fantasy premier league – rating the defences

Now that weve got a decent amount of games under our belt here’s my first rating of al the the defences in fantasy premier league.  Again what I’ve looked at is their underlying stats and not just at goals conceded and clean sheets.  These stats will tell you what should be happening and therefore help in predicting trends

Probably 2 good examples are Man City and Norwich.  In both case’s I’ve been saying the stats are better than the defensive results and this has been proved right with Norwich’s recent results and City getting 3 clean sheets in their last 5 games. There are 2 sides stoke and Sunderland especially who are far better at home than away and they’ve been given special ratings to differentiate but what youre seeing is the overall defensive rating.  The ratings are  largely based around shot stats if you’re wondering over the whole of the season

Defence ratings

1.  Manchester City

2.  Liverpool

3.  Arsenal

4.  Man U

5. Chelsea

6.  Spurs

7.  Everton

8.  Stoke

9.  West Ham

10.  Norwich

11.  Wigan

12.  Fulham

13.  WBA

14.  Newcastle

15.  Swansea

16.  Aston Villa

17.  Reading

18.  Sunderland

19.  Southampton

20.  QPR


Here’s a commentary on a few teams

Manchester City

They are without question the best defensive team in the league – absolutely no doubt.   They are miles ahead of anyone else.


One of the difficult ones where there are some conflicting stats. Have great clean sheet potential if they can erase ridiculous mistakes as the base stats are very strong.

Spurs and Everton

Similar comments to Arsenal, just not at such a high base


One of the most extreme cases of the Spurs Everton and Arsenal difficulty.  Base stats aren’t bad just make mistakes leading to goals


Fantastic stats at home but not converted in to clean sheets abysmal away.

Hope that provides some food for thought