fantasy premier league managers – a deep dive on the 10 top FPL managers


Here’s our fantasy premier league managers articles  where we take a close look at the 10 top FPL managers I follow and try and analyse what they do the same and what has created the different scores.  These 10 managers have not finished outside the overall rank of the top 10k in the last 3 seasons.

fantasy premier league managers – a deep dive on the 10 top FPL managers

I outline my  FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.


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I’ve put each team through the ANEWPLA tool to look at various stats and see if it can tell me what they all do and what they’ve done differently which has resulted in different points.

The figures maybe a bit distorted as I couldn’t work out how the suspended gameweeks have been incorporated but it still seems to give a reasonable picture

Here’s the table with commentary below:

For analysis purposes I’ve grouped them into 3 groups for proximity of points.  Here’s the link to the google spreadsheet

So what were some of the points?

The amount of points left on the bench and the captain points surprisingly didn’t seem to be an important factor in determining final rank.

Generally point hits were low by all managers except for 1.  The 2 top groups averaged less points hits than the bottom group although this is distorted by the  1 manager trying to hit his way out of trouble.

Auto sub points and immediate transfer points also didn’t seem a determining factor.

Unsurprisingly the top group had a PPG average higher in all positions than the other 2 groups.  However the 2nd group was quite close but the 3rd group far behind.

Hard to take much from the formation information although the top group used 3-4-3 much more successfully

Not much to take from the individual captain choices.  The top group used Vardy more effectively.

Individual player analysis again didn’t come up with much.  The top group used Mane and Vardy more effectively.

Goals scored dropped down along the 3 groups and the top group definitely got more clean sheets

What did I learn from this for my FPL strategy?

Surprisingly little considering the time it took to put together.

I guess my dislike of point hits is backed up by the managers.

I am very wary of the importance of an immediate transfer impact as I try and maximise it  and of my captain choices as I try and follow the poll favourites to avoid rank damage.  This analysis could suggest it’s not as important as I think.  However I can’t see myself changing that part of my strategy.

I can’t really moan that autosub points are the key to your rank either on this basis.

Midfielders were the best scorers in terms of PPG but it’s hard to know how important that is unless unless you relate it to the budget.

The difference between defence and forwards PPG was surprising although this season values could have been closer than others.

The importance of goals in the final rank was interesting as opposed to assists. My analysis probably favours goalscorers anyway.

So a useful exercise but no real smoking guns in there

I outline my  FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

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