fantasy premier league match analysis – GW23 – Swansea v Stoke, Man City v Fulham and WBA v Villa

Here’s the fantasy premier league match analysis for  Swansea v Stoke, Man City v Fulham and WBA v Villa

Swansea 3 Stoke 1

De Guzman put Michu in the shade with 2 goals although Michu managed an assist for his fantasy premier league owners

  •  This time Stokes defensive stats werent great and Swanseas slightly better.  They’ve now conceded 13 in their last 3.
  • De Guzman had the best  shooting stats.  Michu’s were still good including one glorious chance with his head but he just couldn’t get anything on target.  A group of defenders followed with Huth Shawcross and Davies next.
  • Schecter and Shawcross led the penalty box touches.  Michu close behind
  • Whelan Pablo and Schecter led the chances created
  • Pablo and Walters were the most forward midfielders

13 goals in 3 games is a defensive stat that would make any Villa fan shudder let alone Stoke and while I’ve defended them by saying the stats aren’t that bad they weren’t great here.  The stoke defensive assets have been overvalued recently with the likes of Shawcross costing more than Gibbs and the same as Rafael and Zabaleta.  Begovic costs more than De Gea and Szczesny and that just isn’t justifiable   Cameron is probably the only player even remotely resembling value at the moment at £4.9m which is why I’m pinning my hopes on a Wilson return from injury soon as he’s only £4.0m.  Michu got an assist today but its been 4 games without a goal.  The stats are still good although dropping off just a little as he moves down the last 6 shooting stats a little.  No need to panic yet today showed good stats and he normally would have scored from one header.

Manchester City 2 Fulham o

Unfortunately I had the misfortune of seeing this game at the pub when I was hoping they would have the Liverpool game on.  City did just about enough to win with Silva getting 2 with assists from the strike partnership of Tevez and Aguero.  Fulham had some spells of possession but were poor with no cutting edge even with Ruiz back to help Berba

  •  Citys defensive stats were fantastic.  Fulhams again were poor
  • Dzeko Silva and Aguero led the shooting stats
  • The same players led the pen box touches
  • Chances created were Silva and Tevez
  • Duff and  Silva were the most forward midfielders

Silva was the star of the show here.  A bit of a forgotten man with Bale and Mata being the players fantasy premier league managers have concentrated on in the £9-10m price range.  Today he burst forward from the left hand side to get Beyond Tevez especially who created space for him by coming towards the ball.  He was also helped by some poor tracking by the Fulham midfielders.  It was interesting that Tevez was sacrificed for Aguero coming on and that has to make Dzeko a firm favourite for starting away to QPR next week when aguero surely returns to the starting line up.  The City defence was again fantastic and with nastasic and zabaleta reasonable price representation they are continuing  to look like an essential dimension of any fantasy premier league team.

To say Berba did nothing today would be an overstatement.  However you cant really judge Berba on days like today and his fantasy premier league owners will be hoping for more at home to West Ham in GW24 but to me he is just too far from shooting stat recognition to be in my team.

WBA 2 Villa 2

The classic game of 2 halves.  A great first half from Villa with  goals from Benteke and Agbonlahor saw replies from Brunt and Odemwinge, who ran the game in the 2nd half.

  • Odemwingie Lukaku and Agbonlahor had good shooting stats but all failed to get their shots on target.
  • Lukaku Nzogbia Agbonlahor Odemwingie and McAuley led the pen box touches
  • Morrison and NZogbia were the most forward midfielders
  • Odemwingie and Brunt  led the chances created column followed by the pack of Benteke NZogbia Dorrans and Morrison
  •  Not a game for the defensive purists.  Poor stats all round.

Lukaku was widely tipped to create havoc in this game and although he produced good stats and could have scored in the end only an assist followed.  Difficult games follow and I would leave it a while before transferring him in.  Odemwingie was fantastic 2nd half and got the equaliser but could have had more goals.  I also  wouldn’t be rushing in though due to the fixtures and irregular game time under Clarke.  The WBA defence is also worth giving a wide berth to due to the fixtures.  Its now 1 clean sheet in 13 and no stats whatsover to give any hope.  McAuley offers an attacking threat and got an assist today but at £5.3m there are far better value players including Nastasic at £5.6m.

For Villa Benteke is the really only attacking option although he’s only returned in 2 of his last 6.  He’s just about in the last 6 shooting stats and also creates chances but Villas are tricky with Arsenal Everton and City in the next 6 although Newcastle at home next will definitely tempt people.  The only thing worth tracking about the Villa defence is their opponents because they are hopeless. Its no clean sheets in the last 7 and 21 goals conceded.