Fantasy premier league GW37 tips – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW37 tips article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW37+. In this part there’s Costas Chari, Kris O, Kev in Canada and Andrew Whitfield

Fantasy premier league GW37 tips – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2

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This is part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. In the future it also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

See the part 1 contributors teams article here as well

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 84k, 29k and 27k

GW36+ points: 53 (FPL average 36) Total points 2,184 Overall Rank: 27k, green arrow 4k, Team Value: £103.5m

Costas has used all his chips 

A bit of a mehh gameweek. It was looking bad but Martial and Ings goals salvaged a 4k green arrow with the last game still to play where whatever the score due to the low ownership of players I cant see my OR changing dramatically.

Captain Pulisic got an assist that seemed bad at the time but as the week moved on it got better and better. Lots of rotation in De Bruyne and Sterling that cost around 25% of the starting 11! In the end I played with 10 players this week as none of my bench players featured.

Alexander Arnold out  to Digne in proved as a +1 point increase, – I’ll take anything at this stage.

I have transferred Pulisic out for David Silva. The plan was to downgrade Pope to a 3.9 and play McCarthy last GW to give me the funds to upgrade Jimenez to Aubameyang. The Aurrier news however is not good as he might not feature again so I need a playing DEF up to 4.2 in order to avoid taking a hit on both gameweeks as well. Pieters of Burnley is a solution but he has gametime issues and I wouldn’t want to double up, also thinking of the everton kid £4.0m that featured last night but again I wouldn’t double up on Everton especially at the back.

Anyway its a last minute decision. I have to monitor the press conferences as well

I might just take the – 8 and go Tarkowski in the end if I am priced out and hope for his odd goals or 2 CS’s until the end.

I am probably playing it safe with the captain pick this week with Fernandes and martial as vice.

Transfer summary:  Pulisic out and David Silva in.  Other transfers to be confirmed

Here’s the team with the David Silva transfer done.

Kris O

Kris’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 44k, 46k and 23k

GW36+ points: 53 (FPL average 36) Total points 2,158 Overall Rank: 56k, green arrow 4k, Team Value: £105.4m

Kris has used all his chips  

I write this on Thursday after the matches finished and looks like I’ve got a score of 53. With just West Ham and Watford to play, the low ownership players means I’m expecting to maintain my rank around 60k.

Plan for GW37 is get Bruno! My plan is Pulisic to Bruno and then Wan-Bissaka to a Burnley defender (Pieters, Bardsley, Long). I would have gone to Cresswell but with Taylor injured I’m keen to keep my two Burnley vs Norwich attack. I don’t have enough to switch Greenwood (who now looks a bit shaky) to Nketiah and don’t want to downgrade elsewhere/take a four point hit to make it happen.

Team and captain choice complicated by the fa cup semis. I’m not sure whether I’m benching Foden or Greenwood. Captain choice equally difficult. I might go safe with Bruno captain and Martial vice – particularly tempting if West Ham beat Watford in which case they’d likely be safe.

Transfer summary;  Pulisic to Fernandes and Wan Bissaka to Burnley defender

Here’s the team prior to any transfers


Fantasy premier league GW36 tips

Kev in Canada

Kev finished in 6k last season and 195k in 17/18

GW36+ points: 55 (FPL average 36) Total points 2,141 Overall Rank: 81k, green arrow 10k, Team Value: £106.5m

Kev still has his Free Hit chip

Follow Kev on twitter here

I plan on Free Hitting in GW38. So this is a one week punt no matter who I swap in.

I am pretty happy with the lineup overall. The plan was always Jimenez to Ings but I am not sure I need to do that. I probably will still but it might be more prudent to swap my fourth defender just in case.

The move will either be Aurier to Tarkowski, Lascalles to Dunk, Jimenez to Ings or a super punt in Lascalles to Lundstram!

Captain: Fernandes
Vice: De Bruyne

Transfer Summary:  To be confirmed either Aurier to Tarkowski, Lascalles to Dunk, Jimenez to Ings or a super punt in Lascalles to Lundstram!

Here’s the team prior to any transfers

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 6k last season and 19k in 17/18

GW36+ points: 54 (FPL average 36) Total points 2,112 Overall Rank: 142k, green arrow 13k, Team Value: £104.7m

Andrew Has used all his chips

Follow Andrew on twitter here

My gameweek 36+ review:

– Well GW36 was supposed to be all about the avalanche of Man City goals in to the Bournemouth net. It didn’t quite work out that way did it, leaving more than a few frustrated FPL managers scratching their heads, depending on which City players you had. It was also a week where we had a rich variety different of captains with some very contrasting outcomes.

– I am writing this on Thursday evening where it looks like I am 54 all out, with no players In Fridays West Ham v Watford game. As it stands, I have a small green arrow of about 13k up from 155k to 142k, although auto subs, vice captains and the West Ham game will impact that. I am just grateful to escape from what looked like being a horror week until a late recovery mission on Thursday.

My gameweek 36+ talking points:

– Tuesday saw a good solid start to the free hitters who tripled up on Chelsea, with Pulisic, Giroud and a Chelsea defender, especially if it was Azpilicueta. was just on Pulisic who brought me a steady 6 pointer in from an assist. In truth it could have been a lot more with Pulisic being denied two goals with vital saves. Giroud could have had a very big haul too. A bit disappointing to those giving Pulisic the armband after what “might have been “. But six returns in seven games since the restart is very nice and he continues to impress. My only question now is whether I hold Pulisic for two tricky final fixtures. He might even be “fixture proof” and the Liverpool defence up next is creaking. Pulisic is bringing in 6-9 points every week. He is not an easy sell !!

– I don’t quite know what happened on Wednesday but I must have walked under a few ladders or crossed the path of a few black cats during the day leading up to match time. It’s hard to see how it could have gone much worse really. It’s one of those days when you end up just laughing because it passes the anguish stage and simply becomes comical.

– To collect a combined score of just THREE points from a City triple up of De Bruyne, Sterling and Foden at home to Bournemouth is the very definition of the word “disappointing” !! I already held De Bruyne and Foden, so decided to bring in a third City attacker for what were three pretty amazing fixtures against Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich. David Silva was probably a more nailed starter for the first game, but I was looking at the three games together and having sold Salah, I had the cash for the more explosive Sterling for those tasty last three games.

– It wasn’t a huge surprise to see De Bruyne and Sterling benched and I went in with my eyes wide open, but I still fancied them both for decent second half minutes and points and was prepared to take the benching risks for 30 minutes each in such a great fixture. Sterling got 45 minutes which if you had offered me beforehand, I would have snapped your hand off. That was more than enough for a big haul of points. Sterling, on at half time, surprisingly rarely threatened. My luck was summed up when Sterling put the ball on the spot to take a penalty, only for VAR to cancel it !! I am entitled to be disappointed from one point from Raheem from 45 mins on the pitch. Surely there are more points for Sterling owners over the last two games, given he has already returned a 16,10 and 21 since the restart.

– I expected De Bruyne to at least get SOME minutes but he stayed glued to the bench. De Bruyne’s ownership is dropping but I am happy to hold. We all know he is an assist machine and is on penalties and free kicks and corners and has a 15 pointer in him, especially on those fixtures. Foden was a rather peripheral figure and fluffed his big chance for points in a golden game. He will probably now sit on my bench.

– So in a gameweek where my plans revolved around the Man City triple up, my “fab three” brought in a grand total of 3 points between them, while Jesus and Silva, probably the two players I feared most, hoovered up the points !! Full credit to those who doubled them up. They were both likely starters, but I went for the less secure but explosive picks. I am hoping I still get my rewards…

– My day was compounded with what happened at Burnley, where Pope lost his clean sheet late on to a goal from Jimenez who I had just sold. At least Doherty, who was benched, got me the assist for the Wolves goal but he was ultimately to be the villain of my day. I had Boly at first sub, who duly stepped in with De Bruyne not featuring, and Boly was all set to bring a 9 pointer in from first sub, being on a clean sheet and full bonus in the dying seconds, only to concede in the 96th minute, after a dubious penalty awarded for a handball – by Doherty !! You just couldn’t write it. I plan to pair up both Doherty and Boly v Palace next. Wolves came within seconds of making it 9 clean sheets in 12 games so the defensive double up remains a great option this week and holding two Wolves defenders is a differential.

– Trent Alexander Arnold duly delivered “nil points” at Arsenal. He is certainly performing below his high standards. But he will be staying in my team. He always has a double figure score in him. We know what happened at Leicester with that 24 pointer.

– They say football is a game of two halves, so surely Thursday had to improve, the only positive being I still had my captain to play after a few armbands had already fallen on the rocks, and I had Danny Ings restored to my side for three great final fixtures, plus a United triple up and captain Fernandes. Thankfully my Thursday turned out better !!

– Danny Ings found the net, so the switch from Jimenez was only a two point loss. Ings has Bournemouth next so happy with the switch, especially as Mrs Jimenez is due to drop baby Jimenez soon. Danny Ings really is my nemesis and I can never catch his hot streaks so I think he owed me that one.

The Man Utd trio rescued my week. Rashford scored 12 including full bonus. I think he could have had a lot more goals than he has since the restart, particularly over the last three games. I kept faith over the value Greenwood option and its paid off. Rashford is looking great. Greenwood has had a couple of pretty anonymous games by comparison. That’s not unusual to get inconsistencies in young players.

– Captain Fernandes got me 12 points from an assist. He looked sharp again. There was a pivotal moment in the second half where Rashford set up captain Fernandes who fired against the post. What a huge boost that could have given to my rank !!! Maguire landed me 5 points from the clean sheet which just about survived due to a toenail VAR call. So 29 points from my United trio was a healthy return.

So what next:

I have 1.3M in the bank and one free transfer.

– There are no urgent holes to fill. Lascelles is now confirmed as out for the season but he is on my bench and I am happy to carry him rather than make a transfer I don’t need to. Nketiah is now available following his suspension. I can see him getting some minutes on his return against Villa and he is then a starting prospect at home to Watford so he can yet play a part for me as an interesting differential on the final day.

– This weeks fixtures look strong with my Man Utd triple up at home to West Ham, double Wolves defence at home to Palace, my two Man City “heavyweights”, my keeper plays Norwich, Ings plays Bournemouth, Trent has Chelsea at home. Pulisic probably edges Foden for the last starting spot. So I could simply roll the transfer and have two available on the final day. I don’t have to change anything and the flexibility of two transfers in GW38 is useful.

– One thing that’s held me back since the restart is being on a Man Utd defender and missing out on the United attacking triple up which has been so lethal. I have Fernandes and Rashford. The thorns in my side have been Martial and Greenwood, particularly Martial who has been killing me. I have resisted the Maguire to Greenwood switch a couple of times as it involves two moves and I have had other fish to fry. But now I have extra cash banked from switching Salah to Sterling, I can do Maguire to Martial instead, rather than Greenwood. The prospect of tripling up on Fernandes, Rashford and Martial is an appealing one. But it would involve a hit. Maguire has been chipping in with some clean sheets but with steady 6 pointers when he does, whereas the ceiling for Martial is much higher. He has delivered a 21, a 14 and a 13 since the restart, all at Old Trafford. I am quite open to a hit to get him in this week v West Ham instead of Maguire.

– Pulisic has two trickier fixtures and he is consistent but not explosive. So I have enough money to switch Pulisic to Martial who has West ham at home this week. I can then flip Maguire to Tarkowski who can form a defensive double up with Pope against both Norwich and Brighton with reasonable prospects of two clean sheets and out pointing Maguire. I can certainly enjoy United games more with Fernandes, Martial and Rashford all in full flow !!

– That would leave me one free transfer for the final day to react to any injuries.

– The “template” seems to have broken up a little now as we head for the final two games. I have Pope, Trent, Doherty, De Bruyne, Fernandes, Martial, Ings, but outside that, there are some low ownership differentials. Even Salah is a differential. I am happy to have Rashford and Sterling as explosive players who still have pretty low ownership in the upper reaches. They are probably my biggest “swords” now to project me to a good finish.

Captain and line up:

– Foden will be first sub this week. I am going to double up on both Wolves and Burnley defences which will be a differential in itself. Both Foden and Nketiah can compete to replace Boly in the final game with great looking fixtures.

Captain will be Fernandes at home to West Ham.

Transfer summary:

Likely to be Maguire to Tarkowski and Pulisic to Martial for a -4. I will hold off until Friday or Saturday just in case injures intervene.

Good luck everyone !!

The squad below is not confirmed and is how I would line up if I made the two moves.

Fantasy premier league GW37 tips

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