fantasy premier league GW5 wildcard – Costas Chari activates his wildcard


Here’s an article where FFGeek Contributor Costas Chari hits the wildcard button.  You can also vote on 3 options he’s looking at.  Costas’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

fantasy premier league GW5 wildcard – Costas Chari activates his wildcard

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Well I was postponing using my wildcard for the last 2 gameweeks and I finally pressed the button. This could be the
earliest I have played my wildcard ever but it is also the worst start I have ever had. GW4 and
nearly 2 million overall rank is bad.

Here’s Costas’s team prior to activating the wildcard and the points for GW4:

GW4 points: 43  Total Points:  213  Overall rank:  1.901 m

fantasy premier league gw5 wildcard


As I said I resisted playing my wildcard for the past 2 gameweeks that has resulted in a team value drop as
players like Saint Maximin and Werner kept falling. Good thing I got Calvert Lewin from the start that offsetted
those drops.

Although I know Werner will come good probably from the 4 next gameweek vs Southampton I
couldn’t keep him. Lampard clearly doesn’t know his best 11 and his best formation and doesn’t
know where to play him. Bottom line £9.3m from £9.5m and dropping,  playing on the flanks without
penalty duties is an out for me.

A short word about Spurs.

They are trolling me I have had Lloris from gameweek 1 and he hasn’t returned. I had Alli the first 2 gameweeks
(gave me a total of 2 points) then switched to Son (got a point) and then transferred him out
again because he was “injured”.   Luckily I got James Rodriguez in,  the only correct decision I made
this year so far.

It’s a weird season so far

It’s a weird year, as you can see traditional top 4 teams being hammered by weaker sides or you
can see for example teams like Brighton dominating Man Utd and thrashing Newcastle and then
get beaten 4-0. One would say its too early to play the WC as you don’t know what will happen
with transfers or some team might start picking form etc.

I disagree, I have seen enough so far to keep Man United and Chelsea attackers on a wait list until they pick up form as they are too
expensive. I have also seen enough to realise that Everton and Spurs are the most consistent and
in form teams battling for top 6 or.. maybe top 4 even. From the “weaker” teams I have seen
enough to trust that Brighton and Aston villa will score lots of goals this season.

I will be keeping Robertson and getting in Salah due to fixtures and ownership mostly. I am not giving
up on Man City but I just feel that the price of the players is too much for the form and fixtures. I
opted for the Spurs double up instead of one Spurs and De Bruyne in the team.

3 options.  Please vote on your favourite

Please let me know which option you prefer by voting on the poll and any comments welcomed
in the comment section

It’s worth noting that before you vote that Button,  Robertson, Mitchell, Grealish, James Rodriguez, Salah, Son, Calvert Lewin and Kane are in all 3 teams.  That’s a core of 9 players.  Meaning there are 6 different players for each option.  Underneath each option I will outline the additional 6 to make it easier.

Option 1

Additional 6:  Martinez, Saiss, Chilwell, Maupay, Walker Peters, Bissouma

fantasy premier league GW5 wildcard

Option 2

Additional 6:  Guaita, Kilman, Targett, Jimenez, Walker Peters, Bissouma

fantasy premier league gw5 wildcard

Option 3

Additional 6:  Guaita, Saiss, Chilwell, Klich, Mings, Brewster

fantasy premier league GW5 wildcard

Here’s the poll to vote:


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17 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW5 wildcard – Costas Chari activates his wildcard”

    • I dont think jorginho is nailed to start, he also does not offer any other threat other than penalties, klich on the other hand does

  1. Hi Costas,
    I’m also on WC. Vote for option 1 because it’s closest to my choice with 9 players matching. Option 3 is also close because of Brewster as a 3-rd forward. Good luck!

  2. For option 1, I would prefer Castagne with Projected Points 5 Gameweeks (PP5G) is 16.6 instead of Chilwell with PP5G is just 9.8.

    • I have to admit i have added castagne in as i am hoping for a price rice, chilwell indeed i am. Having 2nd thoughts as well because chelsea under lampard d can’t keep CS

      • I’ve got this EXACT squad, with Castagne instead of Chilwell. I caught his last price rise and think he is great value, even if he has outscored his expected points thus far. He is this year’s Matt Doherty.

    • Hello Paul,
      you are just a troll

      Please post your History, then let’s see if you are worthy of being able to criticise.

      KDB is a good idea from onwards here if he can match last season’s tally.
      But if you didn’t notice, this is a new year and those points he scored are gone, History, you cant go chasing them.
      Even if KDB fires, then the the rest of the upgraded midfielders might well be able to cover off the points of KDB and more. So what you say is nonsense anyways.

  3. No City? Here’s what’s going to happen. Everton and/or Spurs blank in the next game, City kill it, and you’re trying to figure out how to fit KDB into your team.

    • Taa will eventually fire100% ive had robbo from gw1 and i am. Pretty happy woth sticking for the time being.

      Zaha has great fixtures indeed i am a bit worried that he wont have that CF role now that Batsuayi is match fit and i have been burnt by zaha in pasta seasons so im staying away

      Thank you for your comment

  4. For Man City coverage what do you think to option 1 but with the following changes?

    Grealish becomes Foden
    Bissouma becomes Trossard
    Maupay becomes Watkins

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