fantasy premier league GW5 wildcard tips – FFGeek contributor Prakhar Patel shows his draft wildcard team (NOW FINAL)


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW5 wildcard tips article where FFGeek contributor Prakhar Patel shows us his draft wildcard team.  Prakhar finished with a rank of 17k last season and an incredible 17th overall in 17/18

fantasy premier league GW5 wildcard tips – FFGeek contributor Prakhar Patel shows his draft wildcard team (NOW FINAL)

After a pretty poor start to the season for me where I have 230 points and an overall rank of 1.093 million, I’ve decided to wildcard this week to address a few issues with my team.There were around 5-7 players I wanted to get rid of asap and De Bruyne has been one of the main reasons behind the decision to wildcard.

GW4 team

fantasy premier league GW5 wildcard tips

UPDATE:  Wildcard final team

Here it is:


I started the season with Ryan as Brighton had some decent fixtures but it didn’t work out the way I hoped it would so I’ve decided to bring in Nick Pope and I’ll probably stick with him for the rest of the season.  He is the most reliable option among the cheap options in my opinion.  So that’s the goalkeeping sorted for me for the rest of the season.


As much as I want Alexander Arnold in my team right now, I just can’t have a few players elsewhere if I put him in.   So I’ve gone for Robertson again from the Liverpool defence.  Lucas Digne is pretty much a must have according to me. Otamendi is my choice from the City defence.   For the other two spots,I’ve gone for Lundstram and Pieters. Burnley have some tasty fixtures coming up so I might double up in some weeks.  UPDATED Alexander Arnold now in 


Salah, Sterling and De Bruyne need no explanation at all.  There is a lot of scepticism regarding Mason Mount right now but for me he is the best Chelsea asset currently and I am hoping he will live up to the expectations I have.  The last spot is filled by Cantwell as Norwich have some nice fixtures coming up and has looked attractive from a fantasy perspective.


I wanted to go with one premium forward but it seems pretty much impossible without sacrificing the balance elsewhere. I’ve decided to go with two budget forwards in Barnes and Pukki. Barnes due to the fixtures and Pukki scares me due to the rising ownership. He has already punished me a couple of times this season and is an essential currently.


Right now, I am leaning towards Salah at home to Newcastle but Sterling away to Norwich is an equally tempting choice as well.  I’ll update the final draft on the site as well as on twitter.  That’s pretty much it.  UPDATED:  Salah captain

Transfer summary UPDATED

changes from original in italics

Ryan out Pope in

Zinchenko out Otamendi in

Wan Bissaka out Lowton in

Van Dijk out Alexander Arnold in

Rico out Lundstram in

Norwood out De Bruyne in

Dendoncker out Cantwell in

Kane out Barnes in

Haller out Pukki in

Button, Digne, Salah Sterling, Mount and Greenwood all stay.

Good luck everyone and may your arrows be green unlike mine this season😜Haha!

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6 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW5 wildcard tips – FFGeek contributor Prakhar Patel shows his draft wildcard team (NOW FINAL)”

  1. Hi Prakhar,

    I was wondering why u didnt chose Aguero instead of Sterling. He seems to be in top form atm plus u can change aguero if needed easily to Kane or Auba and back.


  2. Good Q, Hughbie. TAA seems to have the edge this season. Even his price has dropped.

    RDB, definitely Kun on a WC! At least until Jesus returns. ;-)

    Prakhar, I opted for Abraham to sit with Pukki up front. Any reason you went for Barnes instead?

    Pope’s a great shout, waiting to make the same transfer myself from Ryan.

    Best of luck for the season, all…!!

  3. I’m in the middle of my wildcard too. Very similar team tbh.

    I’m just weighing up whether to swap KdB and Mount, for Martial and another (D Silva? Siggy?)

    I can see Martial getting 20 goals this season through the middle. That’s hard to ignore

  4. Whilst I agree that Martial is a great player to have for the season we can’t ignore that he is currently injured. Without a solid update from OGS, it’s a risk to include him in your wildcard for GW5. I’d recommend waiting until OGS has given an explicit indication that Martial is fit and will play or that you have seen Martial play 70+ minutes again with your own eyes.

    Another consideration is the looming price drop. FPLstatistics show Martial is very close to dropping to 7.6m so it would be wise not to hold players that are dropping in value whilst on your wildcard.

    Keeping the funds aside/the transfer move planned to upgrade a mid to Martial in GW6 (or whenever he is fit) is the safer move with the existing information available to us.

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