fantasy premier league midfielders GW11 – player rankings for midfielders


Here’s our fantasy premier league midfielders GW11 article where we give our midfield player rankings for GW11. There’s a table of information and discussion on some players of interest

fantasy premier league midfielders GW11 – player rankings for midfielders

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Important note before going further

The first schedule ranks players by their NON penalty underlying stats and expected assists converted to FPL points in GW1-10 to date. Those who have taken penalties or are expected to be the penalty taker have an * next to their name

Then there’s there fixture ease ranking,   their average minutes in the first 10 gameweeks plus their value for money factor and their anytime goalscoring odds

The 2nd schedule shows their xG90 and xA90

I’ve already posted the defender rankings and best attacking defenders rankings to GW8

Player values are as of Thursday 3rd December

The schedule ranked by midfielders NON penalty underlying stats over GW1-10  

Here is the link to the google spreadsheet. You can go to file>make a copy and then sort it how you like.  360 mins needed to qualify

fantasy premier league midfielders GW11


fantasy premier league midfielders GW11

A few players worth commenting on

Aston Villa v Newcastle postponed

I’ve included Aston Villa players even though the game has been postponed.  I think it’s unlikely that the game will be moved to midweek in time for it to be included in GW11 but I thought I’d leave them in just in case.  No Newcastle players made the cut with Saint Maximin an injury doubt anyway and 32nd in the rankings

Players not in the schedule

Barkley (17th) and Harrison (15th) are not in the schedule due to injury doubts.

Foden (27th) wasn’t in the schedule due to gametime risk.  That obviously occurs with every Man City player but his is the most extreme

Some players who didn’t make the cut due to their stats being insufficient were Willian (33rd), Aubameyang (34th), Ward Prowse (41st), Havertz (46th) Maddison (63rd)

Raphina didn’t have the minutes but would have made the schedule.  Worth keeping an eye on him v Chelsea as West Ham, Newcastle, Burnley and WBA are 4 of the next 5.  Pulisic didn’t have the minutes either but his underlying stats so far have been terrible

Fernandes, De Bruyne and Salah

All 3 have Captain potential partially due to their penalty responsibilities.  Both Salah and De Bruyne are underperforming at least last season but with penalties and the fixtures make a good captain combination.

Fernandes has really improved his underlying stats with 2 excellent performances in the last 2 games.  (I can almost hear Kev in Canada saying I told you so).

None represent value for money without penalties at the moment.  De Bruyne can over perform his stats though and penalties are a nice bonus.

Here’s how the next few weeks could go:

GW11 – De Bruyne v Fulham home

GW12 – Salah v Fulham away

GW13 – De Bruyne v WBA home

GW14 – Salah v Palace away or Fernandes v Leeds home or De Bruyne v Southampton away

GW15 – Salah v WBA home or De Bruyne v Newcastle home

GW16 – Salah v Newcastle away


Is still a Covid risk but in great form playing as a striker even without pens plus some ok fixtures.  WBA are the ultimate entry point.


Incredible form and will be hard to drop.  Aim for GW12 v Fulham if you can’t do GW11 although he does have that previous club motivation v Wolves.

Bowen and Soucek

Man Utd even in their current defensive form aren’t the greatest entry point but after that Leeds and Palace are better prospects.  Both offer good value.

A fixture ease schedule for attacking players

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the defences they face over the next 6 gameweeks

fantasy premier league fixture difficulty GW11

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