Fantasy premier league – my GW5 imaginary wildcard team

Here’s my fantasy premier league imaginary wildcard team for GW5.  That is the team I would pick if I was using my wildcard today.  Its not just for GW5,  its for the future gameweeks as well

The idea with the bonus emphasis on goals and forwards plus the defence and strikers performing is to change to 4-3-3 or even in extremes 5-2-3 and you will see that I have a fairly full defence and 3 cheap midfielders to rotate plus 3 elite strikers .  See also difficult decisions at the bottom for some of the dilemmas


Remove player i
Mignolet (£5.7m) BUY

  • Minutes per point:  11.25    Team clean sheets:  3    fixture ease rank:  3

3 clean sheets from 4 games and and by 8 points the highest scoring GK.   Agger and Enrique are more expensive.  Wisdom is short term and the other CB position is yet to be nailed down so Mignolet continues to be good cover for the Liverpool defence

Crystal Palace
Remove player i
Kelvin Davis (£4.0m)
a non playing cheap filler
Remove player i
A Cole (£6.5m)

  • Minutes per point:  16.9 mins .  Team clean sheets:  2    Rotation risk: medium   fixture ease ranking: 12     Bonus points to date 4

Only 2 clean sheets  and a bit of a defensive disaster in the Champions League yesterday but underlying stats have been good and really juicy home fixture next to Fulham.  Cole is the less rotatable Chelsea defender with only Bertrand as cover who appears completely out of favour.      Ivanovic may have the  best attacking potential of the Chelsea defenders but potentially does have cover in Azpilicueta.     With 4 bonus points Cole seems to be better suited to the new bonus system than Ivanovic with 2 which came when he scored.

West Ham
Remove player i
Collins (£4.6m)

  • Minutes per point:  18 mins .  Team clean sheets:  3    Rotation risk: medium.   fixture ease ranking: 15     Bonus points to date 1

Home to Everton and the start of more difficult fixtures especially if Lukaku lines up.  However you cant argue with their defensive resolve especially at home. The bonus system really doesn’t like him though with only 1 bonus point from 3 clean sheet.  West Ham are top 3rd of teams in the underlying stats

Remove player i
 Dawson (£5.1m) 

  •   Minutes per point:  17.1 .  Team clean sheets:  3    Rotation risk: medium.   fixture ease ranking: 8th     Bonus points to date 1

Not really liked by the bonus point system but you cant deny his value for 3 clean sheets out of 4.  We will soon see if new CB Chiriches takes his place.  Personally I’m banking on him holding his place over the 23 year old Romanian who has yet to play club football outside his country.

Remove player i
I’ve gone for Distin over Coleman due to value and due to the fact that he seems to be liked more by the bonus people getting 5 bonus points in his last 2 games.  Has some gametime risk now that Alcaraz is getting match fit but I cant see Martinez changing after such a strong defensive start
Remove player i

  •  Minutes per point:  41.2 mins .  Team clean sheets:  1    Rotation risk: Low.   fixture ease ranking: 1st     Bonus points to date 0

I’m still keeping the faith in the Arsenal defence despite the only 1 clean sheet so far.  Underlying stats could also be better but if there’s ever a chance to get a clean sheet Stoke at home has got to be an excellent place to start.

Remove player i
JWP – (£4.5m)  –   Didn’t start against West Ham but his free kicks really made a difference in the 20 minutes or so he was in which gives me hope he will return.
Remove player i
Michu (£8.9m) 

  • Goals and assists:  1 goal 1 assist.  Time per point scored:  22.5 mins .  Rotation risk: low.   fixture ease ranking: 4th.  Consistency 2/4    50%

A game against Crystal Palace is always going to be a good time to BUY and that’s what’s facing fantasy premier league managers with Michu this week.  Very good underlying stats and like last year still seems to score even when playing behind the striker.  Bizarrely though  his average position was higher than Bony’s.  Has even started to create chances.  The only negative is his price.   £8.9m for a non top 4 challenging player is really expensive but you have to look at it as a short term investment for the good fixtures coming not as any long term hold. Wouldn’t buy him at the sacrifice of expense on a  forward though

Remove player i
Walcott (£9.5m)

  • Goals and assists:  0 goals 2 assists  Time per point scored:  23.9 mins .  Rotation risk: low.   fixture ease ranking: 1st.  Consistency: 2/4   50%

Has the best underlying stats of any midfielder just couldn’t turn his chances into goals in the game against Sunderland. Still the top ranked midfielder for me and only issue is whether you want to limit your Arsenal exposure to one player and just have Giroud.

Remove player i
 Barkley (£5.1m) – The injury to Pienaar would have added to his game time security.  Hasn’t produced since the opening game and not really producing underlying  stats but still has real potential given his position in the Everton team.
Crystal Palace
Remove player i
The safety sure to play choice but wont return much option for your bench
Remove player i
Sturridge (£9.3m)  

  • Goals and assists:  4 goals 0 assists.  Time per point scored:  12.4 mins .  Rotation risk: low.   fixture ease ranking: 3rd.  Consistency 4/4   100%

Underlying stats don’t really support 100% consistency but you cant deny his finishing.  Doesn’t have pens which is a bit of a disadvantage  but still good fixtures make him an attractive proposition.  Imminent return of Suarez needs to be monitored

Remove player i
Giroud (£9.0m) 

  • Goals and assists least year:  4 goals 1 assists.  Time per point scored last year:  9.5 mins .  Rotation risk: low.   fixture ease ranking: 1st.  Consistency 4/4   100%

Fantastic start and now has Ozil to create even more chances for him. Still good fixtures and underlying shooting stats are only bettered by RVP.  However Giroud has been creating chances unlike RVP and should also take pens in the absence of Arteta and Podolski.

Man Utd
Remove player i
RVP (£14.0m) 

  • Goals and assists:  3 goals 0 assists.  Time per point scored:  16.4 mins .  Rotation risk: low.   fixture ease ranking: 9th.  Consistency 2/4   50%

Still has the faith of me thats for sure.  50% consistency is less than how he will have to perform at this price but the 2 games without returns have been Liverpool and Chelsea.  Best underlying shooting stats but hasn’t really been creating chances which is the only negative.  Fixtures are reasonably good after the Manchester derby.  Has pen duties and Crystal Palace saw the return of freekicks


Difficult Decisions

The main difficult decision I had was between Eriksen and Michu and in the end I chose Michu for fixtures and goal strength.  I also wanted to put Wisdom in the team but went for Distin and I’ve got no saints defender which doesn’t seem right.  A Man Utd defender vs Cole was also a tricky decision.

Thats it hope it helps your thinking


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8 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league – my GW5 imaginary wildcard team”

  1. Hi Admin,

    Would you say transferring Soldado -> Giroud is a good move this week or do you think Soldado could do just as well this week allowing me time to see how Lukaku, Rooney etc get on and maybe save my transfer? Therefore ditching Soldado for the chelsea game when I’ll have 2FT?

    Team is

    Mingolet (Boruc)
    Vertonghen, Coleman, Zabaletta (Evra, Whittaker)
    Walcott, HBA, Barkley, Erikson (Brady)
    Sturridge, Soldado, Benteke

    Captaining either Sturridge or Benteke at moment views please :)

  2. If I use wildcard, I would choice coming GW6 ==>

    Team is

    De Gea (Boruc)

    Coleman, Evra, Collins(Wilson, Whittaker)

    Özil, HBA, Michu, Jedinak(Barkley)

    Rooney, Giroud, Benteke

    Captain you choice any Forward!

    By the way your choice is nice. :)

  3. How about this for a wildcard team? I’ve used my wildcard this week and need suggestions!

    Mignolet, Boruc
    Zabaleta Vertonghen Coleman Ivanovic, Chester
    Yaya BenArfa Michu Nolan, Cowie
    Giroud Sturridge, Anelka

    Also, is it too early to bring Rooney in?

  4. Hi

    Here is my team, just wondering who you would play and what formation, also who would you C and VC this week?

    Mignolet (Price)
    Collins – Coleman – Ivanovic – Figueroa – Zabaleta
    Koren – Yaya Toure – Walcott – Ben Arf – Kim Bo
    Giroud – Sturridge – Benteke

    Big thanks


  5. Giroud as Captain for sure due to Arsenal’s super attacking midfield. And Giroud is going to benefit most from Ozil.

  6. Always interesting articles.

    While the change to the points system is having an impact, I believe the lack of scoring is having a bigger one. Last year I did very well with 4 good midfielders and two lower priced forwards in the team but this year the defenders have been getting the best returns.

    Having said that, I have dropped RVP this week to go with 3 quality forwards. Because of the upcoming fixtures – thanks to your ease of fixtures chart – I think I can do a better job of selecting the right ones.

    Also, last year I moved up in the second half by taking more point deductions for making gameweek changes, a philosophy I am using this year and is helping. Too many people are unwilling to take the 4 point hit – but if the player gets 6 points or more, you are better off than a journeyman or non-player. And often, to do it right, you have to make two changes to balance the budget.


  7. my forwards are
    soldado rvp crouch and 2.7 in the bank
    rvp hasnt fired this season and if i sell crouch i will have 8.5 mil in bank……who shall i buy….lukaku or any other cheap option or can i sell either soldado or rvp and bring in sturr or giroud………i hav walcott haz and hba in the midfield

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