Fantasy Premier League GW4 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 4


Here’s our article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their fantasy premier league GW4 teams. There’s Yaniv Salomon, Rob Reid, Alon Shamir and Avishek Majumdar. Between them they have finished in the top 1% of teams 11 times in the last 4 competitive seasons.

Fantasy Premier League GW4 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 4

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As for the Contributor tracker team and the FFGeek Team transfers will be completed as the article is posted which will almost always be on the Friday or the midweek deadline day.

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 6 seasons overall ranks were 12k, 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW3 Points: 63  (FPL average 54) Total points: 224, Overall Rank: 723k, green arrow: 35k  Team Value: £100.6m

Follow Rob on twitter here

See Rob’s GW4 player picks here

GW 3 Review

63 points (average 54); OR – 723k; 35k green arrow; TV – £100.5m

First of all, apologies that I haven’t managed to post a YouTube video with my thoughts over the international break. I’ve been snowed under with other commitments so finding the time has been difficult.

As for GW3, it was an ok week with a green arrow despite it being a fairly low-key week in terms of returns. The key to this was probably getting my Captain pick correct, with Antonio ending up being the highest scoring player in my team. Other returns came from Salah, Shaw, Toney and Ings though the latter 2 had the shine taken off their score a bit with bookings. There were also bonus points for Trent and a couple of save points for Bachmann which bolstered things a little. The big disappointment was Harvey Barnes’ blank – he’s a pick I’ve got wrong when you consider some of the options available and he’s also now frustratingly dropped £0.2m in price but that’s a cross I have to bear.

Safe to say it’s been a slightly underwhelming start to the season for my team, but it’s still very early on in the campaign and it’s important to stay patient. Particularly after all the crazy transfer activity that preceded the international window.

GW4 Team

1 free transfer and a healthy £1.8m in the bank with my initial plan this week being to change either Toney or Ings for Calvert-Lewin. This though (like with everyone else) has been blown out the water by a certain player joining Manchester United and a flurry of injury and quarantine activity happening over the international break. I have to confess, my finger hovered over the Wildcard button several times at the start of last week. I’ve managed to resist the temptation though so far and I think I’ll probably settle for -4 to shuffle my pack around this week depending on what’s said in the press conferences.

With the arrival of Ronaldo, it looks like this season is going to turn into a game of premium tennis and I suspect there is going to be shuffling around of premium assets to match up with good fixture runs and Captain favourites. GW4 looks particularly challenging in this respect as United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs all have good fixtures so we therefore have 6 premiums who are all strong shouts for the armband.

The key complicating factor is of course Ronaldo. He’s price-locked for this week at £12.5m but he’s already been heavily transferred in and I suspect his price will start to go mad once the lock is lifted. What isn’t clear is his gametime security and the United press conference was a bit of a tease in this respect with Ole merely saying that he will make his debut at some point.

My favoured Captain option this week would probably be Romelu Lukaku. His opponents Villa will be missing Martinez and probably Konsa as well so I’d fancy him for a haul, but this comes with the caveats in that his GW5 & 6 fixtures are tough, though to be fair Chelsea are pretty fixture-proof. As such, would it be just bringing him in for 1 week to simply take another -4 to move him for Ronaldo next week?

I’ve got choices for routes to bringing either of these players in. Lukaku would come in by moving Barnes out for a cheap mid and switching to a 4-3-3 while for Ronaldo, I’d sell Bruno Fernandes and would have the choice of a number of replacements up to around £9m depending on whether I move Ings or Toney out. I’ve debated this decision for pretty much the whole international break, but what it has ultimately come down to is that whichever premium I bring in I am going to Captain, and Lukaku has more gametime security in this respect this week. Therefore, I’m going for a -4 with Lukaku coming in for Ings and Barnes being replaced by Sissoko.

For my line-up, my only decision now is whether to go 4-3-3 and double-up on Brighton in defence or play Sissoko this week and at present I’ve settled on the latter with Lukaku of course as Captain. As per usual, though I’ll post my final team on Twitter – probably early on Saturday morning.

Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy the matches!

Transfer summary: Lukaku in Ings out and Sissoko in and H Barnes out

Here’s the team assuming the transfers are made

Fantasy Premier League GW4

Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 96k, 3k, 4k and 8k

GW3 Points: 60  (FPL average 54) Total points: 234, Overall Rank: 402k, red arrow: 98k  Team Value: £100.5m

So an average start to the season , sitting on 400k, after bad call last GW going with Bruno as my captain vs favorite Antonio which cost me 9 points.
This GW is one of the toughest decisions making GW that I remember. Now with Ronaldo inside the game, so many premiums in the game, you will find yourself hiding behind your sofa in part of the games. So 2 FT, already done the first to gain the price rise probably happening tonight , Torres (short term punt as City’s false 9) instead of Bruno (can’t see him in my team again this season , just to look at his stats in the Portuguese national team was enough), and now have 5.2m itb to take out Ings for? I am waiting till the last minute, as for now it is Lukaku and he will get the armband for sure, the only way I will get Ronaldo is if there will be reliable leak that he will start tomorrow (can’t see this happening), So 95% Lukaku is in with the armband.
Lineup issue is between Duffy and Tsimikas (rumours that he will start), I will go with the later , hope that if he doesn’t start he will not come as a sub.
Good luck all!!
P.s Looking very closely on Jimenez this gw…

transfer summary: Torres in and Fernandes out completed. Possibly Ings for either Lukaku or Ronaldo

here’s the team with the Torres transfer made

Fantasy Premier League GW4

Avishek Majumdar

Avishek’s last 4 seasons ORs were 32k 13k, 45k and 64k

GW3 Points: 70  (FPL average 54) Total points: 242, Overall Rank: 229k, green arrow: 130k  Team Value: £100.7m

GW 4 transfer plan: I will hold off making any moves till the deadline to see if there’s any early team news on whether Ronaldo is starting.

If he’s rumoured to be starting, my transfer will be Bruno Ings out to Ronaldo Torres for -4 with armband on Ronaldo. If he’s not starting or if there’s still doubts over him starting, I will just do Ings to DCL and put armband on Salah.

still think Ronaldo is worth jumping on to for GW 5 and 6 (especially since he will be a captain favorite alongside Mo) and I will again assess a hit to bring him in, this time for Bruno and Toney. Eventually the plan is to bring Lukaku in for GW 7 and use the extra funds to invest in a Chelsea defense. That’s it. Good luck and cheers all!

transfer summary: Either Ronaldo and Torres in for Ings and Fernandes out or Just Ings to Calvert-lewin

Here’s the team before any transfers

Fantasy Premier League GW4

Alon Shamir

Alon’s last 5 seasons overall ranks are 44k, 1k, 123k, 4k and 2k

GW3 Points: 63  (FPL average 54) Total points: 239, Overall Rank: 288k, red arrow: 35k  Team Value: £101.1m

Follow Alon on twitter here

It was a hell of a break. I changed my mind so many times and am still undecided on my move for this GW.

First, I was all into wildcarding, getting Ronaldo, jumping on Jota (which is problematic for me without a WC since I have Tsimikas), and upgrading the rest of my team.

Then it was released that Firmino is not injured for long and the appeal of WCing slowly vanished. Unfortunately, I broke one of my most fundamental rules in FPL, which is DONT MAKE TRANSFERS BECAUSE OF PRICE RISES. I usually make my transfers during the 15 before deadline to make sure there isn’t any news or leaks I have to take into account. This time however, I was pretty sure I was going to WC so I made an early transfer in order to (also) catch a price rise. I bought Torres for Bruno assuming Ronaldo starts and takes much of the value from Bruno.

Now there are news suggesting Ronaldo might start on the bench. I was going to -4 and captain him but the uncertainty about his status makes me consider Lukaku (C) instead. It will be a last minute decision.

BTW, if I had not made any transfer yet, I would have done only 1 transfer bringing someone (Calvert-Lewin) instead of Ings.

Conclusion: like Lateriser’s better phrasing of my rule – FK TEAM VALUE.

Transfer summary: Torres in and Fernandes out Completed. Ings out Lukaku or Ronaldo in

Here’s the team assuming the Lukaku transfer is made

Fantasy Premier League GW4

The FFGeek Contributors League

The highlighted FFGeek contributors combined team finished with an overall rank of 8k last season and 52k the season before. It started ok in 8th place with total points of 243 after 69 points in GW3 and an overall rank of 211k. You can follow that team, including live transfers, on our subscription Patreon site.

There’s loads of other features on the Patreon site that you can read about at the top of this page

Fantasy Premier League GW4
Fantasy Premier League GW4

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