Fantasy premier league match analysis for Sunday game week 18 – Swansea City v Man Utd and Chelsea v Aston Villa

Here’s the fantasy premier league analysis of Sundays matches for game week 18  – Swansea City v Man Utd and Chelsea v Aston Villa

Swansea 1 Man Utd 1

A game that Utd started like they would cruise to victory with a goal from Evra with RVP getting the assist.  Swansea came back through a Michu tap in with a De Guzman assist.  Utd then huffed and puffed but never really threatened to take back a winning position.

defensive stats

Ok defensive stats from United but again poor defensive stats from Swansea

player shooting stats

Ashley Young followed by Michu, then Rooney, De Guzman and then RVP

Pen Box touches were  RVP, Ashley Young, Rooney, Michu and Evra

Chances created

RVP followed by Carrick, Evra, Rooney and De Guzman

Most forward midfielders

Michu and De Guzman.  Valencia

performances by players owned by more than 10% of fantasy premier league teams

Michu – Good shooting stats coupled with a tap in goal again showed how he’s an essential part of every team irrespective of stats.  A genuine fixture proof player.

Routledge /Dyer – both played with similar reasonable stats

RVP – Not a vintage performance but came away with an assist and reasonable shooting stats.  Looks another fixture proof player to me.

Rooney – Didn’t have the greatest game and struggled with the final ball but still returned good shooting and chances created stats by getting himself in to reasonable positions.  Not quite as far forward as the last couple of weeks.  RVP is still my Utd coverage of choice.

other players worth mentioning

  Young/Valencia – Young definitely the better stats in this game and looked the more threatening.  Valencia did nothing.

Man Utd defence – There’s a high price for game time security in the Utd defence.  Evra has shown some attacking intent and is no 5 in the shooting stats for defenders but £6.8m is just not worth it without the clean sheets.  No one else has security so in my mind its best to stay away.


Chelsea 8 Villa 0

This was a game like I cant recall seeing for some time.  An absolute car crash, a horror movie like no other.  For a side so good defensively at home Villa were absolutely awful.  Villas wing backs refused to defend as did Moses or Hazard and when play broke down, Villa just got ripped to pieces on the counter attack, it was an absolute joke.  How Herd and Bennett in particular can play again in the premier league again is beyond me.  I’m in the camp that Villa were terrible rather than Chelsea amazing but 2 tricky away games at Norwich and Everton should give us a clue going forward.

defensive stats

Chelseas were fantastic.  Villa possibly the worst I’ve seen

player shooting stats

Oscar followed by Hazard and Ramires

Pen Box touches were Moses, Benteke, Hazard and Torres

Chances created

Mata, Lampard and Moses

Most forward midfielders

Moses and Holman

performances by players owned by more than 10% of fantasy premier league teams

Cech/Ivanovic/Cole – Good stats from the defence.  Fixtures are only ok but with Terry injured and Luiz potentially playing in midfield there’s a place for everyone.  If this continues Azpilicueta is a bargain at £5.6m  with the next best bet being Cole at £6.6m unless you want to go with Luiz as a midfielder at £6.5m

Hazard –  A goal and an assist plus reasonable stats.  Looked dangerous on the counter.

Mata – Only an assist in 8 goals and didn’t show any shooting stats.  A disappointing return.

Torres – Scored and was taken off early to be rested.  Ordinary stats though.

other players worth mentioning

Benteke – Apart from getting constantly off side it was a quiet game but they get easier and he looks a good bet after Spurs are seen off in GW19 for those wanting to save money to invest in the midfield

Moses – Benitez seems to favour him over Oscar for the width and at £6.2m he seems a bargain.  Worth monitoring in the next 2 tricky games away to Norwich and Everton before diving in.