fantasy premier league news of the day – 22 October 2012

Here’s the fantasy premier league news of the day for Monday 22 October 2012 including Ferdy, Silva , Baird, Saints and price rises/falls

Rio Ferdinand

Fantasy premier league owners of Ferdy must have been a little worried about SAFs phrase of “he’ll be dealt with” on the weekend regarding the kick it out T shirt saga.  Well it seems they’ve kissed and made up and any prospect of some ridiculous ban or dropping has fallen away.  I don’t think it was ever going to be an issue as SAF is too smart to get drawn in to something so sensitive once he had a think about it.

Here’s what he said s quoted in the Daily mail.  It also includes good news for fantasy premier league owners of Ferdy and Evra (unless you’re a Sun Dream Teamer) in that they’re being rested for the Braga game so hopefully not for the Chelsea game.

‘It has been a communication problem rather than anything else,’ he said. ‘Obviously as the manager of the club when you lay down policy you don’t want to see it being ignored and that’s where my anger came from on Saturday.
‘I think he felt I should have spoken to him on Friday. I didn’t anticipate there would be any problem in the dressing room as far as the T-shirt was concerned.

‘I listened to the conviction of Rio yesterday and I think it is quite compelling, to be honest with you. I can understand his stance. But my advice to him is that I always think the union is stronger than any individual and it is important he airs his grievances to the right people, through the PFA or the FA, to make his voice heard. It’s only through that that people will listen.
‘You are always stronger as a union. Obviously there’s more solidarity being a single unit, and that’s where I stand. We have resolved it.
‘Tonight, just so your false teeth don’t fall out, I’m not playing Rio. We have a game on Sunday at Chelsea, I think that’s a big one for us, and we’ll leave out Rio and Patrice Evra, two of the older players.’

David Silva

A report in the Daily Mail ( no quote from the club) says that Silva is in Spain getting treatment for his hamstring injury and is out for the Ajax game (as is Maicon and Garcia according to the report) and the Swansea game for the weekend.  Nasri owners will be looking forward to his virtually guaranteed place against one of the leagues poorest defences.

Chris Baird

Fantasy premier league defender playing as a holding midfielder for Fulham, Chris Baird got prise from Jol in the Fulham and Hammersmith chronicle.  The defender scored from a set piece against Villa.  Here’s what Jol said


“This is a new role for Chris. I explained to him that we needed a new identity in midfield and that he could help.

“He certainly did that. He is a good football player and he is becoming more and more important for us.

“Last season he played right-back and centre-back and I am very pleased that he is so versatile and that he could do that job for us.

“He is playing for the national team in midfield now too which is good and they got a good result against Portugal.

“He is probably on top of his game and that was exactly what we needed.”


I can’t personally see him keeping his place over Diarra in the long term although he did on the weekend.  He also has competition from Karagounis.  He has played at FB last year  although I see him as a filler rather than someone who will take one f the existing back 4 places as they have performed well this year.  6000 fantasy premier league managers have taken the plunge (29,000 for Riise btw).  Personally I think Hughes is the best cheap option and Hangeland if you want to upgrade.  Riise does give you further attacking options but £5.6m seems very steep to me.


Great news for fantasy premier league managers.  The hapless defence that is Southampton will get no help from manager Adkins as he vows to keep playing attacking football.  Theres some great stuff in his quotes in the Southern Echo

“We are going to play a certain way but we’ve got to keep the ball out of the net.

“There’s all different ways to go and there’s a principle on how the football club wants to go and we’re good at doing that.

“Maybe if we looked at alternatives who’s to say that’s going to be beneficial to us, because we are scoring goals?

The style of play dictates that we are scoring goals, (but) it’s obviously not keeping the ball out of the back of the net.”

Adkins added: “We have played football all the way through “You look at the last time we came to London we played Arsenal.

“We went in 4-1 down at half time and we have totally dominated the football in the second half, but we ended up getting beat.

“There is a brand of football that the football club wants to play, but you’ve got to win.

“You’ve got to stick to principles.

“Individually some players are getting found out, but it’s a collective thing and that’s important.

“The football club want to play football and that’s been demonstrated again, but it’s a simple game where you keep it out at one end and stick it in at the other.”

The pressure is really starting to crank up on the whole team, but most especially the leaky defence.

Adkins said: “Everyone is human and we highlighted to the players at the start of the season that every mistake they made will get highlighted quadruple.

“You’ve got to make sure that you keep a resolve and resilience and belief about yourself because when people highlight mistakes you make you lose a bit of confidence in yourself.”

On the leaking of goals, he added: “It’s cost us. You cannot concede the amount of goals that we have gone and done.

“It’s a collective thing. We’re as strong as our weakest link as they say and you don’t want to apportion individual blame.

“I know the players are very honest and hard working.

“I’m never one to harp on about injuries but, again, there has been enforced injuries we’ve had to deal with, but that’s why you have a squad so you just get on with it.

“There is a way that we want to play and that’s by passing it quickly and calmly through the thirds of the pitch.

“We’ve done that consistently over the last two seasons and scored a lot.

“At this level we are getting found out and are conceding far too many that ultimately results in us losing games.”

price rises/falls

Alot of activity on price rises with Mata and Nolan both have £0.2m rises and 14 players have £0.1m rises.  Both have tough fixtures.  Are they fixture proof?  I’m not sure.  Certainly not with Nolan.

A load of activity on price drops with Fellaini leading the way with a price drop of £0.2m and a multitude of others on £0.1m.  Physio room have him back this weekend so hopefully its a short term injury.