fantasy premier league midfielders GW5 – player rankings for midfielders


Here’s our fantasy premier league midfielders GW5 article where we give our midfield player rankings for GW5. There’s a table of information and discussion on some players of interest

fantasy premier league midfielders GW5 – player rankings for midfielders

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Important note before going further

The first schedule ranks players by their NON penalty underlying stats converted to FPL points in GW1-4 to date. Those who have taken penalties have an * next to their name

That rank is compared to their 19/20 season rank.

This seasons PPMs are compared to last season.

Then there’s there fixture ease ranking and lastly their average minutes in the first 4 gameweeks

The 2nd schedule shows their xG90 and xA90 plus their value for money factor and their anytime goalscoring odds

Like the defender rankings I’m looking to make sense of the season start as far as I can and hope comparing the start of players season to the context of last season

I’ve already posted the defender rankings

Player values are as of Sunday 11 October

The schedule ranked by midfielders NON penalty underlying stats over GW1-4  

Here is the link to the google spreadsheet. You can go to file>make a copy and then sort it how you like.

Ignore the numbering.  Players have been removed due to injury, gametime risk or no longer in the league.

fantasy premier league midfielders GW5


Making sense of the stats

Ideally you would want players with good value for money stats who have good fixtures and are showing that their current performance is close to last seasons in ranking terms.  That lineup is fairly thin on the ground so here’s a few players to talk about.  It is only 4 gameweeks though and I have found these short periods very unreliable.


To me the guy who probably ticks most of the boxes above.  It’s just how you get him in is the question.

Mane and Salah

Penalties have totally saved Salah’s stats which are far behind Mane’s non penalty stats.  It’s hard to imagine not having one of them though.  Mane needs a Covid update but seems like he will be ok for GW5.

De Bruyne and Sterling

Man City and both players are a long way off last season.  De Bruyne should have the penalty bump though.  Again it’s only 4 gameweeks and I’ve found that an unreliable indicator of future form


Performing at an incredibly high level and has some room to regress and still be a productive returner. Good fixtures to come


Similar comments to Grealish although form not as strong and fixtures not as good.

Zaha, Trezeguet and March

Strong first 4 gameweeks and good fixtures. The unknown is how sustainable it is given their last season’s stats

James Rodriguez

Hard to compare anything for a player new to the league but his previous stats have been excellent and they certainly are now.

A fixture ease schedule for attacking players

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the defences they face over the next 6 gameweeks.

fantasy premier league fixture difficulty GW5

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