fantasy premier league – GW6 captain options

Ok here’s my fantasy premier league captain options for gameweek 6.


Firstly I’ve identified 4 games that are worthy of looking at from the fantasy perspective.
They are
1.  Man Utd v WBA
2.  Swansea v Arsenal
3.  Sunderland v Liverpool
4.  Everton v Newcastle
Out of that I’ve identified 6 candidates for captain possibilities those being
I’ve assumed RVP wont be fit



2 goals and 2 assists in 4 games with a consistency return % of 75%.  Very good reading.  Assuming that RVP is out he should also take pens and a decent share of set pieces.  I’m not sure if he will play the most furthest forward striker with say Welbeck or should Moyes even go crazy and use Kagawa in his best position behind him or whether he plays Rooney behind Hernandez like he did in the Cap 1.  From a fantasy premier league perspective in some ways its a trade off.  Rooney furthest forward should see him having   more goal scoring positions but only if someone can create them.  Playing behind Hernandez will mean a deeper position and less shooting but he will also create chances.  The only black cloud is his shooting stats.  In terms of shots in the box per minute he is sitting in the same place as Vaz Te and Danny Graham.  That’s not necessarily an issue as last year his returns were pretty good and he also had a shots in the box per minute rate way worse than say RVP or Suarez.  They just weren’t quite this bad.

WBA have conceded 4 goals in 5 games with 2 clean sheets.  That’s pretty good.   Stats wise overall I’ve rated them 9th.  Again pretty good.  There is a however though, The only game that they’ve played against a top 4 challenging team though is Everton A.  That was a 0-0 but if you remember the game it was an Everton siege.  Personally I think with or without RVP it will be the same this gameweek and Utd will score a few goals

Rooney is definitely an option


4 goals and an assist in 5 games. An 80% consistency rate for returns in a team that’s oozing creativity with Ozil having joined. Giroud will definitely start as Arsenal have no real alternative.   Giroud has the best underlying shooting stats out of any striker and is also creating chances.  The only black cloud is the injuries to Walcott, Cazorla and Rosicky which does put alot of pressure on the creative burden on Ozil.  Still if anyone can handle it, the worlds best assist creator can.
 The Swansea defence have conceded 6 goals in 2 games at home to Utd and Liverpool.  Their attacking style definitely leaves them vulnerable on the break although the Liverpool game was more about individual errors.  Arsenal have been better away with 6 goals away scored against Sunderland and Fulham.  There should be goals for arsenal in this game.
Giroud is definitely an option for me


Has returned 4 assists in 2 games and has heavy set piece involvement.  also has a good position playing just behind giroud.  Doesnt really shoot that much and its all about assists.

The comments for Giroud also apply regarding Swansea and given the fact that there will be goals in my view and Ozil will be the main creative force then he is an option for me


4 goals in 5 games. 80% consistency return rate. You cant ask for much more than that.  However, he doesn’t really have the underlying shooting stats to support this though and this is compounded by the fact that he doesn’t create chances  for others.  The underlying stats despite the good fixtures are significantly worse than last year.  Also  Liverpool at times have struggled to break teams down and the situation will be worse with Coutinho out.  Sturridge also has the disadvantage that Gerrard will take pens and Sturridge has no set piece involvement.  Sturridge didn’t seem disadvantaged by having Suarez in the team and he still kept that central focus.  Apparently Sturridges returns are worse when Suarez is in the team but I think Suarez helps due to his creative abilities
The Sunderland defence has conceded 11 goals in 5 games and has been a total disaster home and away.  How much that will be improved by Di Canio leaving is hard to say but they were pretty poor last year with only Mignolet helping to keep them respectable clean sheets.
Despite my misgivings over Sturridge the opposition makes him an option for me


Only RVP eclipsed him last year and he looked very good in the Cap 1 cup against United.  Despite being out for so long the fact that he did play well and play the 90 minutes means its likely in my mind that he will start against Sunderland.  The Sturridge partnership didn’t affect his returns as although Sturridge probably retained a central focus they often swapped positions and he still got into the penalty area and shot a significant amount of times
The comments about Sunderland above obviously apply and for me he is definitely an option


Last but definitely not least the Everton striker on loan from Chelsea totally transformed the game to score the winner last week against West Ham last week. Lukaku absolutely has it all and last year his returns and underlying stats were nothing short of fantastic.  I can only see him starting this week after that performance.

The Newcastle defence were at their worse at home to City in GW1 but have tightened up against pretty limited attacking opposition with clean sheets against West Ham and Fulham.  Its still 8 goals conceded in 5 games although only 4 in their last 4.  I’ve rated them the 13th best defence and even without Pienaar I expect Everton to score a few goals

 So with multiple options here’s how I rank them:


Yes in order to:

1.  Rooney

2.  Suarez

3.  Giroud

4.  Sturridge

5.  Lukaku

6.  Ozil

William Hill check

Here’s how William Hill see the anytime goal scorer odds market with all players at £2.00 or better

1.  Rooney £1.73

2.  Lambert – £1.80

3.  Suarez  – £1.91

4.  Lukaku- £1.91

5.  Sturridge – £2.00

Welbeck – £2.00

Hernadez (Utd) – £2.00

Aguero £2.00

Interestingly they have Giroud at £2.20 so they have far less faith than me.  Obviousy Ozil not being a goal scorer he doesn’t feature

So my summary has covered everyone except:

Lambert:  With only a penalty in the opening game against WBA and struggles to play with Osvaldo at the moment I’m not even sure he will start however crazy that may sound and with that form I struggle to give him the armband

Welbeck and Hernandez:  Both of these have selection issues so in my mind should be discounted.

Aguero:  You would think he would  be selected given Jovetic and Dzeko played mid week but with City home to Bayern in the Champions league midweek who knows who will start.  This uncertainty is why I’ve dismissed City players generally for the captain position

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5 thoughts on “fantasy premier league – GW6 captain options”

  1. Thanks for all the tips – wish I’d followed your advice not to captain Dzeko a few weeks ago (the match he was hooked at half time!).

    Looking for your views on the below. Team is, with 0FT and 0.0 in the bank:

    Mignolet (Kelvin Davis)

    Ferdinand, Dawson, Gibbs (M Turner, Chester)

    Miralles, Michu, Ozil, Barkley (Silva)

    Giroud, Lambert, Soldado

    Used FT this week for Walcott -> Ozil.

    I’m concerned that Rooney could score heavily over the next few weeks so would like to get him in. I do think, however, that my three forwards will probably score well over the next few weeks too: Soldado’s underlying stats look good; Lambert’s, too, don’t look awful and Southampton fixtures look kind.

    My only route to Rooney, really, is: Silva -> Moses, Soldado -> Rooney (for -8). What are your thoughts? Seems crazy to me…?

  2. With RVP going to be ‘involved somewhere’ against WBA is it too risky to have him captain this week. Could only be a sub appearance. Worth playing safe and making Giroud captain?

  3. Hi on the offchance you get this before 11.30 or don’t mind giving your opinion after, who would you play in mf out of:

    Oscar, Michu, Brady, Ramsey, Barkley.

    Despite the yellow tags on Ramsey and Brady they should both start. At the moment I am thinking Brady is the only real option to drop despite the fixtures.

    Can’t tell you enough how impressed I am with this site, such a huge amount of quality analysis and I really enjoy your style of writing. Ever thought about a career in sports journalism? The Guardian would love you

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