fantasy premier league news catch up 6 June

Here’s our fantasy premier league news catch up 6 June where we outline some of the recent events like the fixture list, the new subs rule and the latest virus testing

fantasy premier league news catch up 6 June

The fixture list

The Premier League has confirmed the first batch of fixtures and TV arrangements for the UK.

Here’s the Premier League fixture list taken from the Guardian and the BBC’s FA Cup fixtures in Italics.

Gameweek 39 deadline Wednesday 17 June 5pm

Wednesday 17 June

Aston Villa v Sheffield United 6pm Sky
Manchester City v Arsenal 8.15pm Sky

Friday 19 June

Norwich v Southampton 6pm Sky/Pick
Tottenham v Manchester United 8.15pm Sky

Saturday 20 June

Watford v Leicester 12.30pm BT
Brighton v Arsenal 3pm BT
West Ham v Wolves 5.30pm Sky
Bournemouth v Crystal Palace 7.45pm BBC

Sunday 21 June

Newcastle v Sheffield United 2pm Sky/Pick
Aston Villa v Chelsea 4.15pm Sky
Everton v Liverpool 7pm Sky/Pick

Monday 22 June

Manchester City v Burnley 8pm Sky

Gameweek 40 deadline 23 June 5pm

Tuesday 23 June

Leicester v Brighton 6pm Sky
Tottenham v West Ham 8.15pm Sky

Wednesday 24 June

Manchester United v Sheffield United 6pm Sky/Pick
Newcastle v Aston Villa 6pm BT
Norwich v Everton 6pm BBC
Wolves v Bournemouth 8.15pm BT
Liverpool v Crystal Palace 8.15pm Sky

Thursday 25 June

Burnley v Watford 6pm Sky/Pick
Southampton v Arsenal 6pm Sky
Chelsea v Manchester City 8.15pm BT

Gameweek 41 deadline Saturday 27 June 11.30am

Saturday 27 June

Aston Villa v Wolves 12.30pm BT

FA Cup Norwich City v Manchester United 5.30pm

Sunday 28 June

FA Cup  Sheffield United v Arsenal 1pm
FA Cup  Leicester City v Chelsea 4pm
FA Cup Newcastle United v Manchester City 6.30pm

Watford v Southampton 4.30pm Sky/Pick

Monday 29 June

Crystal Palace v Burnley 8pm Amazon

Tuesday 30 June

Brighton v Manchester United 8.15pm Sky/Pick

Wednesday 1 July

Bournemouth v Newcastle 6pm Sky
Arsenal v Norwich 6pm BT Sport
Everton v Leicester 6pm Sky
West Ham v Chelsea 8.15pm Sky

Thursday 2 July

Sheffield United v Tottenham 6pm Sky
Manchester City v Liverpool 8.15pm Sky

The double gameweekers

So for the 4 Double gameweek teams I’ve done a schedule of fixtures and then outlined below the number of clear days between fixtures.

fantasy premier league news catch up 6 June

Clear days between fixtures

Arsenal 2-4-2-2

Man City 4-2-2-2

A Villa  3-2-2

Sheffield Utd 3-2-3-3

What does this mean for the DGWs?

Arsenal may have a tight turnaround for the 2nd game but there’s relatively plenty of recovery time before the next fixture which is positive for rotation

Man City have relatively good recovery time for the 2nd DGW fixture but the Chelsea game is shortly after which may affect the Burnley lineup.  Realistically though Man City’s only chance of missing out on a Champions League spot is if their appeal is rejected rather than their league position.  Lets not kid ourselves that we have any clue how Pep will line up his team.

Aston Villa despite 1 less fixture have hand no luck with their fixture spread.  Their is a relatively good spread to the 2nd DGW game but short turnarounds afterwards which isn’t helpful.

Sheffield United probably got the best of the 4 games schedule.

5 substitutions allowed

Premier League teams will be able to make five substitutions, rather than three, in each match to the end of the season after clubs approved new rules.

Teams will also be able to name nine substitutes instead of the usual seven.

Though teams can now make five substitutions, each will only have three opportunities to make changes throughout the match in order to minimise disruption to the game.

Neutral Venues

Clubs have also agreed in principle to the use of neutral venues if required, although the vast majority of matches are expected to be played in their usual grounds, barring local spikes in coronavirus cases.

The games involved still seem to be a matter of debate

25 man squads

As far as I can see there appears to be an issue which I don’t know how was resolved at the recent meeting was  whether to allow the return of players who were injured in January and not in the 25-man lists.  One such  is Newcastle’s Dummett, who was injured in January and not on the 25 man list but is now fit. I am not sure who else fits into this.

Ending the season prematurely

How to end the season, decide the league positions and the possible consequences should it prove impossible to play the remaining matches was discussed at a meeting of clubs, but any decision was delayed to concentrate on the return of action.

Only one positive virus test from 1,197 players and staff

Spurs have confirmed that 1 of their players has tested positive for Covid-19 in the 5th and latest round of tests and will self-isolate for 7 days, although the player is not experiencing any symptoms of the virus. Spurs want to keep his identity confidential. It is understood the player is not a key first-team player.

The total numbers now show that there have been 13 positives from 5,073 total screenings.

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