fantasy premier league – looking at some key players in the promoted teams


Here’s a short article looking at the key fantasy premier league attacking players in the 3 promoted teams.  It will help give a little focus to their pre-season games.  At the moment I’m not going to give any information about the defensive players as what we’ll be looking for is value and until prices are out it’s a little relevant.  Obviously how key these players will be for gameweek 1 remains to be seen with the transfer window in full swing but it’s a good starting point

fantasy premier league – looking at some key players in the promoted teams


Lets just look back at the season gone to see what the promoted teams bought to the table attack wise.  In essence we’re looking for a cheap striker or a cheap midfielder to provide some value to our squad.  Given that it will probably need decent fixtures to make it worthwhile looking for them as starters in gameweek 1 unless there is some very unlikely compelling ownership argument.  What you’ll see below is that last year showed it took a while for the promoted team players to adjust to the league and provide satisfactory returns.  That maybe a watchout for this season.  Below I’ve concentrated on how they started as I said it’s GW1 we’re interested in.


It took a while but towards the latter part of the season we saw the emergence of Vardy, Ulloa, Mahrez, Albrighton and Cambiasso.  None really hit the ground running though apart from Ulloa who scored 5 goals in his first 5 games.  He didn’t last though having a long spell either out of the team or blanking


Attack wise only forward Ings really was a real success.  He again started slowly blanking in his first 5 and then only 1 goal in his last 8.  Boyd was a good benchwarming 5th midfielder but only really useful for that and not as a 4th midfielder.


Forward Charlie Austin was the undoubted success and his start of 2 goals and an assist in his first 7 wasn’t too bad. Midfielder Leroy Fer had some success over the season but even he with Premier League experience it was only 1 assist in his first 6.  Midfielder Matt Philips had great success in the latter part of the season but blanked in his first appearances although he was a sub a fair proportion of the time.

The promoted teams and the key attacking players


There seem to be 2 key players here from last season in Matt Ritchie and Callum Wilson

Matt Ritchie

The Scottish International winger made 44 starts and 2 sub appearances (3730 minutes) gave 15 goals and 17 assists.  Thats a goal or assist every 116 minutes.

He dominated set pieces and made it into the Championship team of the season equalling the most goals for any midfielder and the most assists in the Championship.  Played mainly on the right in 4-2-3-1.

Callum Wilson

The England under 21 international forward was the clubs leading scorer and made 45 starts (3908 minutes) with 20 goals and 7 assists.  Thats a goal or assist every 144 minutes.

He’s not known as a great particpant in build up play but is known for his pace and finishing.  Was the 2nd top scorer in the championship behind Daryl Murphy



Villa (h), Liverpool (a), West Ham (a), Leicester (h), Norwich (a), Sunderland (h).  These certainly could be worse.


2 key players again.  The tricky bit is the new manager so pre-season for selection will be crucial.

Troy Deeney

The proven goal scoring forward 37 starts and 5 sub appearances (3423 minutes) with 21 goals and 9 assists.  Thats a goal or assist every 114 minutes.


Should take pens.  The only Watford player in the Championship team of the season.  An all round striker able to score from outside the area as well as be a goal poacher.  He gets alot of shots on target and has a high conversion rate.  He’s strong in the air and creates chances for others meaning he should be able to play as a lone striker

Odhion Ighalo

The Nigerian International came into the team late with 22 starts and 13 sub appearances (1940 minutes) with 20 goals and 3 assists.  Thats a goal or assist every 84 minutes.

A ruthless finisher is how to sum him up.  Did get subbed off a number of times and may compete with Vydra for his place.  Pre-season and price will be crucial


Everton (a), WBA (h),  Southampton (h),  Manchester City (a), Swansea (h),  Newcastle (a)

Not great


Norwich have 3 players who had good stats last year although interestingly none of the 3 were particularly successful in the premier league in the previous season which is worrying.  I’ll put both sets of stats along side each other

Bradley Johnson (midfield)

2014/15.   43 starts and 1 sub appearances (3797 minutes) with 15 goals and 2 assists.  Thats a goal or assist every 223  minutes.

2013/14.   28 starts and 4 sub appearances (2461 minutes) with 3 goals and 1 assists.  Thats a goal or assist every 615 minutes.

Nathan Redmond (midfield)

2014/15.   36 starts and 10 sub appearances (3242 minutes) with 6 goals and 13 assists.  Thats a goal or assist every 170 minutes.

2013/14.  23 starts and 11 sub appearances (2155 minutes) with 1 goals and 3 assists.  Thats a goal or assist every 539  minutes.

Cameron Jerome (forward)

2014/15.  35 starts and 9 sub appearances (3168 minutes) with 20 goals and 7 assists.  Thats a goal or assist every 117  minutes.

2013/14.  20 starts and 9 sub appearances (1789 minutes) with 2 goals and 2 assists.  Thats a goal or assist every 447 minutes.

The fact that Jerome was so deadly in the Championship compared to his premier league form says it all.  None of these guys have shown any premier league form.  Could they have improved so significantly over the season?


Palace (h), Sunderland (a), Stoke (h), Southampton (a), Bournemouth (h), Liverpool (a)

A couple of tricky ones but could be worse.


This article is really just to provide a focal point for pre-season.   A difficult one to summarise.  Ritchie and Wilson of Bournemouth look like the best bets given the fixtures.  Watfords fixtures look too difficult to start with and they come with new manager risk.  Norwich’s fixtures are ok but the players have had to improve alot given their previous premier league performance.

I hope you found that useful

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