Fantasy premier league GW36 tips – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW36 tips article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW36+. In this part there’s Ben Wooton, Sergio Torija, Scott Taylor, Costas Chari, Chris Tucker and Andrew Whitfield

Fantasy premier league GW36 tips – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2

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This is part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. In the future it also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

See the part 1 contributors teams article here as well

Ben Wooton

Ben’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 61k, 26k and 31k.

GW35+ points: 57 (FPL average 42) Total points 2,203 Overall Rank: 3k, no rank movement, Team Value: £104.9m

Ben has used all his chips apart from the Free Hit chip.  

Planning to do two transfers this week

Vardy out Jesus in
Jimenez out Giroud in

The latter very much on team news so it could be Ings coming in

My other thought being De Bruyne out for Willian.
Really hard call this week

Captain would likely be Jesus plus Bruno vice.

Transfer summary:  Likely Vardy out Jesus in and Jimenez out and Giroud in

Here’s the team points for this week in absence of a team screenshot:

Fantasy premier league GW36 tips

Sergio Torija

Sergio’s last 3 seasons were 596k, 17k and 21k

GW35+ points: 66 (FPL average 42) Total points 2,200 Overall Rank: 3k, green arrow 1k, Team Value: £103.4m

Sergio has used all his chips apart from the Free Hit chip.  

One more good week with 66 points and a healthy 1.4k green arrow to climb onto a 3.5k overall rank. Triple Wolves and triple Man United again provided good points, with Vardy and Creswell also on the returns. Salah and De Bruyne where disappointing blanking in such favourable games as they had.

GW36+ feels more scary with lots of lineups uncertainty due to the FA cup semis on the weekend. That combined with the tasty home fixtures for City and Chelsea, means that big rewards are possible if you pick the right guys. Unfortunately for me, the players I would be most interested on are David Silva and the Chelsea midfielders, the issue is not only who to pick, but who to remove in the first place. Foden seems a sure starter, Fernandes and Martial are to stay as well, which leaves only Salah and De Bruyne as options… scary. In the strikers, Jesus and Giroud are options too, but who is to say that Jesus will start, while Giroud is not a points machine, and I would be on the same situation of not wanting to remove my strikers Jimenez and Vardy.

The captain situation is not very clear either, do I play it safe again with Fernandes, a mega punt with Foden or whoever I transfer in?

So all in all, I have no clue what I will end up doing for now, but will surely be keeping an eye on the Chelsea lineup. Provisionally I’ve gone with Foden captain and vice in Fernandes. Greenwood on the bench

Good luck everyone !

Transfer summary:  To be confirmed

Here’s the team prior to any transfers;

Fantasy premier league GW36 tips

Scott Taylor

Scott finished with an overall rank of 1k last season and 12k in 17/18

GW35+ points: 46 (FPL average 42) Total points 2,144 Overall Rank: 21k, red arrow 5k, Team Value: £105.4m

Scott has used all his chips apart from the Free Hit chip.

 Transfer summary: Vardy to Jesus

Captain: Fernandes at the moment. That may change to De Bruyne, Jesus or Pulisic but likely stick with Fernandes.

Here’s the team with the transfer made:

Fantasy premier league GW36 tips

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 84k, 29k and 27k

GW35+ points: 81 (FPL average 42) Total points 2,131 Overall Rank: 31k, green arrow 31k, Team Value: £103.5m

Costas has used all his chips 

After 3 consecutive minor green arrows I felt that in order to achieve my goals I had to risk it a bit and thankfully it paid off. I halved my Overall Rank and sitting in the top 0.5% hopefully I can keep it as most will play their Free Hit Chip which I don’t have.

Sterling Captain was a great choice netting a hat trick! He and Martial were my difference makers this week along with Jimenez that was largely sold.

Just 3 gameweeks to go and if there was a time to take a risk it is now. Have fun with it. I am offloading my only Liverpool asset Alexander Arnold for Digne. Fixtures and attacking threat are too good for him and I need to save some extra money to make my following transfers.

Captain. Its tricky this week. De Bruyne and Sterling are prone to rotation so I am probably keeping away even though it is a hell of a fixture. Then there is Pulisic, Ings and Bruno Fernandes. Bruno Fernandes is the rank shield choice whereas the other 2 are the fun choice especially Ings. I wouldn’t want to have my captain blanking in the first game of the gameweek so I am reluctant to captain Pulisic. I am yet to decide but currently on Ings

Have fun

Transfer summary:  Alexander Arnold out Digne in

Here’s the team with the transfer made:

Fantasy premier league GW36 tips

Chris Tucker

Chris’s last 2 seasons overall rank were 17k and 1k

GW35+ points: 43 – 4 = 39 (FPL average 42) Total points 2,116 Overall Rank: 46k, red arrow 15k, Team Value: £103.6m

Chris has used all his chips apart from the Free Hit chip

This week has always been earmarked for the Free Hit and, after a third consecutive poor gameweek, I will activate it to try and reverse the slump.

I have targeted four teams to try and exploit their fixtures: City, Chelsea, Everton and Southampton. However, I’m still searching for the right combinations. Below is my current concoction. Who knows which combination of City players is the best for this week: my current mindset is to just choose the three most expensive and be done with it.

Away from those four teams, there’s no way I’m losing Bruno Fernandes. I’m actually a little concerned about having no Liverpool coverage, but that does seem the price for loading up on the expensive City players.

Given he had a bit of a rest on Saturday, I will probably put the armband on De Bruyne.

Good luck to you all!

Transfer summary:  using the free hit chip

Here’s a draft free hit team

Fantasy premier league GW36 tips

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 6k last season and 19k in 17/18

GW35+ points: 49 (FPL average 42) Total points 2,058 Overall Rank: 149k, red arrow 6k, Team Value: £105.2m

Andrew has used all his chips

Follow Andrew on twitter

Gameweek 35+ summary:

– Well what a bizarre gameweek that was with widely fluctuating fortunes. On Saturday night, many FPL managers were sitting on 5-6 “blanks” with Liverpool being frustrated and Chelsea getting battered and the likes of Salah, Mane, Trent Alexander Arnold and De Bruyne missing out on points, while in total contrast, Sterling was scoring a hat trick with his head while not looking and laid flat out on the floor and Antonio was going one better with four goals.

– Sunday became a bit more predictable with Jimenez, Vardy and Son finding the net but it wasn’t without drama as Leicester self destructed with red cards, comic goals and own goals at Bournemouth. You know it’s a strange week when McGoldrick, Trezeguet and Solanke get braces !! And then a 95th minute goal in “Fergie Time” wrapped up a crazy week !!

– 49 points in the end resulted in a small 6k red arrow, down from 149k to 155k, so not what I was looking for as I wanted to move closer to the top 100k and push for a top 1% finish.

My gameweek 35+ talking points:

– My Saturday was a painful one with Trent being predictably benched for a one pointer with both his understudy and his opposite full back scoring nine points each despite no clean sheet. Salah somehow missed out completely on a day he could have easily scored a hat trick. Trent is going nowhere. But I have big decisions to make, with Mo now being the likely ultimate sacrifice for the Man City triple up, as City fixtures just look too good to resist. Salah’s effective ownership is dropping markedly which strangely makes him a great differential, but it does mean he is also dispensable without the risks that you would normally associate with such a maverick move.

– Nick Pope was always up against it at Anfield but despite spirited resistance, he missed out on bonus points. He still has Norwich and Brighton in his last three so every chance of adding to his awesome clean sheet collection this season.

– Pulisic finally blanked for the first time this season and got hauled off early. The prospect of Norwich at home this week is an exciting one, given his creative runs and threat. It’s a great GW36 fixture before he may give way in my side ahead of two tougher final fixtures, starting with a trip to Liverpool that follows the Norwich game. Definitely my best post lockdown signing.

– De Bruyne once again failed to return in his often deeper but floating role. Bizarre that city have just scored ten goals in the last two games and he was only involved in only one of them. He could easily have got amongst the points again with a crashing free kick against the post and I won’t be selling him given his very high effective ownership and Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich in his last three. I benched Foden at Brighton which proved to be the right call as he predicatively didn’t start. Foden is now a great option against Bournemouth.

– The only question will be which 3rd City player if I sell Salah ? The obvious one is Sterling on his fantastic form and those mouthwatering fixtures, even though he will see his minutes managed over the last three games. He only needs 25 mins on the pitch on current form !! David Silva looks a certain starter v Bournemouth and a great GW36 option, and Sterling might not start in this game, but I am choosing for three games, not one. I would be pretty miffed if I chose Silva for his GW36 starting prospects and then Sterling started v Bournemouth. Sterling just looks incredible and his ownership is still pretty low, less than 20% in the top 10k. An explosive low ownership player over those last three games is too good to miss if I have the funds for it.

– So just 11 points from 5 players on Saturday with Twitter awash with Sterling and Antonio celebrations !!

– Sunday saw an immediate upturn in fortunes with all my three Wolves players returning. The Wolves defence now have 8 clean sheets in the last 11 games. My double up on Doherty and Boly at the back brought two clean sheets. Boly has often had to sit first sub in my 343 but my switch now to 352 or 442 allows Boly to rotate with Foden. Doherty’s attacking threat seems to have dropped off a cliff but you can’t knock the clean sheets. I patiently held on to Jimenez after three blanks and was rewarded with a goal and 8 points. He certainly isn’t firing like he can. And Wolves generally don’t seem quite on it. Jimenez is likely to give way this week as one of my transfers out. Danny Ings against Brighton and Bournemouth is very attractive.

– So to Monday.. The armband went on Bruno Fernandes in a triple up with Rashford and Maguire. A captain assist from Fernandes so not one of his better days but an early goal from Rashford was no more than he deserved after his efforts over the last three games. Pity about Martial !! Maguire conceding was disappointing of course..

– I still feel a bit hampered with a United defender when the likes of Fernandes, Martial, Greenwood and Rashford are all bearing down on goal. The attacking triple up is definitely where I would rather be. When I don’t captain Fernandes, I lose rank on returns from three of the four and it makes United games proper scary to watch. That’s no fun. I need to address that.

– A switch from Maguire to Greenwood needs two moves, as does Maguire to Martial. I don’t like using two transfers on switching United assets around when every transfer now is priceless. But that triple up on attack is something I am missing out on when Martial is killing me like he is..

– I am not interested in Rashford to Greenwood in one move as it still leaves me with a united defender and I really don’t need the money at all which would just bring super benching headaches. I prefer Rashford to Greenwood anyway which was vindicated on Monday when Greenwood looked a shadow of his previous games. Greenwood has tended to score with every touch almost, where Rashford could have had a sack full of goals with a bit more luck. The effective ownership of Greenwood is scary but it also means that Rashford is a great differential too !! I really want to get Martial in, rather than Greenwood and get him alongside Rashford and Fernandes and lose Maguire. I can’t do Maguire to martial on current budget, but I can in week GW37 after my GW36 changes give me the cash to do it. I want that attacking triple up and I want Martial.

So what next:

– I have 0.3M in the bank and two free transfers.

– I am going to take Salah out which sounds dangerous and maybe I might regret it, but his effective ownership means the risk is substantially reduced. Liverpool now have Arsenal and Chelsea while Man City have Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich and look like scoring 5-6 goals every match !! So it’s Salah to Sterling this week. Yes Sterling might miss out on starting this week but give me three Sterling appearances in those three tasty games and I am happy with the potential for points. Sterling has three double digit hauls in his last four including a 16 and a 21. He has six goals and three assists since the restart. I am happy to trade Salah + cash for Raheem Sterling.

– My second free switch this week is Jimenez to Ings. Danny Ings is still chasing the golden boot and has Brighton and Bournemouth next.

– That gives me about 1.5m spare cash. I can’t see any benefit to spending it for a hit anywhere this week. But if I have a good week, I might use that money next week to do the double United switch, taking out Maguire, who I can replace easily with maybe Lucas Digne who still has Bournemouth at home, or Boly can step up off my bench for that Wolves defensive double up, And then I could do Pulisic to Martial. Pulisic has Liverpool and Wolves after playing Norwich, so it’s a good exit point and bringing in Martial for Pulisic for a hit to triple him with Rashford and Fernandes at home to West Ham is very attractive. That’s my current GW37 plan.

Captain and line up:

– Captain is tricky this week. If I knew De Bruyne or Sterling were definitely starting, then they would be obvious captain picks. But with starting doubts over both, I don’t want 20 mins off my captain. It’s a tough call to captain a City player this week.

– With De Bruyne and Fernandes now both having effective ownership over 100%, I feel I have to captain one of them, as I hate the scenario where I own both but lose rank on both if I don’t captain either !! Owning Pulisic or Sterling will be enough ranking reward without the armband. I also have this situation where if I don’t captain Fernandes, I have three United attackers hurting me with returns. So with doubts about the City starting line up, I am going to probably captain Bruno Fernandes who I can be fairly confident I get 90 mins out of !!!

– In terms of line up, Foden will come in this week in a 352, with Boly, Lascelles and Nketiah benched.

Transfer summary:

Likely to be Salah to Sterling and Jimenez to Ings.

Squad below assumes the above transfers

Good luck everybody !!!

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