Fantasy premier league GW34 captain poll – plus polls for your wildcard team and who you are planning on captaining in DGW35


With the 2 Champions League games over here’s our fantasy premier league GW34 captain poll for you to say who will be your captain this week. There’s also a poll for who you’re thinking of planning to be your captain in DGW35.  There are also polls on who is in your wildcard team

Fantasy premier league GW34 captain poll – plus polls for your wildcard team and who you are planning on captaining in DGW35

There’s 7 polls. These are the normal captain poll.  Plus a poll for who you are planning on captaining in DGW35.   Plus a multiple vote poll for your wildcard team

The fixtures

Here are the fixtures for GW34 and DGW35

 Fantasy premier league GW34 captain poll

Fantasy premier league GW34 captain poll

The anytime goalscorer odds for GW34

The odds are for £1 invested up to £2.40. They assume the player starts and ignores assist potential.

£1.61 – Son

£1.70 – Llorente

£1.75 – Vardy, Moura, Lukaku, Aguero

£1.83 – Martial

£1.91 – Aubameyang

£1.95 – Murray (game 1 only.  No odds game 2)

£2.00 – Sterling

£2.05 – Barnes A, Richarlison, Pogba, Mane, Salah, Lacazette

£2.15 – Andone

£2.20 – Alli, Sigurdsson

£2.25 – Ings

£2.30 – Wilson, Sane

£2.37 – Wood, Calvert Lewin, Firmino

The Brighton clean sheet odds are £2.87 v Bournemouth and £2.00 v Cardiff

The Cardiff clean sheet odds are £4.00 v Burnley and £3.90 v Brighton

Brighton to win v Cardiff is £1.88 and Cardiff to win v Brighton is £4.60

The Captain Polls and the wildcard polls information.  WILDCARDERS PLEASE READ FIRST

Remember the captain poll is who will be your captain in GW34 and who you are thinking of for DGW35.

Then there are polls for your wildcard team. Please only those wildcarding vote in these remaining 4 polls.  I find the crowd signal information hard to follow but here’s how I think you do multiple votes.

You can only do 1 vote at a time on the poll.  then you have to push  return to poll and vote again.  And so on etc.  It’s a total pain I know but the information will be invaluable so please stick with it.

I voted 15 times plus the 2 captain votes with no problem so hopefully it will work out.  I found it easier to remember who I just voted for by writing it down and voting in order.  It’s important you vote for who’s in your team.  Not who you think is best.

Thanks very much! Your time is greatly appreciated.  I’ll try and make a poll wildcard team afterwards if there’s enough participation

Other stuff

If you’re needing to plan your FPL transfers use Joseph Crilleys google spreadsheet which is an excellent team planning tool.

See also 5 FFGeek contributors first draft WC teams plus another 3 contributors WC teams as well as the  Geeks first draft wildcard team

There’s also Andrew Ferguson’s wildcard draft team.  He finished with an OR of 715 last season

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12 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league GW34 captain poll – plus polls for your wildcard team and who you are planning on captaining in DGW35”

  1. Thought I should let you know – your multiple selection polls aren’t working – maybe need to change them to checkboxes?

    • Hi mate.

      They do work it’s just that you have to vote once, then push the return to poll button, and then vote again. You cant do all 5 votes at once on one unfortunately.

      I know it’s a total pain but the data will be very interesting


  2. It’s stuff like this that makes me love this site more than any other FF related website, you can get great tips and a feel for what other like people who follow it closely are doing to help make an informed decision

  3. Lookin for some help fellas! I love my WC team, just torn right now between lacazette and vardy for my final forward spot. Currently have lacazette in but I really wanna stick with vardy. Lacazette extra game next week is nice tho. What do y’all think?

  4. Fantastic info. I am very interested to see how fragmented the MF and DEF are (less variation up front and in goal it seems). I think this WC is going to be exciting! The template is well and truly shattered.

  5. Could someone confirm for me that you don’t lose your FT when you play your TC for BB (only when you FH or WC). I am WC this week BB in wk35 and want to make sure I can do 2 transfers for free in week 36.

  6. Carl -ifyou wildcard in week 34, you will have one transfer only in week 35… and if you bench boost but don’t make a transfer in 35, you will have two in week 36

  7. Unbelievable depth of information and insight into what the FPL world may be up to.

    Been reading all year – a massive thank you.

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