Fantasy premier league GW9 review – the best underlying stats from GW9


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW9 review where we look for the players and teams with the best underlying stats from GW9 only. It’s an easy way to check on how one of your FPL team performed

Fantasy premier league GW9 review – the best underlying stats from GW9

They are just for GW9 not cumulative. It only includes players who started no subs apart from Aubameyang who I thought would be of interest.

The article is in 2 parts. We’ve started with the attacking stats for the players divided by position. Effectively we’ve taken their Non Penalty xG stats and their xA stats and converted them into FPL points and then ranked them. We don’t show the points but that’s how they’re ranked. It’s far more useful than just ranking them by NP xG and xA separately. I’ve tried to include who I think has the best stats plus added on some notable players that people will be interested to see how they performed. I haven’t attempted to rank every player.

There’s shots and key passes so you get a volume perspective as well as a quality perspective. I’ve also added a column where I have said yes or no to midfielders and forwards as to where I think their stats were adequate for their price. I’ve used an average ratio as a benchmark but it’s possible I still need to do more to see what the ratio should be.

The defender rankings are the tricky ones to take anything from as CBs will get the occasional tap in from set piece goal mouth scrambles which will have a high xG. The players in this schedule are a selected bunch

The 2nd part is just the ranking of team defensive and attacking performances which is the rank by xG and xG conceded. I’ve also included the GW9 fixtures so you can remind yourself who was playing if needed

Remember the stats are only for GW9 not cumulative. I intend to do this as my next article

Prices are as of Tuesday 23 October. The stats are all from the excellent free site

You can access the spreadsheet which has all the images through this google spreadsheet


fantasy premier league GW9 review


fantasy premier league GW9 review


fantasy premier league GW9 review

Team Defence

TeamxG conceded
Man City0.31
West Ham1.12
C Palace1.64
Man Utd2.15

Team attack

Man City4.48
Man Utd0.75
West Ham0.54

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GW9 results

fantasy premier league GW9 review

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3 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league GW9 review – the best underlying stats from GW9”

  1. I’m not really into Xg etc i prefer to watch a player (eye) use the fixture ticker etc…but how can Arnie (whu) not have good stats it looked to me like he could & should have scored 2-3 goals except for the exceptional game by Lloris ?

    • Hi mate

      I think most FPL managers are primarily eye test or stats based even if they use both. It’s a matter of personal preference and there are plenty of successful FPL managers who use both as their promary evaluator

      xG analyses thousands of situations of shots and takes an average of when those would have been scored on average

      Aranutovic had 5 shots all fairly low value on their reckoning hence the xG. The 3 I remember are the header saved which the average player would have scored once in every 20 times. The left footed shot outside the area which would have scored only 1 in every 50 shots and the 1 on 1 with the GK which considering the position of Lloris when shot would still only have resulted in a goal once in every 14 occasions by the average premier league player. I personally would have thought the 1 on 1 would have been higher but I still believe xG is far superior to shots alone which only differentiate between inside and outside the area. Myself I always look at shot volumes as well in evaluation as xG obviously gives a high value to a tap in on the goal line which can distort a persons underlying stats

      Irrespective of the xG I was happy with his performance based on 5 shots and seeing the highlights

      Hope that helps and good luck this week

  2. Cheers Geek
    It all helps, tossing up between dropping Wilson v FUL ( very tempting) or bringing in Arnie i’m leaning towards the latter. Thanks for the thorough explanation although i feel like i’m back in science class… my head hurts…

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