fantasy premier league GW35 team selection – the FFGeek teams


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW35 team selection article where we outline the FFGeek teams. We look at last weeks points, transfers, team lineups and captain decisions.


Just to repeat for anyone new on the site, that I’m continuing with my 2 team theme as a result of my accidental free hit chip being used in GW23.

Team 1 is the team with the free hit chip lost.

Team 2 has the free hit team intact and was cloned from one of my alternate FFGeek teams to be my original team through a -28 point hit.

Team 2 is to help people who were following my original team as a reference point so they can continue doing so.

Team 1 will help those people who used their free hit chip earlier in the season.

Both teams require totally different strategies to navigate through the potential blank and double gameweeks up coming


DGW34 points: 90 on TC (average 64) Total points 2,026 Gameweek rank 301k Overall Rank: 29k green arrow 7k  Team Value: £102.1m

Here’s the team points. A 7k green arrow to 29k

fantasy premier league gw35 team selection

 So it was a pretty roller coaster of a double gameweek.  Two of my 10 DGWers didn’t play twice and 2 started on the bench for 1 of the games including my triple captain.  Throw in a disastrous Man Utd performance v WBA and to come out with a 301k gameweek rank, which is my 6th best of the season, and I can’t really complain.  Mahrez was the biggest disappointment as were the 2 Chelsea players.

The captain decision was of little consequence in the end although it didn’t seem like it when Lukaku was on the bench for the 2nd game.

However I would have liked to have done better as 35 is going to be a nightmare of a week.

Transfer options

So in a gameweek where Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal dominate the attractive fixtures it’s a tad perturbing to only have Salah of those 3 teams and know that everyone else is likely to have 8 or so of them due to the free hit’s that will be used.

Once the Aguero injury became known I was pretty sure I was going to go with Jesus as my free transfer.  The Wenger hesitation over Aubameyang buried any doubts about that transfer.

I then had to decide whether to take any hits or not.  For a long time I wasn’t but the Pep strong team to celebrate theory plus him talking about the possibility of going for records made me think that -4 for Sterling maybe a decent shield play.  Sterling looks like he could score any amount of goals at the moment if he has a run when all his shooting chances go in.

The records mention by Pep also made me hope that Sterling would get 3 games out of the last 5.

I did have to work out who to take out for the transfers though.  Jesus was easy.  It had to be Lukaku as Kane was going no where with those fixtures.

Sterling was a little trickier.  It could only realistically be Mahrez or Willian.  Although I prefer Willian I thought Mahrez at least should play 2 games as him and Vardy seem relatively untouchable under PuelPep.   Although given the tinkering he did in the 2nd game anything is possible I guess.

So the transfers were

Lukaku out – Jesus in

Willian out – Sterling in

Captain decision  

 For the moment I’ve gone for Salah on the basis that he’s been more consistent than Jesus although I’m not sure just yet as Jesus seems less risky for minutes.  Salah is probably the shield option though which I usually end up going for.  A Liverpool fan twitter site which has been picking the lineups has said he will start.  Plus Klopp was pretty positive about a strong team, top 4 points needed and respecting WBA.

Team lineup selection

 As I only have 9 starters that was no issue.

I have to say there have been few gameweeks I’ve looked forward to less. Just have to hope I get out without too much rank damage.  That defence just gives me the shivers.

Here’s the team.

fantasy premier league GW35 TEAM SELECTION


This team is as if I didn’t make an accidental free hit ie the same as my original team and was cloned from one of my alternate FFGeek teams to be my original team through a -28 point hit. I will keep it to show how I would have navigated through the blanks with all the chips intact. I think that will be helpful for those who were using my original team as a reference point

DGW34 points: 83 on BB (average 64) Total points 1,947 Gameweek rank 651k Overall Rank: 172k green arrow 16k Team Value: £100.6m

Here’s the points:

A 16k green arrow to 172k OR.

 fantasy premier league GW35 team selection

 Not sure a bench of 12 is really anything to get excited about but the problems were to do with no shows in the 2nd game.  Morgan, Christensen, Willian and Schelotto all didn’t start game 2.  Then there was benchings for Lukaku, Lingard and 2 for Austin over the gameweek as well.  So overall a disappointing double gameweek and bench boost which saw a too small green arrow of 16k.

The free hit this week

With Man City having won the league, Liverpool with a UCL semi mid week and an Arsenal EL semi midweek but with them having the best fixtures by a considerable margin it creates a difficult dilemma.  The Man City strong team theory is to do with them having their first home game after winning the league and Pep talking about possibility of going for records.  Liverpools is about Klopp talking up WBA and the need for points for the top 4 plus a twitter site team prediction which has been very accurate recently.  Arsenal is about Wengers words about preparation and a strong team and maybe not playing Aubameyang.

The trouble is you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t as far as whether you pick them or swerve them because if you get it wrong you will pay severely.

From my perspective I’m ok if I sink on the same ship as all the other active FPL managers as the rank disaster hopefully won’t be too bad but if I get it wrong and go down in splendid isolation then it will be an unmitigated disaster.

Anyway here’s the team.

The changes from yesterdays article on the free hit team were

Van Dijk to Klavan

Van Aanholt to Tomkins

Mustafi to Chambers

Kenedy to Mane

Firmino to Lacazette

Wood to Barnes

fantasy premier league gw35 team selection

Good luck this week!

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  1. How much money have you got ITB with your free hit team? Were the transfers made due to funds? If I follow your team I have £2.6m ITB. Is there any upgrades you would make with those funds?


  2. Pickford
    Robertson, Long, Tomkins
    Salah (c), Mane, Sterling, KDB, Milivojevic
    Jesus, Lacazette

    Bench: Mäenpää, Perez, Yedlin, Mustafi

    FH active. 0.5 ITB. Need some differentials to move up in my mini-league. Suggestions?

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