Here’s the early version of our regular feature where we analyse the teams of 10 top FPL managers who in the last 3 seasons where none have finished outside the top 10k. I thought it maybe useful to do an early version in anticipation that a number have wildcarded.  The top 10 Managers have played 30 times in the last 3 years and none have finished outside the top 10k in that time. Considering how variable the last 3 years have been this is remarkable consistency and shows an ability to adapt strategy in different seasons. It also gives you a view other than my own on strategy and player selection.



The stats of the top 10 managers are incredible again this season.

1. The overall average finishing position of the top 10 managers is 2,943

2. The top 10 FPL managers have not been out of the top 10k in the last 3 years (ie 30 times playing)

3. 9 of the 10 have finished in the top 1,000


I’ll include this in the updated version


Amat is in 9/10 FPL managers teams

Valencia is in 8/10 of the FPL managers teams

Friend is in 7/10 FPL managers teams

Stones is in 5/10 of the FPL managers teams

McAuley is in 4/10 FPL managers teams

Williams is in 3/10 FPL managers teams


WBA GK/Defs are represented 16 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Man Utd GK/Defs are represented 10 times in the 10 of the FPL managers teams

Swansea GK/Defs are represented 9 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Middlesboro GK/Defs are represented 7 times in the 10 of the FPL managers teams

Hull GK/Defs are represented 6 times in the 10 of the FPL managers teams

Sunderland, Man City and Everton GK/Defs are represented 6 times in the 10 of the FPL managers teams


Redmond is in 9/10 FPL managers teams

Capoue is in 7/10 FPL managers teams

Redmond is in 6/10 FPL managers teams

Sanchez is in 5 of the FPL managers teams

Sterling is in 4/10 FPL managers teams

Ozil and Firmino are in 3/10 FPL managers teams


Ibrahimovic are in 10/10 FPL managers teams

Benteke is in 6/10 FPL managers teams

Lukaku is in 5/10 FPL managers teams

Rondon is in 3/10 FPL managers teams


Hazard was the captain in 8/10 teams

Sanchez was captain in 1/10 teams

Costa was captain in 1/10 teams


10 FPL managers played 3-4-3


Wildcards, Transfers and Hits

 4 played their wildcards

of the 6 that didn’t 3 of the 6 took a 4 point hit.  1 took an 8 point hit.

Everyone made a transfer

Transfers in

This ignores wildcards so just the 6 managers who didn’t

Benteke and Sanchez were transferred in by 3 managers

Lukaku was transferred in by 2 managers

No one else was transferred in more than once by the 6

Transfers out

Aguero was transferred out by all of the 6 managers

Townsend was transferred out by 2 managers

No one else was transferred out more than once


Here’s a comparison with the how the top 10k overall rank average team looks like. The information is provided by the excellent site FPL discovery. Ranks given the early nature of the game are very volatile so don’t read into it too much at the moment.

What it does show is that the top 10 fpl managers I follow main differences with the top 10k rank are big:

The top 10k favour the following significantly more than the managers I follow:

De Gea, Shaw, Walker, Lamela, Negredo and Costa

The 10 Managers I follow favour the following more significantly than the top 10k

Foster, Valencia, Stones, Friend, Amat, Sanchez, Capoue, Redmond, Lukaku, Benteke,




Again we focus on the managers team who last season finished the highest of my then top 10 FPL managers. A bit of a slow start but this is similar to last season and he ended up finishing in 1,400th position so he wont be panicking. He is tonight though in 800k position.  This manager is the closest thing to a fantasy football celebrity there is due to his consistent results so we’ll keep an eye on him. Interestingly though his value looks good at £101.3. This week he used his wildcard too.



Here’s a team to represent the top 10 managers. Those highlighted are where it’s different to my team. It’s valued at around £101.2m


The differences between my team and this one are as follows:

Top 10 Valencia v FFG Shaw

Top 10 McAuley v FFG Kone

Top 10 Sterling v FFG Barkley

Top 10 Capoue v FFG Fletcher

Top 10 Sanchez v FFG Firmino

Top 10 Benteke v FFG Gray

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  1. Love these! Though there is a small mistake, I think it should say Hazard rather than Redmond for 9/10 teams!

    My current team for next week is

    De Gea (Jakupovic)
    Valencia Stones Kingsley (Holgate Friend)
    Hazard Antonio Snodgrass Cazorla (Capoue)
    Ibrahimovic Benteke (Costa)

    I have 3.4 million in the bank to upgrade back to Aguero after this week.

    Any tips advice would be greatly appreciated. Should I go with Holgate or Friend over Kingsley next week? And should I go with Capoue over Snodgrass?

    Thank you!

    • Not sure how much longer Holgate will hold down a starting spot with Williams, Baines, Jagielka and Coleman on defense. It’s getting harder to ignore Capoue, as he continues to produce, which is great for Watford and to a lesser degree those managers who have him on the bench. So your choice becomes Hull home to the Gunners or Watford home to Man U. Tough call, both are difficult match ups. I might lean Snodgrass, as he is a bit more integral to how Hull does. Capoue still has Deeney and Ighalo up front, but has been making the most of his chances in front of goal. I have the same decision to make with Capoue next week.

  2. Downgraded Aguero for Costa leaving me with loads of cash- was going to wait and bring Aguero back in but Costa doing well today makes me want to keep him? Could sell ibra for Aguero or get city coverage from selling Lamela for de bruyne?? Please help

    • Dave, like you I dropped Aguero and brought in Costa and Diamonde, while upgrading my midfield introducing Hazard (thanks for that 1 pt this week!) and Capoue, Antonio, Sterling and Cazorla. Regardless of how well Costa does for Chelsea, he is but a fill in for me. I don’t like the attention he draws and sitting on 3 yellow cards he’s going to be suspended shortly. Great talent, but I am not one for his antics. More importantly, I feel Kun is a my dynamic player, who is able to keep his head (elbow to Reid aside) and produce at a high level. With ownership so high on Ibra I won’t sell him. Jose loves him and they are trying to feed him the ball all the time, that bodes well for all those who own him. I can see selling Lamela, even though they have a run of good fixtures until GW9 minus the home tilt with City in GW7. I would much rather have City coverage than Spurs.

  3. Like many managers I am a bit disappointed in my returns this week after playing my WC and bringing in 11, yeah 11 new players to my squad. This after the suspension to Aguero forced my hand, as my starting midfield, while talented just wasn’t producing and I saw my position slip after GW3.

    Currently sitting with 46 points, 10 over the average, that’s a plus but still a total of 2 points from Sterling and Hazard is frustrating. Even more so is seeing Capoue on the bench. Thankfully I wasn’t one who captained Hazard for a whopping 2 points. I held my hand and went off the board with Defoe vs the Toffees. I also have Williams as well. Hoping to push for 70 points this week to bring me level on 240, which averages out to 60 points a week, which is my season goal.

    Defensively teams continue to give up late or cheeky goals causing at 6 point clean sheet to suddenly read 2 points or worse, 1 point. I am sure you all know what I mean. That goal Foster gave up to BOU…late in the game! West Ham, Collins playing, how the hell does that defense fall apart to badly after going 2-0 up?

    Still early, but patterns and template players are slowly emerging. Thanks for all the good info Geek, appreciate all you do!

  4. I can see many managers making the mistake of keeping Costa. Kun goes straight back into my team when he is available, Pep has City attacking with devastating results and Aguero will profit, big time. Until then I went with Kane, at least he scored but Costa did look sharp yesterday.

  5. Nightmare week.

    Transferred out Aguero and Eriksen for Costa and Sanchez taking the 4pt hit. With Capoue on the bench I was begging for Sanchez to not come on after a while but he did and got me 1 point. Hazard as captain, no clean sheets etc. Rank from 60k ish to 400k ish in last 2 weeks.

    I am planning to transfer out Townsend for Antonio but will have to do it quick as I only have that exact amount. Antonio hard to ignore currently and has a good run of fixtures.

    Will probably wildcard when bringing Aguero back in.

    • Exactly the same sort of week for me. Sat on 23 points with only Bolasie to play tonight. Gone from top 10,000 to 127,000 in 2 weeks. WC in play as a result, going purely for the form players and future fixtures for my incomings. This week looks a better scoring week with many ‘home bankers’ but in the EPL it seems nobody knows how to defend anymore!

      • Baines kept me a clean sheet plus 2 bonus points but still scored below average (42 vs 43).

        I hope in the long run Sanchez scores well. Given Spurs attacking prowess against Stoke against Sunderland at the weekend I’m thinking I should have kept Eriksen.

        Just got to keep thinking forward though. Townsend is coming out for Antonio this week.

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