fantasy premier league match analysis GW12 – WBA v Chelsea and City v Villa

Here’s the fantasy premier league match analysis on WBAv Chelsea and City v Villa

WBA 2 Chelsea 1

scorers and assists 

Goals scored

Goals scored
Line up commentary:    For Chelsea the midweek champs league game took prioirty and there was no Ivanovic, no Mata no Oscar and no Ramires as well as the injured Cole Terry and Lamps.  Sturridge, Romeu, Azpil and  Moses came in.

No real surprises with WBA, Gera started instead of Dorrans and Odemwingie partnered Long as obviously Lukaku is not eligible to play.

brief match comments:    How Chelsea didn’t win this and how Sturridge didn’t score. they had control of the game but lapses in defence and sharp finishing from WBA meant they lost

possession: 54% Chelsea

match shots:  19/12 to 8/6

defensive stats:   reasonable statistical defence from Chelsea and despite the score not from WBA

best shooting stats:  Sturridge by a mile.  He really should have scored.  Then Hazard and Long

pen box touches:  Moses Sturridge and Hazard

most chances created:  Hazard

most forward midfielders for each team:   Morrison.  Hazard/Moses

most involved players in attacking areas for each team:   Hazard and Morrison at a push

player commentary:      McAuley and Foster have the highest fantasy premier league ownership by some distance for WBA but the WBA defence statistically isnt that great and I personally think they are overvalued.  However they are coming in to a good run of fixtures and some investment at say Jones at £4.4m wouldnt go amiss although at this price it comes with game time risk.  As for the attacking options,  no one apart from Lukaku gets near the shooting stats tables but the fixtures are improving.  However, how do you predict who of Odem, Long and Lukaku will play thats the tricky bit.  Morrison is a safe midfield bet but doesnt shoot enough so youre relying on assists.  Even with the good fixtures I just cant see anyone getting in my team

For Chelsea the defence stands up ok stat wise but without Terry they seem vulnerable to goals.  Azpil at £5.6m  could even become an option if Ivanovic plays centrally because Luiz is a nightmare and Cahill doesnt have the faith of the manager.  However without JT and not easy fixtures then its a case of seeing how it evolves as there is no need to dive in that’s for sure.  Hazard centrally looked good today but that will change with Mata starting.  Mata to me is the only option at the moment, attacking wise and the only question is whether he’s fixture proof as the fixtures aren’t fantastic.  Torres interestingly has started to pop up in the shooting stats but didn’t look up to it today.  There are better options that’s for sure.  Sturridge although he makes Defoe look like a sharer or the ball is an interesting option but again doesnt seem to have the faith of the manager so stay away.

Man City 5 Villa 0

scorers and assists 

Goals scored
Tevez (2)
Aguero (2)
Silva (2)
Tevez (2)

Line up commentary:     Interesting line up with the champs league coming mid week.  Maicon started so its another clean sheet Zab watches from the bench.  when you’re regularly benched for a 19 year old Serbian then you know your times up as far as lescott’s concerned.  The  home game Silva/nasri combinatio started and surprisingly Aguero started.

The words I never thought I would say happened here.  Lambert named the same team.  How Stephens started I don’t know

brief match comments:     Surprisingly Villa started ok until City scored before half time. A ridiculous non  penalty was given and then City marched on to an easy win.

possession: 59% Man City

match shots:  21/8 to 10/8

defensive stats:   Great defence from City appalling from Villa

best shooting stats:   Tevez convincingly.  Then Aguero Silva and Benteke

pen box touches: Aguero, Nasri, Tevez, Silva and Maicon

most chances created:  Nasri and Tevez

most forward midfielders for each team:   Nasri and Silva.  Ireland

most involved players in attacking areas for each team:   Nasri.  Benteke

player commentary:  What can you say about Tevez.  Give him some rubbish opposition and he’s all over them like a rash and today was no exception.  My apologies to anyone who didn’t captain him but hopefully you took my advice and didn’t sell him at least.  Aguero does what you expect when he plays and  scores.  The midfield was interesting. City don’t have great fixtures but Silva and Nasri but its worth monitoring the Silva/Nasri position when the fixtures improve. Personally  I’m not sure how the rotation will work and even if it will do after City are out of the champs league.

For Villa apart from Benteke they were a disaster and I would stay away especially as the fixtures are ordinary at best