fantasy premier league – “ones to watch” midfielders – GW6 Buy Hold or Sell


Here’s the GW6 “ones to watch” for Midfielders on the Barclays fantasy premier league  in the buy hold or sell format for GW6.  This will give the best midfield players at a variety of price ranges using a range of stats to make my case

I’ve provided the following stats to support the player choices and to guide you in your decisions.  I’ve now moved this to this year:

1.  Goals and assists this year.   I’ve now started using this years stats although its very early to draw a picture

2.  Time per point scored this year.  This is how many minutes it takes for a Barclays fantasy premier league point to be scored over the course of last season.  The lower the better obviously.   I’ve now moved to this years stats

3.  Rotation risk.  High, medium or low.  High is the greatest risk of rotation.

4.  Fixture ease ranking:  The link is at the bottom of the article but essentially I’ve ranked all the teams by the ease of the first 6 fixtures.  The team with the best ranking ie 1 will have the easiest next fixtures of any of the fantasy premier league teams over the next 6 games.

5.  Consistency:  The % of times that the player got a goal or assist or 2 point minimum bonus  as a % of games played

6.  I’ve also ranked them in their categories as who I think is currently the best choice


After going 3-5-2 for some parts of last year this year seems to be the year of the disappearing fantasy premier league midfielder.  Don’t get me wrong there are some good budget options but the mid price and elite midfielders seems a struggle.  At one stage I thought I might just have Michu and Eriksen in there but I’ve stretched it a little which is why you’ll see Ramsey at number 3 even though I’m still not convinced he can consistently return

1.  Michu (£8.9m) BUY 

  • Goals and assists:  2 goal 1 assist.  Time per point scored:  16.7 mins .  Rotation risk: low.   fixture ease ranking: 7th.  Consistency 3/5    60%

2 goals and an assist in his last 3 and  backed up by great underlying stats.  In great form playing behind the striker.  Arsenal H and Southampton A are 2 tricy fixtures before 4 good ones in Sund H West H Cardiff A Stoke H when really you should have him in your team definitely.  A good like for like swap with Walcott although as I said depending on what else you need to do in your team there maybe a chance to defer for a couple f games

2. Eriksen (£8.0m) HOLD

  • Goals and assists:  0 goals 1 assist.  Time per point scored:  15.8  mins .  Rotation risk: medium.   fixture ease ranking: 4th.  Consistency 1/2   50%%

Still a bit of a gamble given Spurs difficulty in front of goal and first impressions is that he maybe more of an assister than a goal scorer as in the Cardiff game although he had a very good average position he didnt threaten shooting wise that much or get into the box that much.  Difficult game this wee against Chelsea but then there’s a good run of 3 fixtures West Ham H Villa A and Hull h before they go to Everton.  So GW7 looks the best buying point

3.  Ramsey (£6.2m)  HOLD

  • Goals and assists:  3 goals 1 assist.  Time per point scored:  13.6  mins .  Rotation risk: medium.   fixture ease ranking: 10th.  Consistency 3/5    60%

The box to box midfielder is starting to have an effect on fantasy premier league with Ramsey and Paulino scoring as well.  There isn’t that much historical precedent for it being a successful category for fantasy premier league midfielders other than Gerrard and Lampard.  They both  had their stats boosted by penalties and set piece duties.  Also, lets not forget these were 2 of the leading premier league midfielders of their time and certainly you cant compare these 2 in fantasy premier league terms at this stage.

The Arsenal midfield is strange at the moment.  Flamini seems to sit and be very defensively disciplined whereas everyone else attacks.  Its almost like 5 defenders and 5 attackers.  Ramsey has very good shooting stats considering his pen box touches and his average position stats aren’t very strong which is a definite plus point.  I watched him closely against Stoke and some of the time he was just as far up the pitch as any of the midfielders so maybe the box to box classification is a little restricting.

One of the issues is that I’m a little unsure where Ramsey fits in once Walcott Cazorla and Arteta are fit.   The attacking midfield 3 have to be Cazorla, Ozil and Walcott surely.  The double pivot players then have to be one of Flamini and Arteta and one of Ramsey or Wilshere.  I cant see Ramsey and Wilshere playing together with Arteta and Flamini left out, they’re both too attacking.  However, the injuries at the moment may see him play further forward with Arteta and Flamini in the double pivot and Ozil ramsey and Wilshere further forward

Still, he is great value and has great underlying shooting stats.  Alot of fantasy premier league managers I have a lot of respect for are transferring him in.   Swansea A and WBA  A are reasonable fixtures as attacking wise Arsenal are just as comfortable if not more so home as they are away.  After that it’s Norwich H and Crystal Palace A .  Then it gets difficult with  Liverpool H, Man Utd A, and Saints H.

Confused?  Well if you own him definitely stay for the ride.  If you don’t and want to take a punt, this is now the time to buy before the difficult games arrive.  Swansea away is a good place to start, especially as given his Cardiff connections he will be fired up.  At the moment I’m resisting and luckily Ive got plenty of other areas to work on.

4.  Ozil (£10.4m)  HOLD

  • Goals and assists:  0 goals 4 assist.  Time per point scored:  7.9m mins .  Rotation risk: low.   fixture ease ranking: 10th.  Consistency 2/2    100%

You cant deny the stats so far 2 games and 20 points.  Here’s the plus points, He had virtually all the set pieces including free kicks and his delivery led to 2 defenders scoring. He has the ideal positioning behind Giroud and is an absolutely world class player and probably the leading assist provider in world football.

The question is can a fantasy premier league live by assists alone? the only precedent i can think of was silva a couple of yesr agao when he got 17 assists but even then he still got 6 goals.  I was wary due to this fact and thought that the beneficiaries would be Walcott and Giroud and that given the bonus situation favouring goal scorers that he wouldn’t get the returns that he deserved.  However he has got 4 bonus points so far.

However the same applies as Ramsey, if you own him I don’t need to tell you hold on to him.  If you don’t and want to buy him, as for Ramsey now is the time to do so as you can see above how the fixtures fall.  Again I’m watching on the sidelines

5.  Oscar (£8.7m)  HOLD

  • Goals and assists:  0 goals 2 assists  Time per point scored:  13.7 mins .  Rotation risk: medium.   fixture ease ranking: 12th.  Consistency: 2/5   40%

This is a positional punt.  Anyone who is the designated number 10 for Chelsea has to have some appeal even with some reasonably tough fixtures.  I would probably leave it until after the Spurs game when Chelsea  play Norwich A and Cardiff City H.  Any Chelsea midfielder will have gametime issues but Mata is some way off taking the role back, Hazard Schurlle and  Willian are probably more for the wide parts of the 3 which leaves oscar alone in the position until Mata is deemed ready.  Has no no shooting or creating chances stats but does get forward in a central position and should score goals like his one at Fulham

6.  Paulino (£7.0m)  HOLD

  • Goals and assists:  0 goals 1 assist.  Time per point scored:  27.7 mins .  Rotation risk: low.   fixture ease ranking: 8th.  Consistency 1/4    25%

The emergence of Eriksen and Siggy and 4-2-3-1 means Paulino moving back and other options in the midfield.  Now’s the time to sell.

 7.  HBA (£7.2m) HOLD

  • Goals and assists:  2 goals 1 assist.  Time per point scored:  14.7 mins .  Rotation risk: low.   fixture ease ranking: 17th.  Consistency 2/5    40%

Was abysmal against Hull going forward only made worse by his non existent defence which contributed to at least 1 Hull  goal.  Will always be an inconsistent scorer .  Had been doing the right things up to then but with Everton next and Liverpool Chelsea and Spurs in the next 6  I would look at GW8 as the natural exit point if he doesn’t perform in the next 2

Walcott (£9.5m) SELL

  • Goals and assists:  0 goals 2 assists  Time per point scored:  23.9 mins .  Rotation risk: low.   fixture ease ranking: 1st.  Consistency: 2/4   50%

Out with a target back of GW8 apparently so hard to justify a decision to hold on.  Especially if you own RVP and the number of front line attacking players you have is limited

Budget midfielders

All have some misgivings at the moment

1.  Barkley (£4.8m) BUY –  Was fantastic against West Ham and really now looks a genuine option as a midfielder in his own right given the right fixtures.

2. Brady (£5.1m) BUY –   Came back with a vengeance at Newcastle and him and Barkley seem to be the best cheap options at the moment

3. Whittingham (£5.0m) HOLD –  Has really started to produce and has set pieces and pens.  Still some gametime risk if Cornelius comes back in to the team

JWP – (£4.5m)  SELL –   Doesn’t seem like he will get back his starting role which is a shame



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