fantasy premier league news catch up – October 30 2012

Here’s the fantasy premier league news catch up on October 30 2012 including Gervinho, Richards, Ba, Wilson, Ivanovic, Torres and price rises/falls


The Mail are reporting that Gervinho will miss the Utd game at the weekend.  Nothing from the club as yet.  Assuming Wilshire and Arteta screen then Ramsey is likely to hold his forward position from last week in the 4-2-3-1 position.


The Telegraph reports Richards  could be out for 4 months.  Here’s a quote from its report

“I have a brace on it and I am using crutches,” Richards said. “I can’t do anything at all for the next four to six weeks and I am probably looking at 12-16 weeks before I am back in action.
“The positive thing is that the injury has been repaired so the knee will be as good as new.
“I suppose it could have been even worse and not repairable, which would have meant removing the meniscus; so I am being positive.”

However someones injury is someone elses opportunity and the same report talks about Zabaleta being back for the West Ham game on the weekend.  With Maicon still injured and with little positive performances behind him, in any case, this gives a clear run to Zab.   Although you have to be a little wary of a hamstring injury clearing up so quickly.

The Mail report that Silva is back in training but will miss the West Ham game.

Demba Ba

With a great fixture list and amazing form there’s nothing his fantasy premier league owners want to hear less than an injury scare.  Here’s what Pardew is quoted as saying in sports mole

“Demba appears to have a bit of a nerve problem. It is not a major concern and I don’t think it is an ongoing problem, but the major question is whether he can make next week,” he told Sky Sports News.

Seems like its only going to be 1 week.  At least he picked the toughest game to be injured.  Anyone stupid enough to be owning Cisse will be grateful for his chance to establish himself again ahead of Ameobi.

Marc Wilson

The fantasy premier league managers cheap route in to the Stoke defence, Marc Wilson, is out for 3 months with a broken leg.  Most likely beneficiary is the versatile Cameron although in theory Higinbotham could step in.  Shawcross at £5.0m is probably worth the extra £0.5m for security, bonus and goal potential over what could be a lucrative spell for fantasy premier league managers of Stoke.

Ivanovic and Torres

In case you weren’t sure both will serve their bans by not laying in the Capital One Cup so dont panic sell!

Price rises/falls

12 players have risen £0.1m but none further. Most interesting are Noble, Fonte and McCarthy?

Too many players to mention have fallen by £0.1m.  Some interesting ones include Fellaini, YYT, and Podolski.