Fantasy premier league – GW8 fixture ease schedule

Here’s my GW8 fixture ease schedule for  fantasy premier league . 

Ive used the new defensive data.  In case you havent seen it before, in very simple terms the table ranks the next 6 fixtures in terms of “easiness”.  The team at 1 in the table will have the 6 easiest fixtures and the team at 20 the 6 hardest fixtures.  Its worth noting that the schedule is more for the attacking ease as its difficult to cater for both goal potential and clean sheets in all cases.  Ease is determined by the rank of the defence the team will be facing.  See my article “rating the defences”  (in the fixture ease category)  where I rate in order each teams home and away defence

I’ve then done the table again for GW9 and GW10 so you get a slightly longer perspective

Also when you buy and sell always look at actual fixtures as a common sense test.  A team may be ranked low on the fixture ease schedule because the last 4 of the 6 are hard but the next 2 could be Crystal Palace and Sunderland so don’t sell at this point.

Remember to look for my upcoming “ones to watch” articles which I give the upcoming fantasy premier league fixtures

fixture Ease ranking schedule for 6 games from GW8(Next game in brackets)
TeamGW9 next 6GW10  next 6
1Sunderland (Swansea A)99
2Swansea(Sunderland H)36
3Crystal P (Fulham H )1512
4Liverpool (Newcastle A)21
5Norwich (Arsenal A)615
6West Ham (Man City H)14
7Everton (Hull  H)1817
8A Villa (Spurs H)52
9Arsenal (Norwich H)1116
10Chelsea (Cardiff H)710
11Stoke (WBA H)811
12WBA (Stoke A)197
13Hull (Everton A)133
14Newcastle (Liv H)1220
15Man City(WHam A)1713
16Man Utd (South H )145
17Totten(Villa A)1614
18Southampton (Man Utd A)418
19Cardiff (Chel  A )108
20Fulham (Palace A)2019

Here’s some of the sides that have a continuing run of good fantasy premier league fxtures

Swansea – Michu

Liverpool – Suarez Sturridge Toure

West Ham – Nolan Morrison

Villa  – Benteke when fit

Also good next 6

Sunderland  – Giacchereni

Norwich – Snodgrass

Everton  – Lukaku Barkley

Also there are 3 teams which have the worst defensive records in Sunderland Fulham and Crystal Palace and I wanted to isolate those teams that play them the most in the next 6 games.  They are

1.  Swansea    (Sun H Ful A) – Michu

2.  Hull             (Sund H C Pal H) – Brady when fit


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2 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league – GW8 fixture ease schedule”

  1. Thoughts on P. Hernandez as a Swansea asset? Don’t have the funds for Michu and he is set to return from injury. Only 5.9 and performed well in the first 3 game weeks before injury…

  2. Hi Steve he is definitely the best of the 3 alternatives and I think he will play when fit. Swansea have good fixtures so he’s the next best alternative to michu for me


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