It was a week like few I can remember in FPL with a mixture of blanks and double figure scores from players that divided scores between good and bad like few weeks do.  The top 10 managers were not immune as you will see from the scores.  The updated version has words added in italics so you can easily follow the additions. We’ve added the scores and shown the 2 teams with the highest and lowest score which was a real eye opener.  Here’s the feature where we analyse the teams of 10 top FPL managers who in the last 3 seasons where none have finished outside the top 10k. The top 10 Managers have played 30 times in the last 3 years and none have finished outside the top 10k in that time. Considering how variable the last 3 years have been this is remarkable consistency and shows an ability to adapt strategy in different seasons. It also gives you a view other than my own on strategy and player selection.



The stats of the top 10 managers are incredible again this season.

1. The overall average finishing position of the top 10 managers is 2,943

2. The top 10 FPL managers have not been out of the top 10k in the last 3 years (ie 30 times playing)

3. 9 of the 10 have finished in the top 1,000


It was a tough week for alot of the top 10 managers with some being rescued by Lukaku.  4 of the 10 had green arrows. 

The average score of the managers in GW4 was 44 compared to the average of 36. Thats 8 points and 22% above the average. The high score of the 10 was 68. The low score was 25. An incredible spread of 43 for the score.  You’ll see those teams below which you’ll find very interesting.

The average overall rank of the top 10 FPL managers is 432k a drop in rank of 88k from the average of 344k in the last gameweek.   The best rank is 58k and the lowest 1.063m.

The average value is high at £101.6m up from £101.2m in the last gameweek. This is in part due to the wildcard activation.

If you’re interested my score was 51 above the gameweek average and the 4th highest of the managers. My overall rank of 81k is ahead of all but 2 of the top 10 managers. My team value is low though in comarison at £100.9m.


Amat is in 9/10 FPL managers teams

Valencia is in 8/10 of the FPL managers teams

Friend is in 7/10 FPL managers teams

Stones is in 5/10 of the FPL managers teams

McAuley is in 4/10 FPL managers teams

Williams is in 3/10 FPL managers teams


WBA GK/Defs are represented 16 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Man Utd GK/Defs are represented 10 times in the 10 of the FPL managers teams

Swansea GK/Defs are represented 9 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Middlesboro GK/Defs are represented 7 times in the 10 of the FPL managers teams

Hull GK/Defs are represented 6 times in the 10 of the FPL managers teams

Sunderland, Man City and Everton GK/Defs are represented 6 times in the 10 of the FPL managers teams


Hazard is in 9/10 FPL managers teams

Capoue is in 7/10 FPL managers teams

Redmond is in 6/10 FPL managers teams

Sanchez is in 5 of the FPL managers teams

Sterling is in 4/10 FPL managers teams

Ozil and Firmino are in 3/10 FPL managers teams


Ibrahimovic are in 10/10 FPL managers teams

Benteke is in 6/10 FPL managers teams

Lukaku is in 5/10 FPL managers teams

Rondon is in 3/10 FPL managers teams


Hazard was the captain in 8/10 teams

Sanchez was captain in 1/10 teams

Costa was captain in 1/10 teams


10 FPL managers played 3-4-3


Wildcards, Transfers and Hits

4 played their wildcards

of the 6 that didn’t 3 of the 6 took a 4 point hit. 1 took an 8 point hit.

Everyone made a transfer

Transfers in

This ignores wildcards so just the 6 managers who didn’t

Benteke and Sanchez were transferred in by 3 managers

Lukaku was transferred in by 2 managers

No one else was transferred in more than once by the 6

Transfers out

Aguero was transferred out by all of the 6 managers

Townsend was transferred out by 2 managers

No one else was transferred out more than once


Here’s a comparison with the how the top 10k overall rank average team looks like. The information is provided by the excellent site FPL discovery. Ranks given the early nature of the game are very volatile so don’t read into it too much at the moment.

What it does show is that the top 10 fpl managers I follow main differences with the top 10k rank are big:

The top 10k favour the following significantly more than the managers I follow:

De Gea, Shaw, Walker, Lamela, Negredo and Costa

The 10 Managers I follow favour the following more significantly than the top 10k

Foster, Valencia, Stones, Friend, Amat, Sanchez, Capoue, Redmond, Lukaku, Benteke




Again we focus on the managers team who last season finished the highest of my then top 10 FPL managers. After being 800k on Sunday he is today 295k thanks to Lukaku.  That shows how volatile the rank is at this time of the season so don’t pay too much attention to it.   This manager is the closest thing to a fantasy football celebrity there is due to his consistent results so we’ll keep an eye on him. Interestingly though his value looks good at £101.4. This week he used his wildcard too.


Here’s the top scorer of the week with 68 he’s 58k:


Here’s the lowest scorer with 25.  The moved him from 30k to 280k


That shows how fine the margins are as in the attacking areas there were only 3 differences.  Those 3 differences meant 45 points difference in score.  FPL is a 50/50 game and decisions on one or 2 players can be crucial but this is an extreme.


Here’s a team to represent the top 10 managers. Those highlighted are where it’s different to my team. It’s valued at around £101.2m


The differences between my team and this one are as follows:

Top 10 Valencia v FFG Shaw

Top 10 McAuley v FFG Kone

Top 10 Sterling v FFG Barkley

Top 10 Capoue v FFG Fletcher

Top 10 Sanchez v FFG Firmino

Top 10 Benteke v FFG Gray

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  1. Fantastic post geek, helping me keep ahead of my rivals in my work league!
    Wanted people’s thoughts on which representation they have from Everton and Spurs in their teams?
    I currently just have Williams from Everton. I can afford Eriksson but do I upgrade from Sterling?
    Any comments welcomed and helpful.

  2. Great comparison as usual Geek! James R to answer your question first, I have gone defensive at Everton with Williams as well. My decision based on his price of 5.0, cheapest route for Everton coverage (Steckelenburg not considered at 5.0). The prior week it had been Barkley, but he’s taken a dip the wrong way and was pulled after just 45 minutes on Monday. Currently I have no Spurs coverage, I did start the season with Eriksen, but one game does convince me to bring him or any other player. Good run of games through GW9 with Man City in GW7. Those were Eriksen’s first points of the season. Dembele is healthy, does that mean we see the Alli/Kane combo pick up where it left off last year? 10.9 is a bundle for Kane, fixtures in his favor, but what about Janssen? For now I am going to keep Sterling, who was only picked up for City coverage until Aguero returns. Pep has turned Raheem into what we saw at L’pool. Gotta see how or if he plays in the UCL, but I see him in the starting XI this weekend home to BOU. KDB would be the only other midfield I would consider, but the price point is considerably higher.

    As for me squad, Go ‘Orns, 226 points, ranked 135k with a team value at 101.0. I am pleased with the start after GW4, obviously some decisions in the midfield to start the year have cost me, the likes of Payet, Eriksen, Siggy didn’t do much for my overall score. I did use my WC and introduced 11 new players overall. Kun was transferred out due to suspension, replaced with Costa (but not captained in GW4). Capoue is the currently on my bench losing 13 points last weekend, but not sure managers can continue to overlook his contribution to the Hornets. Question becomes is he better value as a 5th starting midfielder than your third forward? Currently that is Defoe, who’s got Spurs in GW4.

    More importantly can we count on ANY defender/keeper to get clean sheets? One goal here, a late spot kick or free kick there and we lose the clean sheet. It’s seems to be happening quite regularly this season and putting your finger on reliable has become unreliable. GK/defensive of Foster/Jakupovic, McAuley, Valencia, Williams, Collins and van Aanholt. Not bad but the returns the past few haven’t been up to expectations.

    • Thanks for the insight Stephen. My head says pick Sterling too as he has been consistent and Spurs did play a poor Stoke side (relegation talk too early?). My WC team is finalised, will share later this week.
      I am now playing 3-5-2 as I have diomande up front to free up £’s for my MF which is looking very strong. Capoue a beast this season, with his form would bank him to score against anyone so as my 5th midfielder he starts until he hits a run of bad form. If that happens I can transfer out for somebody like Fer.

      • Diamonde returns to my lineup when Aguero is back, which allowed me to upgrade my midfield. Just had to make sure I could get Kun back with 2 FT and not cost myself 4 points. I’ll be curious to see your team when you post it. I do agree, Capoue, I do believe has played his way into my lineup for GW5. Stoke got taken apart by Spurs, I don’t see Sunderland having much success either and will most likely close down Defoe, so regardless of match up Capoue should start, so a 3-5-2 over the 3-4-4

  3. I had an amazing week, I captained Lukaku, got 73 points and shot io the rankings from 160,000 ish to 5554!! Top of all my mini leagues as well! Think I’m top of the FFG sun dream team league to. Pressure on lol

  4. Nice analysis as usual, it is always helpful to see what the top managers are thinking.

    One small point – I think the game week average was 43 in the end, it was 36 before the Sun-Eve game was factored in.

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