Fantasy Premier League New Player Profiles – Bale, Traoré and Reguilón


Here’s our Fantasy Premier League New Player Profiles article where we look at the Spurs signing Gareth Bale,  Bertrand Traoré to A Villa and new Spurs left back Sergio Reguilón.  We take a detailed look at their stats and their FPL prospects

Fantasy Premier League New Player Profiles – Bale, Traoré and Reguilón

Gareth Bale

Real Madrid to Spurs loan

Gareth Bale is a left footed 1.85m, 31 year old Right Winger who has signed for Spurs from Real Madrid on loan.

Bale is Welsh and has played for Wales 83 times.

He’s priced at £9.5m in FPL as a midfielder


Here’s his last 2 seasons at Madrid and his last season in 12/13 with Spurs

FPL Prospects

Bale as expected is a midfielder in FPL as most other wide forwards like Salah is classified.

His last season stats with Madrid are pretty underwhelming to say the last but 18/19 are certainly a lot better.  They don’t compare to his last Spurs season where the stats were quite frankly incredible.

Firstly it seems that Bale has joined with a slight knee injury.  Spurs have said that they expect Bale to be match fit after the October International break.  That’s GW5 to us when Spurs are home to West Ham on the 17th of October.  After that it’s not a bad run with Burnley, Brighton and WBA next before things get tough again.

Mourinho has been a 4-2-3-1 man traditionally but against Southampton he very successfully played a 4-3-3 with Son to the left and Moura to the right of Harry Kane in the front 3.  On the right of a front 3 would be the ideal position for Gareth Bale.

However despite the blitzing of Southampton everything isn’t completely rosy in the Spurs attack.  Last season they were ranked 12th in xG although  much better in actual goals in 6th as they over performed their xG by more than any team in the league.  Can their ruthless finishing continue?  It certainly didn’t continue against Newcastle.  However perhaps they can with the xG busting likes of Kane in the team.  Even the blitzing of Southampton was done on only 9 shots but surely they won’t face such accommodating opponents again with a suicidal high line.

However if you are going to choose Bale then that little fixture run at GW5 will be a good time to do it.  It will very much depend on how slowly he is introduced by Mourinho and we won’t know that until then is the risk.

Bertrand Traoré

Lyon to Aston Villa

Bertrand Traoré is a left footed 1.81m, 25 year old Right Winger who has signed for Aston Villa from Lyon for £17m

Bertrand Traoré is from Burkina Faso and has played for them 52 times.

He’s been priced at £6.0m in FPL as a midfielder.


fantasy premier league new player profiles

FPL prospects

Traore wasn’t in the squad vs Sheffield United in GW2 and hasn’t played for Lyon since March.  Moreover his average minutes last season must question how he will be introduced to the team.  Will that be as a sub and if he does start how long will he last before being substituted.

His stats since an excellent 17/18 have dropped badly and last season was a disaster having fallen out of favour with the coach at Lyon.

Villa routinely play 4-3-3 and Traore will compete with Trezeguet for the spot on the right side of the front 3.

GW3 saw him away to Fulham where he made only made a 6 minute sub appearance.  That would have been the ideal time to roll the dice if you were thinking of putting him in your FPL team.  GW4 and GW5 sees the slight nuisance of Liverpool and Leicester as fixtures.  However GW6 home to Leeds looks like a good entry point if he’s a starter by then.

Sergio Reguilón

Real Madrid to Spurs

Sergio Reguilón is a left footed 1.78m, 23 year old left back who has signed for Spurs from Real Madrid for £27m

Sergio Reguilón is from Spain and has played for the Spanish National Team once.

He’s been priced at £5.5 as a defender in FPL

He’s played in La Liga 45 times for 2 goals  and 6 assists at a goal or assist every 453 minutes.  Despite that underwhelming statistic, his underlying stats last season for Sevilla on loan and for Madrid before that are actually very good and he does look like a decent attacking option.

FPL Prospects

How he will fit in under Mourinho is difficult to predict.  Firstly Mourinho originally said he could be ready for GW3 which would have been a  great clean sheet prospect at home to Newcastle even if it didn’t turn out that way.  He did play the full EFL match against Chelsea on Wednesday though seemingly as a wingback..  GW4 is  Man Utd which is less enticing fixture so then you’d be looking for GW5 at home to West Ham as an ideal entry point.

How he will fit in is tricky.  Mourinho has played a back 4 with Doherty having licence to get forward and Ben Davies at LB tucking into keep a 3 line of defenders at all times.  Is it possible that Regulion is the start of a wing back system with Doherty and him playing forward.  That seems a stretch for Mourinho but it is the way the team was set up in the EFL Cup against Chelsea.  In order to accomodate Bale in a front 3 that would be a 3-4-3 system.  It will certainly be interesting to see how it plays out