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Here’s our fantasy premier league GW35 captain choice article where we look at ways of assessing the best captain pick for the gameweek. We look at the fixtures, the bookies odds, the FPL advice site polls, some stats and the FFGeek choice.



Here’s the fixtures for GW35:

 fantasy premier league GW35 captain choice


3 sides standout as the best odds to win:

Man City – £1.14 – Jesus, Sterling, Sane, D Silva, De Bruyne

Liverpool – £1.53 – Salah, Firmino, Mane

Arsenal – £1.57 – Lacazette, Ozil


 Here’s the anytime goal scoring odds from 1 bookmaker.  They assume the players start and don’t count assist potential.

£1.55 – Salah, Aubameyang

£1.67 – Jesus

£1.75 – Sterling

£1.85 – Lacazette

£2.05 – Wood

£2.20 – Firmino

£2.25 – Tosun

£2.40 – Sane

£2.50 – Mane, Arnautovic

£ 2.62 – Zaha, Barnes


Thanks to everybody who voted in the FFGeek poll.

It’s also worth noting here that the FFGeek poll asks who you are going to appoint as captain to reflect the reality of the spread of captain choices. Others ask who is the best captain. Others just say captain poll and leave the question up to you. I also show how many vote so you can see how representative it is which some other polls hide

Firstly here’s the FFGeek poll:

 fantasy premier league GW35 CAPTAIN CHOICE

Here’s the summary of the other main FPL advice site polls. It’s worth noting that site 1 is the site with the most traffic and it asks who is the best captain

If you want to see the full GW35 captain poll use this link

Player Site 1 % FFGeek % Site 2 % Site 3 %
Salah 32 43 42 37
Jesus 24 20 25 31
Aubameyang 16 23 8 17
Sterling 11 7 17 3


I’ll fill this in once I have everyone’s teams and tweet having done so.  NOW DONE BELOW

Contributor Capt Pick
Rob Reid Salah
Alex Ball Salah
FPL Word Salah
Mikael Jesus tbc
Scott Salah
Joe Salah
Daren Aubameyang tbc
Keith Salah
Neil Jesus


Wenger has said he’s considered resting Aubameyang so I’m going to look at Salah vs Jesus

Firstly a quick word about gametime.  Jesus looks fairly secure as a CF given the Aguero injury unless Pep does some ridiculous false 9 thing.

Salah obviously has the UCL semi mid week but Klopp was being positive about his fitness and the need to respect WBA and the need for points for the top 4.  On top of that a Liverpool fan twitter site which has been predicting the lineups accurately recently has said he will start.  How much gametime he gets if Liverpool are comfortable is also another risk.  So make of those what you will.


Jesus has started only 2 games at home vs non top 6 sides as striker.  So I’ve dragged in home and away matches.

fantasy premier league GW35 CAPTAIN PICKS

Swansea away defence vs top 6

Swansea (A)
GWK Opponent GC xGA
5 Spurs 0 1.18
10 Arsenal 2 2.38
14 Chelsea 1 2.30
32 Man Utd 2 2.14
Total 5 8.00



Here’s Salah away vs non top 6 opposition

fantasy premier league GW35 CAPTAIN CHOICE

WBA home defence vs top 6 teams

WBA (h)
GWK Opponent GC xGA
10 Man City 3 2.77
12 Chelsea 4 1.72
18 Man Utd 2 0.90
21 Arsenal 1 0.92
Total 10 6.31

Salah vs Jesus stats comparison

fantasy premier league gw35 captain choice


So gametime the risk has to be with Salah maybe not so much in starting but certainly in minutes on the pitch if Liverpool are comfortable.

The bookies have Salah marginally ahead to score at 1.55 vs £1.67 to Jesus.

Polls aren’t too far apart but on average maybe 15 points to Salah.  The site 1 seems to be closer to the top 10k and only has a gap of 8%.

Stats are tricky as Jesus has only played 2 games at home as a striker against non top 6 opposition so I’ve dragged in his away stats as a striker vs non top 6.   Stats wise Salah comes out on top on production easily.  Jesus seems to match him on underlying goal threat but has little assist threat that Salah has.  It’s worth also noting that Salah has been far more consistent than Jesus.

Defences are strange.  WBA have done better on underlying stats but worse in conceding.  The goalkeeping difference may account for some of that but still it’s a strange one.  Certainly there’s more incentive for Swansea with WBA virtually relegated but that didn’t seem to affect WBA v Man Utd.

Penalties are a tricky one.  I think Salah could take it for Liverpool but Gundogan seems the likely Man City penalty taker.

FFGeek choice

 At the moment I’m not sure. Salah seems the most consistent but I worry about his minutes assuming he starts.  On the Jesus side, it’s hard not to see a cut loose City team at home having won the title not scoring a decent amount of goals and you’d think Jesus will be involved.

Needs more thought I’ll tweet the decision if I haven’t decided by my team article.

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