fantasy premier league midfielders GW20 – player rankings for midfielders


Here’s our fantasy premier league midfielders GW20 article where we give our midfield player rankings for GW20. There’s a table of information and discussion on some players of interest

fantasy premier league midfielders GW20 – player rankings for midfielders

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Important note before going further

The first schedule ranks players by their NON penalty underlying stats and expected assists converted to FPL points in GW1-19 . Those who have taken penalties or are expected to be the penalty taker have an * next to their name

The form gives their ranking from the season/last 10 gameweeks/ last 5 gameweeks

Then there’s there fixture ease ranking  and then there value for money rating.

The 2nd schedule shows their xG90 (expected goals) and xA90 (expected assists) plus their shots per 90 and key passes per 90 and their average minutes played (when they appear) over the season.

There’s no anytime goalscorer odds at the minute.

I’ve already posted the defender rankings  and attacking defender rankings

Player values and PPMs are as of Friday 22 January.

The schedule ranked by Midfielders NON penalty underlying stats over GW1-19 

Here is the link to the google spreadsheet. You can go to file>make a copy and then sort it how you like.  600 mins needed to qualify.  Underlying Stats are from the free site and are only after Wednesdays game.

fantasy premier league midfielders GW20


fantasy premier league midfielders GW20

A few players worth commenting on

Players not in the schedule

Players not in the schedule as they haven’t met the cut are

Not in due to injury doubts are  De Bruyne (1)

Not in due to gametime risk are Trezeguet (8)

The main notable who didn’t make the cut is James Maddison (35.27.28).  xG can be brutal on players who shoot as soon as they cross the halfway line.  Miles and miles over his xG.


In fantastic form but miles over his xG (of which he has proved he can do before) and on ridiculously low volumes.  Depends on whether any of these underlying stats mean anything to you or you believe in actual returns and that he just can’t miss whatever chance is put in front of him.

Mane and Salah 

Both have underlying stats on a very disturbing downward trend much like the team.


Incredible underlying stats.  Shame about the fixtures


Started 1 of the last 7 which is a shame as his underlying stats are out of this world.  Whether the De Bruyne injury changes things as he’s one player with KP volumes and xA to replace De Bruyne.  Maybe Pep plays the kitman ahead of him though?

Upward trenders

Aubameyang has started to fire that’s for sure.  Bernardo Silva’s last 10 make him look like he could do some sort of De Bruyne impression.  I expect Gundogan to take penalty duties though.

Downward trenders

I think a drop in the last 5 gameweeks has previously shown not to be a dealbreaker but a drop off in the last 10 and 5 isn’t helpful.  Grealish’s aren’t that drastic but combine it with tricky fixtures and it’s not a great scenario.  He also has a longway to fall and still be value for money.  Does have postponed games to make double gameweeks at some stage though.  Zaha, Bowen and Trossard are also sufferers.

A fixture ease schedule for attacking players

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the defences they face over the next 6 gameweeks

fantasy premier league fixture difficulty GW20

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