fantasy premier league news of the day – transfer deadline day 31 august 2012 part 1

Its transfer deadline day and for fantasy premier league managers with and with Chelsea and Reading not playing this week fantasy premier league manangers will be looking at trepidation to see if they can put a full team out.  Ill be doing it in a few parts today such is the volume of stories expected

Granero to QPR

25 year old CM joined from Real Madrid to add further complexity to the QPR position.  Its a good thing that QPR dont have good fixtures which should give a chance for fantasy premier league manages to see what the line up will be. last year in La liga he made  7 starts 10 as sub for 1 assist and 12 shots which isnt exactly going to make anyone bust a gut to get him in.  the year before he was 8 starts plus 11 as sub with 1 goal and 2 assists with 12 shots.  considering he probably played in the more rotatable games then its not  record to get excited about immediately.  If you wre thinking of Faurlin though, think again.

De Jong to AC Milan

Not a ig issue for fantasy premier league managers unless you wanted to hold a defensive midfielder who is a yellow card magnet and subject to rotation with no chance of bonus points.  does give more prospects for Jack Rodwell but I dont think his position is any different than De jOngs except hes far less foul happy

Adam to Stoke

Now this is an interesting one.  A fantasy premier league non event at Liverpool last year with 2 goals and 6 assists in 27 stats plus 1 as sub.  however i think he may have even been the top scoring midfielder the year before with 12 goals and 8 assists.  sure to start at the expense of Whitehead or Whelan (probably the latter) and have a say in set pieces.  stoke arent anything like Ian Holloways attacking charge of the light brigade but at £6.8m in Barclays fantasy premier league which is not that different to Walters and Etherington he definitely warrants monitoring.  In telegraph fantasy football he’s  £3.7m which is a little cheaper then Etherington (Walters is a striker).  Stoke have the nightmare fixtures which means there’s no immediate need to jump in.

Oviedo to Everton

Everton have signed the LB or LM from Copenhagen.  Cant see him being other than cover for Baines unless theres something else still going on…..

VDV to Hamburg

While I am personally sad to see such a fantasy premier league legend leave it does make Siggy a much more viable candidate for our teams.  He’s relatively expensive in Barclays fantasy premier league at £8.9m and Bale is a much better option for me but in telegraph fantasy football he’s much better value at £4.0m compared to Bale at £5.5m

Dempsey to Villa 

Wow this I did not expect.  Not seen if Dempsey is happy with this bt a continuation of big fish in a small pond seems to be the way to get the best out of Dempsey.  This will be especially so if he plays in the hole behind Bent as a proportion of the time last year he scored all those goals from the left.  Hes expensive for Villa but he was for Fulham.   main threat in my mind is to Ireland but maybe even Nzogbia given his lacklustre start.  Whatever its an exciting prospect if it happens, it just doesnt seem worth going on strike for so not sure where Dempsey personally is on this