Fantasy premier league GW6 review – the best underlying stats from GW6


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW6 review where we look for the players and teams with the best underlying stats from GW6. 

Fantasy premier league GW6 review – the best underlying stats from GW6

The article is in 2 parts. We’ve started with the attacking stats for the players divided by position. Effectively we’ve taken their Non Penalty xG stats and their xA stats and converted them into FPL points and then ranked them. We don’t show the points but that’s how they’re ranked. It’s far more useful than just ranking them by NP xG and xA separately. I’ve tried to include who I think has the best stats plus added on some notable players that people will be interested to see how they performed. I haven’t attempted to rank every player.

This week I’ve also added in shots and key passes so you get a volume perspective as well as a quality perspective.  I’ve also added a column where I have said yes or no as to where I think there stats should be for their price

The defender rankings are the tricky ones to take anything from as CBs will get the occasional tap in from set piece goal mouth scrambles which will have a high xG. The players in this schedule are a selected bunch

The 2nd part is just the ranking of team defensive performance which is the rank by xG conceded. I’ve also included the GW6 fixtures so you can remind yourself who was playing if needed

Remember the stats are only for GW6 not cumulative. I haven’t done that yet as there’s not enough data to be meaningful. I’ll start around GW8

Prices are as of Monday. The stats are all from

You can access the spreadsheet which has all the images through this google spreadsheet


fantasy premier league GW6 review


fantasy premier league GW6 review


fantasy premier league GW6 review


fantasy premier league Gw6 review

Some points of interest around average position maps

I wont put a mass of maps up but here’s a few points of interest:

Schurrle very advanced

Hughes very advanced.  The CM Doucoure also got forward

Salah the CF

Redmond very advanced RW

Helda Costa very advanced RW

Gundogan got forward well from a CM position

Zaha advanced LW and Townsend RW

Knockaert advanced RW

Yarmolenko very advanced

GW6 fixture reminder

fantasy premier league GW6 review

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  1. Mate this is great and very helpful. However I think you should already start doing it on a cumulative basis. 6 weeks of stats are not perfect but still more useful than 1 in my opinion!


    • Agreed 1 is of limited use but a useful check on how someone played in the game.

      My plan is still to wait for 8 rounds before I start doing it cumulatively

      Cheers and good luck this week

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