fantasy premier league podcasts – the first FFGeek podcast


Here’s what’s, hopefully, the first of many fantasy premier league podcasts from the FFGeek team.  The first one is Rob Reid and I where we review our FPL teams of last season, give some initial thoughts for our teams for next season, preview the promoted teams, yesterdays fixture release and briefly tackle transfers and VAR.  All squeezed into less than half an hour.

fantasy premier league podcasts – the first FFGeek podcast

Firstly I’d like to say that it is our first podcast and a work in progress in terms of content, technical quality and from my own perspective, facilitating duties!  So please bear that in mind and take that into account when listening.

Thanks very much to Rob for participating.  Thanks to you for listening and hopefully this will be the first podcast of many for you to listen to while commuting, walking the dog or whatever.  Leave any (constructive) feedback in the comments below.

Just click on the link here.  Hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening.  Btw it is on SoundCloud but if you don’t have the app on the phone you can listen on your browser.  (Apologies if this is stating the very obvious)

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Here’s links to some of the articles mentioned in the podcast.

contributors season review

Rob Reids season review

The promoted teams

fixture ease schedule

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11 thoughts on “fantasy premier league podcasts – the first FFGeek podcast”

  1. That’s great !!

    Podcasts will certainly add a new dimension to the site. They provide an opportunity to cover so much more content compared to a few paragraphs of text.

    I listen to two other weekly podcasts and I find them invaluable in hearing other opinions and angles on topical FPL subjects.

    Well done both of you !!

  2. Great work guys. Like a lot of people, I listened to far too many FPL podcasters last season and have decided to cut down to a select few. I will be adding your podcasts to my “essential listening” list :) Early days I know, but they seem to be straight to the point with limited “waffle”.

    PS I’m also culling the number of FPL websites I visit. After 2 seasons away from FFGeek (sorry about that ;) ) I have added you to my list of “must reads”. One of the big reasons was that I fancy having a go at SKY fantasy this season and I’ve been drawn back to you by the Andrew Ferguson articles.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Rob

      Hoping to do the same articles as last season. I imagine it will just mean more hours! cheers

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