fantasy premier league – GW9 captain options

Ok here’s my fantasy premier league captain options for gameweek 9.


Firstly I’ve identified 4 games that are worthy of looking at from the fantasy premier league perspective.
They are
 1.  Crystal Palace v Arsenal
2.  Liverpool v WBA
3.  Man Utd v Stoke
4.  Spurs v Hull
Out of this I’ve picked 5 players as an option:
I’ve not included Ozil in case you were wondering.  I’m a little wary about anyone in the Arsenal team apart from Giroud about rotation as Wenger talked about people (Not Ozil specifically) looking a little wary.  Also for Ozil its 1 assist in 3 away games so far which also spooked me a little so adding them both together plus his assist based return emphasis made me gravitate to Giroud. I think Crystal Palace as opposition potentially means anyone could be a captain option but i left it with Giroud



7 goals 2 assists in his first 7 games and returned  7/8  at an amazing 88%.  Has good shooting stats but despite getting assists doesn’t have that fall back comfort of creating chances or taking pens or set pieces.

WBA  have performed reasonable well as a defensive unit and I rated them the 7th best defence before GW8.  AWay from home they’ve only conceded 2 goals in 4 games and have had 2 clean sheets.  However they have conceded alot of shots but avoided the opposition getting clear cut chances.  2 of those games have been away to Stoke and Fulham though.

Despite the reasonably good defence Everton should have got a hatful against them and for me Sturridge is still an option due to his positioning allowing him to get good goal scoring chances


3 goals and 2 assists in his first 3  with a 100% return rate.  Getting great shooting stats and creating chances that have been fantastic.  Has such a good all round game that can get assists or goals making him a more reliable captain choice.  Same comment as above for the WBA defence


4 goals 4 assists in his first 8 starts  returning in 6/8 games which is an 75% consistency of return rate.  Apart from maybe Suarez  the best overall shooting and creating chances starts for any forward which gives good confidence that the start is built on solid foundations.  With Ozil and Cazorla  there there’s loads of creativity to create chances.  Unlike any of the other Arsenal players there is no other option so his gametime is secure.

Palace in my mind have the worst defence in the league.  They conceded 4 goals against Fulham which says alot in itself and after looking reasonably defensively resilient they seemed to have fallen apart defensively at home.  The only positive for them is the new manager affect although that didn’t pan out for Sunderland and I can’t see it happening to Palace

Absolutely definitely an option


Well if you get put out of your mind that he’s facing another potential injury no show drama then you need to look at his 4 goals in 7 games and 43% consistency return rate.  About half of last year.  You’ve got great shooting stats but without set pieces and a very high central position that means he doesn’t seem to be creating chances, meaning assists when not scoring aren’t going to exist.

Stoke have conceded 5 goals in 4 games and have some of the worst underlying stats away from home although only Arsenal have scored more than 1.  The Liverpool game was a good sign as they really could have lost by 5 or 6.

The injury scare and the lack of creating chances means not for me


It took 8 games to get his first goal from open play in fantasy premier league but he has been getting good scoring chances and creating chances for others  and does have pens but whether you can ignore whats happened in the past to give him the captains armband against a background of Spurs scoring 8 goals in 8 games and never more than 2 is very questionable.

The Hull defence has conceded 8 goals in 4 games and has poor underlying stats but it is a team that has played Chelsea, City and Everton away from home.

Personally for me too much risk for the captains armband

 So here’s how I rank the fantasy premier league captain options:


Yes in order:

1.  Giroud

2.  Suarez

3.  Sturridge

No to RVP and Soldado


William Hill check

Here’s how William Hill see the anytime goal scorer odds market with all players at under £2.00

1.  RVP £1.40

2.  Giroud £1.91

Suarez £1.91

Sturridge £1.91


Lambert £1.91

Soldado £1.91


So William Hill have more faith than me in RVP.  They also have more faith in Soldado.

Of the others up there that I haven’t mentioned,  I’ve discounted Rooney as I just don’t see him shooting enough to warrant the captains armband.  on Lambert I’m not even convinced he will be selected and Saints while having a strong defence haven’t been scoring many.  He is the pen taker though which is a positive

I hope that gives you some food for thought

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  1. Thanks, I couldn’t decide between Giroud and Suarez for captain gor GW9.

    Gone for Giroud… fingers crossed :-)

    As an aside, I want Liverpool to get back on top so figured if I curse Giroud by picking him and Suarez gets a hatful, at least I’ll have that as a silver lining!

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