fantasy premier league GW4 tips – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW4 tips article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW4.  We look back at gameweek 3, the player outlist and monitor list, transfer thoughts plus early captain thinking

fantasy premier league GW4 tips – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 3

Here’s my GW3 team selection article btw

GW3 points: 43 (average 50) Total points 228, Gameweek rank 3,863k, Overall Rank: 59k, red arrow 32k, Team Value: £101.1m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league GW4 tips

So after 2 good rounds to start the season,  this was a bit of a disaster points and gameweek rank wise even if the red arrow of 32k to a 59k OR isn’t a total disaster.

The thing to remember is that even the top players only return a goal or assist or clean sheet in 60% of matches and there are plenty of lower priced players who return around 30-40% of matches.  So realistically you’d expect 4-5 returning players in a gameweek.  My first 2 weeks saw 8 players return in GW1 and 7 players in GW2 so that’s not realistically going to continue.  In fact for every gameweek with 8 or so returning players you’re going to expect gameweeks with 2 or 3.  So from that perspective this gameweek wasn’t a total disaster.

Robertson, Mendy, Salah and Zaha returned.  Of those only Robertson got any bonus points.  Salah and Zaha are perennial bonus point disasters and Zaha has managed to get yellow cards in both his scoring games which pretty much kills any bonus no matter what he does.

The transfer of Mkhitaryan in for Bernardo didn’t bring any points although if I’m digging around for positives then Bernardo was subbed at 63 minutes after a very quiet game stationed out on the right whereas Mkhitarayan was slightly livelier and lasted the 90 minutes again.

The outlist and the monitor list

The outlist now consists of Austin who was benched, Richarlison who’s facing a 2 match suspension and Shaw who although did ok is part of a United defence falling apart.

There’s no one really on the monitor list at the moment.  I guess Gunnarson will be to see if he gets his place back after the post GW4 international break when he’s supposed to be fit and Hamer if he, as I imagine he will, loses his place after his injury.  They are both liveable situations though.

Transfer thoughts

2 free transfers and £0.4m in the bank.


Last season I think one of the rank defining players was Marcos Alonso.  Those who got him at the right time got a huge points boost vs those who didn’t.  I’ve always been a bit sceptical myself and I missed out when I should have got him.  At least I didn’t pile in late though and endure his long run with little return.

However his stats have been pretty phenomenal in the first 2 games and although he got 2 FPL assists in GW3 his stats were very ordinary.  I have been thinking of buying him just to neutralise him with Bournemouth and Cardiff at home in the next 2 games.  Keeping the 2 transfers up my sleeve last week is helpful from that perspective

I have thought of either replacing Luiz or Shaw and doubling up on the Chelsea defence for the Bournemouth and Cardiff home games next.  I’m not a huge fan of doubling up due to the increased risk you take but I wonder if the United defence is just irreparable at this stage.

The Shaw out Alonso in would mean Richarlison out for one of Hughes, Kante, Neves or McArthur with £5.3m all of which have varying degree’s of attraction.  I could also just hold Richarlison as it’s only a 2 match suspension and use the transfer to sort out Austin but at the moment all I have left is £5.1m which buys nothing worthwhile if you want a playing striker.

If it was Luiz out for Alonso that would mean £5.8m the additional options of Fraser and Gundogan


If you’re not wanting to hold Richarlison for the 2 match suspension you’re probably looking at Mkhitaryan, Walcott or Peryera depending on funds you’ve got.  There’s also Moura and Pedro although they possible have more gametime and sub minutes risk from Willian and the returning Son HM than the other 3.

transfer thoughts summary

At the moment the most likely transfer I think will be Shaw out Alonso in and Richarlison out  and one of those mentioned in above in.  I may do Luiz out but I’m not that attracted to it.

The issue is price drops.  While I hate doing early transfers, especially in an EFL Cup week, sitting there while Richarlison loses £0.3m in value is a pretty extreme test of the ideology.  I may go early I’m not sure.  The European competition teams don’t play in the EFL this round which at least minimises injury risk to my team to some extent but still….

In this transfer scenario Austin will just have to wait for a couple of weeks.

Captain thoughts

Aguero home to Newcastle is the obvious choice here with Salah’s fixture a bit trickier at Leicester.  It’s just another one of those will he won’t he start weeks.  I think bearing in mind the whole Guardian GW2 fiasco unless unequivocal words come out of Pep’s mouth or the polls surprise me then I’ll be going Aguero.

The lineup before transfers

Here’s the lineup before a transfer.  Assume for the moment Shaw or Luiz is Alonso and  Richarlison is Hughes etc or  Gundogan/Fraser.

fantasy premier league GW4 tips


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  1. yeah you should give Shaw another chance, he had a great game despite the result. Sell Luiz intead for Alonso and you’ll have 4 great attacking defenders. You’ll then be able to get Gundogan in for richarldson who I can see getting an assist or two in the city game. Even if he doesn’t start he may get something later on. If he doesn’t play then bissaka or austin to the rescue.

  2. Upgrade Luiz I reckon and give Shaw the Burnley game at least. By the way you said that Robbo was your only player to get bonus but don’t forget Mendy picked up 2 without “doing anything” – legend!

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