fantasy premier league match analysis GW12 Newcastle v Swansea and Liverpool v Wigan

Here’s the fantasy premier league game week 12 analysis for Newcastle v Swansea and Liverpool v Wigan

Newcastle 1 Swansea 2

scorers and assists 

Goals scored

Goals scored
De Guzman
Line up commentary:    With Jonas and Cabaye injured Ferguson and Anita started in midfield.  Sa Ameobi started instead of Cisse. For Swansea Monk stayed in the team ahead of Chico and Shechter and Dyer started with Routledge on the bench

brief match comments:  Newcastle must have wondered how they didnt win what was a shootout of unbelievable proportions.  Defence didn’t exist and mistakes were rife.  An unbelievable game

possession: 51%  Newcastle

match shots: 27/10 to 15/9

defensive stats:    Defence didn’t exist in this game.  Neither side bothered.  It was a total shootout.

best shooting stats:  Ba had the most ridiculous shooting stats I’ve seen. He should have scored 3 at the very least. Followed by Michu and Ben Arfa who both had impressive stats

pen box touches:  Ba and Ben Arfas stats were ridiculous

most chances created:  Ben Arfa and Pablo had great stats

most forward midfielders for each team:  Ben Arfa and Schecter

most involved players in attacking areas for each team:  Ben Arfa and Pablo

player commentary:   Demba Ba and Ben Arfa are the only attacking options for Newcastle and today they both ran riot doing everything except put the ball in the net.  I have ignored Ben Arfa as an outside of the box shooting irrelevance who is good for the occasional assist at best but today he was great and should have got alot more.  Ba on any other day would have had a hat trick.

Don’t even think about the Newcastle or Swansea defence on this form.  Ben Davies as a cheap rotation but no one else.  Michu again showed what a deadly finisher he is.  Its just the fixtures aren’t great but he’s certainly advancing his case.   Pablo has also shown flashes of form but I think again the fixtures are a little too tricky.

Liverpool 3 Wigan 0

scorers and assists

Goals scored
Jose Enrique
Suarez (2)
Jose Enrique
Sterling (2)

Line up commentary:  Wisdom held his place as Enrique played in midfield.  He replaced sahin although the rest of the side was predictable.  No surprises in the Wigan line up.

brief match comments:    A game where Wigan held their own in the first half until individual mistakes gifted Suarez the first and then it was just a matter of how many.

possession: 56% Liverpool

match shots: 22/11 to 9/3

defensive stats:    Great defence from Liverpool.  Poor from Wigan

best shooting stats:  Suarez who else?  No one else registered

pen box touches:  Suarez.

most chances created:  Enrique

most forward midfielders for each team:  Suso and Maloney

most involved players in attacking areas for each team:  Suarez and Sterling. Maloney

player commentary:  Another Suarez masterclass.  Top of the season and the last 6 shooting stats he seems to have found his ability to marry that up with putting the ball in the net.  Great fixtures so get him in your team.  Sterling is starting to look like the other attacking option with good performances.  Not in the shooting stats though so you’re relying on value, assists and fixtures.  The defence looks solid.  Wisdom is the cheap gamble and Johnson the rolls royce option.  Enrique in midfield but classified as a defender is an intriguing gamble.

Wigan fixtures are ok.  I wouldn’t waste my striking spot on a Wigan striker and in midfield Maloney is the only option maybe once the fixtures get good but not now that’s for sure.  Defence is not really an option as clean sheets look difficult.