fantasy premier league relaunch – the FPL site is updated

Here’s our fantasy premier league relaunch article as we outline the information provided by the FPL site on it’s relaunch.  As ever the Fantasy Premier League controllers were nothing if not unpredictable

fantasy premier league relaunch – the FPL site is updated

With the first game of the relaunched Premier League on the 17th June it was about time that the fantasy premier league site was relaunched.  It seems to have happened as well with minimal delays in closing and reopening.

Here’s a few basics the FPL site has told us in their official announcement:

– The remaining season’s fixtures have been allocated new Gameweeks
– Each new Gameweek is indicated by a “+” (e.g. GW30+, GW31+, GW32+)
– GW30+ is a Double Gameweek starting with two midweek fixtures (AVLSHU and MCIARS) followed by a full round of 10 matches

Here’s the changes:

Unlimited transfers

Using the FPL site’s words:

FPL managers can make unlimited free transfers until the GW30+ deadline without playing a wildcard

Prices of players will not change until after the GW30+ deadline has passed

What about using the Free Hit in GW30+?

Again using the sites words:

Any unused wildcards or chips will remain available for the rest of the season

Triple captain, Bench boost and free hit chips are available in GW30+  This is only if you haven’t already used them obviously.

The Free Hit chip acts as normal. So if you play it ahead of Gameweek 30+, the team will revert back to the team you had before you made any transfers.  I haven’t seen anything which explicitly states that it will revert to the GW38 team as opposed to the old GW30 team but that seems to be the consensus. If anyone can point to official clarification please do so.

GW30+ deadline

The Gameweek 30+ deadline is Wednesday 17 June at 17:00 UK time which is the usual 1 hour before Villa v Sheffield kicks off.  The fixtures and the new deadlines are not on the web version of the FPL site as I’m writing this.

Head to Head Leagues

Again here’s what the official site said:

Please note that Head-to-Head leagues ended in Gameweek 38. However, FPL managers can create new H2H leagues for the remaining nine Gameweeks in the normal manner.

Classic leagues will continue as usual through to Gameweek 38+.

My initial thoughts

Well I didn’t expect the FPL site to continue with transfers up to GW38 when the Premier League was suspended and I certainly didn’t expect unlimited transfers to be available now for GW30+.

With GW30+ being the only likely double gameweek in some ways this adds another complication to the equation.  The free hit chip for example would eradicate the unlimited transfers so FPL managers will undoubtedly start to consider if they want to use their triple captain or bench boost chip so they can take advantage of the unlimited transfers.

The lack of doubles and blanks that would have occurred, if it wasn’t for the suspension,  has disadvantaged FPL managers who have saved their chips and this now is a further complication.

Selling players at the lower selling value with the unlimited transfers for the Double Gameweek and buying them back for the higher buy price for the run in ( the likes Alexander Arnold)  is a factor to be considered.

I will do an article on my initial thoughts for the FFGeek team

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  1. Obviously the pandemic has changed the world but having said that your comment that “The lack of doubles and blanks that would have occurred, if it wasn’t for the suspension, has disadvantaged FPL managers who have saved their chips and this now is a further complication.” is spot on and the fact that everyone now has unlimited transfers until the next deadline is unfair on those of us with all those chips still in hand (FH, 2nd WC and TC). I do realise that some people played their 2nd WC or FH in the last GW before the lockdown which was a waste but the prudent strategy would have been to hold off pending lockdown occurring. I am really disappointed at the lack of information coming from the people who run FPL as they could have been more proactive in their approach by explaining things.

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