fantasy premier league news of the day – August 12 2012

Ok heres our 3rd edition of fantasy premier league news of the day.  Ill start with saturdays pre-season games and then general news including transfers

Pre-season games

Malaga 1 Everton 0

there are 3 players at £5.5m in fantasy premier league (Hibbert Distin and Heitinga) 1 of which has to play in the opening game in just a matter of which.  Today 2 played and Distin missed out and Neville played in midfield.  My own feeling is that Hibbert at RB is the best gamble but it is a gamble.  I think Jagielka is the safe option at £6.0m if you dont want the Rolls royce version of Baines at £7.0m.

Southampton 0 Udinese 4

Clyne and  Fonte both played in defence.  Clyne is looking more attractive as he starts each game and offers better attacking threat.

The 2 fantasy premier league £4.5m midfielders Schnierderlin and puncheon both played with puncheon getting good reports in pre-season.

Otherwise a good old  fashion spanking

Augsburg 2 QPR 2

Another cheapie watch.

Interestingly NZ international  Nelsen at £4.0m started at CB. I can see him nailing the spot over Clint Hill. Otherwise the rest of the £4.5m defence of Onouha, Ferdy and Fabio are looking secure if you dont want that risk

Cisse got both and at £6.5m is a real option even without perfect opening 6 fixtures.

The midfield was a little bizarre with Mackie Derry Dyer and Park and Im writing it off as giving everyone a run

Leicester 1 sunderland 0

The injury riddled pre-season fiasco that is Sunderland rolled in to Leicester and didn’t score again.  Unless O’Neill makes a signing it looks like Campbell will start up front at £5.5m although Pogrebnyak looks the better bet at £5.0m for Reading.

In defence there are 3 options available at £4.5m that being Cuellar Kilgallon and Bramble.  The latter 2 started this game  although to me teachers pet Cuellar still looks the most secure.  Bardsleys injury seems to have put richardson back there who is classified as a midfielder.

Gardner played in the most advanced position in midfield and is the best bet in my mind at £5.0m although that is short term until Sessegnon is back from injury.  Mclean is the most popular and was lively but at £6.5m looks way too expensive given the attacking issues on display

Werder Bremen 3 Aston Villa 3

The fantasy premier league defensive masterclass that is Paul Lambert was again on show here.  Aston Villa have great fixtures so for those willing to take a risk on the cheapies in defence there are many to choose from.  Stevens at LB and £4.0m looks the best bet and certain to start.  Lichaj and Clark at £4.5m also started and Clrk scored again shoeing his attacking threat.

Cheapie £4.5m filler El Ahmadi also played the 90mins and is a good filler option but dont expect much other than 2 points. there was no room for popular choice Ireland.

Weiman  at £5.5m look another alternative to those not wanting t get on the Pogrebnyak train although he looks a bit rotation prone to me under the Lambert regime.

The real head turners though were Bent (£8.5m)and NZogbia (£6.5m) with 2 goals and 2 assists respectively.  Neither can be ignored with their fixtures and NZogbia especially looks a real opportunity

Reading 2 Crystal palace 0

another fantasy premier league cheapie hunt here

In defence £4.0m Gunter started for the first time although it may be too much to assess between him and Cummings at this stage.  Gorkks at £4.0 started again over Mariappa and seems the better option.  Harte incredibly started again and at £4.5m offers a oad of attacking potential but i cant ignore Shorey in the wings.  Gorkks to me is the best cheapie option at £4.0m

Guthrie played the 90 mins and still seems the best £4.5m option in midfield in fantasy premier league and was names man of the match. Robson Kanu played virtually the whole game and is also a good £4.5m option

Le Fondreplayed up front with Pogrebnyak but at the same £5.0m makes no sense as an alternative.

Swansea 3 Stuttgart 3

Not exactly music to the ears of those who have invested £5.0m in the SWansea defence and i have to say Im turned off after the last 2 games to playing that premium.

Graham got 2 and at £6.0 with the best fixtures of any team in fantasy premier league looks a real option up front for the 3rd striking role.  Much lauded by me Michu got an assist and Dyer got an assist and a goal and with dyer £1.0m cheaper could possibly be an alternative to Michu although I prefer the goal scoring potential of Michu myself.

Britton played the 90 mins as another £4.5m alternative.

Norwich 0 Mgladbach 2

For the first time in over a season it seems there is some possibilty of predicting the Norwich line up.

In defence Tierny and R Bennet look like starters at £4.0m although Tierney is the best bet.

The emphasis on repairing the non existent defence last year is making the attack look inspid and to me theres n value there at all so stay away

Fulham 1 Charlton 2

No Dempsey obviously here.  Im not sure what the position is here for GW1.  If you want to buy in to the Fulham defence go for Hangeland hes worth the extra £0.5m over and above anyone who will play at £4.5m.  Bonus and attacking wise he will easily make that up.  Im not by the way fixtures dont warrant it

Otherwise fairly predictable apart from Kacaniklic who I don’t expect to play.  Petric seems to have nailed the froward spot and looks good for £6.0m

Cardiff 4 Newcastle 1

I hate to say I told you so but the Newcastle defence looked fairly shambolic even with its first choice.  I’m going no where near it.  You could argue that even within last years 14 odd clean sheets they still got the odd spanking away from home and the home defence will still secure a load of clean sheets but I just don’t buy it.

The defence was first choice the rest reserves so nothing to report.

Hannover 3 Man Utd 4

Is everyone telling me I told you so after this defence shambles from Utd with me recommending it?  However Carrick and Keane were in defence so hopefully Ferdy and Rafael  will assist the situation.  Lindegaard started but wasnt convincing apparently.

The good news in attack was that Kagawa started and scored and Rooney got 2.

Other news

Ive put at the bottom of the page the Community shield article link.

Rodwell goes to City means nothing really apart from another def mid in the squad.

Anita agreeing a fee with Newcastle and may cause some issue for those thinking of Guttierrez although really the only options ae Cabaye or BenArfa even if theyre both quite pricey at £7.0 and £7.5 respectively

Lastly Ivanovic will not serve a ban after his sending off for a straight red in the  Community Shield and will line up away to Wigan if selected

















4 thoughts on “fantasy premier league news of the day – August 12 2012”

  1. It looks like Nani will be starting for United. Do you think he’s worth a shot? I was thinking of having a combination of Nani & Bale/VdV or of Kagawa & Hazard. The others are Michu, Allen (suggest me better options at 5.5m if you can) and Guthrie. Thanks!

    • IM not sure he will be starting. If Rafael starts at RB then its still Young Nani and Valencia for 2 spaces so its difficult to see him having guaranteed game time but thats the case for most Utd players. Kagawa played the last friendly so I think he will start with the odd rotation. VDV/Bale is an essential with their fixtures so its really whether you want kagawa/Nani or Hazard. All have their drawbacks but i would stick with hazard for the moment as long as you have Rooney at GW2 for the Utd exposure.

  2. Alright chaps. New to this fantasy game so can you give me some feedback on my team.

    Cole Zabaleta Gorkks Cuellar s.Taylor

    Pienaar Noble Dyer Bale Mata

    Tevez Graham Torres

    Will put Rooney in week 2.

    Any suggestions for change would be very helpful.


    • hi Chris, For a newbie its a pretty good start!

      My only improvements would be

      1. if youre going for DDG as GK the realistically youll put him in every week so go for a £4.0m benchwarmer. doesnt really matter who. maybe Cerny of QPR

      2. if youre playing 2 premium defenders then my prefernce is to go for the rest as £4.0m. i also think the newcastle defence s overated and they overperformed their shots against stats last year. the other opetions for £4.0m deenders are Clyne saints tierney norwich stevens Villa Demel or Mccartney west Ham

      3. I prefer Michus goals scoring to Dyers assist based game but i can understand wanting to save the £1m.

      4. im a little worried that mata wont play both games given his summer. Hazard didnt play well against City but lets not forget he wont be outnumbered and against that quality playing Reading and Wigan

      Captain may have to be Torres unfortunately

      hope that helps and keep coming to the site


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