preamble

Remember it ranks players as a transfer in this week and on their points potential to the end of the season.  So a player home to Huddersfield this week will have a ranking advantage on one away to Man City.  However it’s only 1 factor.  There’s no account for value for money so for example while Hazard may be ranked higher than Willian the price difference makes Willian attractive.

You also need to think about your chip situation.  If you’re planning on bench boosting in 34 then you’ll be thinking about someone with a DGW34.  If you have no free hit then you may want to focus on someone with a game in GW35 depending on your numbers.

 Here’s a link to the google spreadsheet.  You can copy it and paste it.

fantasy premier league gw33 midfielder tips

 Who’s not on the list

The eagle eyed of you will notice the absence of Man City and Arsenal players.  With Arsenal concentrating on the Europa League to get a UCL place next season and Man City able to win the league this week who knows who will line up over the coming weeks for these teams

I’m writing this before Klopps press conference but unless he’s totally positive then I find it difficult to believe Salah will play this week given the fact he was taken off and the 2nd leg of the UCL is next week

No Son.  I’m just unsure how Lamela will effect his minutes and even if he would start both games of the doubles.

Gudmundsson isn’t on there as an injury doubt

A few other words

I’ve put Lingard in there even though he has been a starter and a minutes risk after his exceptional game v Swansea.  If you get him be aware of that potential

Kenedy is ineligible for the GW38 game v Chelsea.  A gameweek with high rotation potential where you may think someone guaranteed not to play isn’t a great transfer

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