Fantasy Premier League GW35 Tips – Early Thoughts On The FFGeek Team


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW35 tips article where we outline our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW35. We review GW34 and talk about potential transfers, captains and lineups for GW35.

Fantasy Premier League GW35 Tips – Early Thoughts On The FFGeek Team

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 4 seasons overall ranks are 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k.

GW34 review

GW34 points 36 (FPL average 39) Total points 2,197, Overall Rank: 16k, red arrow 2k.  Team Value: £104.0m

I’ve now used all my chips

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league gw35 tips

So a 2k red arrow to 16k overall rank and my lowest gameweek rank of 4.8m of the season. I guess to be fair it was a pretty random week with the Man Utd v Liverpool game cancelled but I still got 9 players out and 3 returners in Son, Veltman and Iheanacho.

Kane was the biggest disappointment but it’s arguable how much benefit he would have done for me anyway.

My transfer in of Holgate was a failure even though he started which was my main concern when transferring him in. The fitness of Keane and his mistake leading to the first goal obviously puts him at further risk this week.

Anyway at least the overall rank damage wasn’t too bad

More double and blanks talk

If you read my fixture update yesterday you’ll know that the consensus seems to be that Man Utd v Liverpool will be going into GW36 accommodated by Liverpool v WBA moving into GW35.

That will add a Liverpool double gameweek to the fixture list as well as mean that Man Utd don’t have a blank in GW36.

In that instance the fixtures will look like this

fantasy premier league gw35 tips

And my team structure would look like this before any transfers are made

fantasy premier league gw35 tips

That would give me 9 players with 2 fixtures in double GW35 and 10 players with fixtures in blank 36. So a reasonably ok position before I make any transfers

Transfer thoughts

2 free transfers and £0.1m in the bank.

For the moment and for the thoughts below my plan will assume that the Man Utd v Liverpool fixture is moved as I outlined above.

Given that assumption the priority becomes Alexander Arnold with Liverpools double being WBA and Southampton. I would also like Calvert-Lewin if possible

Saying it is easy. Funding it is another matter.

Funding options – Son out

One way of doing that would be Son, Vydra and Castagne out for Roberts, Calvert Lewin and Alexander Arnold for a -4

I’m not wild on a -4 or on losing Castagne when one of the games is Newcastle so that would be tricky. If I go for Watkins instead of Calvert-Lewin I could lose Veltman instead

Funding options – Kane out

Kane and Veltman out for Calvert-Lewin and Alexander Arnold in

Nice and easy. No -4 and no loss of Castagne. The problem with this is Kane’s likely to be a captain favourite in GW36 when Man Utd play Liverpool and Spurs play Wolves. So I see that as a worse problem than a -4 and a loss of Castagne

Funding options – Fernandes out

Fernandes and Veltman out for Greenwood and Alexander Arnold in

Fernandes has a double in 35 so I’m reluctant to go there even if I am gaining a double for a single and saving 4 points

What do I think?

Some form of option 1 seems the most palatable at the moment. I just need some time for it to sink in and pontificate on it.

So for simplicity likely either:

Son, Castagne and Vydra out for Roberts, Alexander-Arnold and Calvert-Lewin in -4


Son, Veltman and Vydra out for Roberts, Alexander-Arnold and Watkins in -4


Son, Veltman out for ? and Alexander Arnold

Also I need to have the fixture rearrangement confirmed as I think it’s going to be. So nothing will happen until then at least and pontification will probably mean a Friday transfer.

Captain Thoughts

Assuming the Man Utd v Liverpool game is rearranged as expected then I will captain Salah with vice on Fernandes.

If not then I will captain Fernandes I expect.

I’m going to leave the captain poll until there is a fixture announcement although it will go up on Thursday if we don’t hear anything by then

Lineup issues

With the various scenarios still in play I won’t try and confuse things with the different lineup decisions. Generally I would bench a player with 1 gameweek rather than 2 with Kane probably being the only exception

Here’s the team lineup before any transfers

Assume for the moment Son is Roberts, Castagne is Alexander Arnold and Vydra is Calvert-Lewin. You can see a tricky benching of Lingard. This would mean 10 doublers plus Kane.

Hope your gameweek went well

fantasy premier league gw35 tips

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