Fantasy premier league GW35 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll and another


With the Champions League game over here’s our fantasy premier league GW35 captain poll for you to say who will be your captain this week. There are also the polls for who you are planning on transferring in and also for who you are transferring out in the gameweek. There’s also an additional poll around which chip, if any, you are using this week.

Fantasy premier league GW35 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll and another

There’s 4 polls. These are the normal captain and the transfer in and out polls return. There’s also a poll of what chip you are using in this gameweek

There’s only 1 vote per poll. That makes sense on the Captain Poll. On the transfer polls I would have liked to have 2 but there’s no obvious way of allowing it so sorry it’s 1 vote only. Just do your primary transfer.

Add any comments below on your reasoning.

The fixtures

 Fantasy premier league GW35 captain poll

The anytime goalscorer odds

The odds are for £1 invested up to £2.40. They assume the player starts and ignores assist potential. The bookies only have odds for the first game so I’ve included the odds for the 2nd game for the team to win

£1.73 – Hazard

£1.75 – Aguero (game 2 to win £1.52)

£1.80 – Aubameyang (game 2 to win £2.45)

£1.83 – Wilson

£1.85 – Sterling and Jesus (game 2 to win £1.52) Salah, Mane,

£1.91 – Vardy

£2.00 – Lacazette (game 2 to win £2.45), King, Firmino

£2.05 – Giroud, Higuain, Loftus Cheek

£2.20 – Chicharito

£2.30 – Jimenez (game 2 to win £2.87),

£2.37 – Andre Gray (game 2 to win £2.15), Sane (game 2 to win £1.52), Rondon

£2.40 – Arnautovic, Hudson Odoi

The Polls

Remember the captain poll is who will be your captain? Also please try and take the time to vote in all 4 polls.

Thanks very much!


Other stuff

If you’re needing to plan transfers use Joseph Crilleys google spreadsheet which is an excellent team planning tool.

Also see the Geek’s early transfer and captain thoughts our recent form article and our GW34 review article

See also our 10 top FPL managers article

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10 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league GW35 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll and another”

  1. I am currently captaining Jimenez but after watching City, I think they will put Spurs to the sword again the weekend so will probably switch to Aguero.

  2. Man City going out of Europe means Agüero and Sterling are now much more rotation proof. They will both be a great source of points now . Essential ?

  3. Geek, It may be too late but would it be possible to add Ings and Long to the transfer in poll? I would like to see what the distribution of Deeney transfers is looking like.

    Also, is the appeal decision time set? There seems to be no information online about when this news may be known.

    I know there is little chance it would be overturned but certainly transfering out Deeney, especially for Gray, would be silly before knowing with 100% certainty. Also, it also looks slim, but they could have a price change before Saturday morning.

    I have been flip flopping in my mind between Ings and Gray all week.

    >They both have a huddersfield match.
    >Ings could get hurt at any time but Gray should lose his spot as soon as Deeney is back.
    >Ings has competition but superior underlying season stats to that competition.

    Ultimately, Ings is cheaper and either option would ultimately be on the bench after the double anyway. Except maybe in Ings picks up his short term form before Huddersfield.

    It is not a clear decision but as of not my flip flop is on Ings I guess.

  4. I wonder how many users who vote for less popular captains, change their choice after seeing the results …
    It must be a lot.

    I think we have to assume the most popular choices are actually even more popular in the end.

  5. Just heard there may be changes for GW37 on bbc website. Liverpool/Spurs play sun and mon and have UCL that week, could that mean another double in 36? or they could move them to the Friday 3rd May for GW37?

    If they did go to GW 36 those with TC for Salah will be buzzing – I’ve already used mine…

  6. I am no sure city being knocked out the CL helps reduce rotation for this game week they are stillp playing 2 games a week until the Burnley game and while against the likes of Spurs and Utd you might get a 4-3 a repetiton of the CL 1st leg is also likely.
    Jimanez captain this week, Mane in week 36 and probably Sterling after that. In fact with Liverpool going through I am wondering if Liverpool will try to beat Huddersfiled without their stars, what are thoughts on TC Sterling v Brighton?

  7. The biggest problem with Ings is how much he will play, we is competing with Long and Austin (assuming he is fit). Not a lot of data for how much game time Gray will get with Deeney out, Success got the spot when he was out in weeks 9-11 but recently he has been very much third choice, so people who know a lot more about Watford than me think he will play most of both games.

  8. I’m using my bench boost, bringing in Doucore from Watford and a City player, taking a 4 point hit but getting a player that will play twice in this game week.
    Team will be optimised with 4 cheap bench players that play, and 11 good players were most of the money is spent.

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