fantasy premier league restart – an update on the Premier League Project Restart

Here’s our fantasy premier league restart article where we give an update on outcome of the meeting of Premier League clubs on Monday

fantasy premier league restart – an update on the Premier League Project Restart

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Very basic background

The Premier League clubs met on Monday to discuss a number of issues relating to the resumption of the Premier League which has 9 gameweeks to go.

You’ll remember there are 3 key dates:

  1.  Full training commences – May 18
  2. Games commence – June 12
  3. League completes – end of July

Government approval for Sporting events after June 1

The Government gave approval for sporting events, behind closed doors,  to go ahead after June 1 subject to satisfactory health protocols

“permitting cultural and sporting events to take place behind closed doors for broadcast, while avoiding the risk of large-scale social contact”.

FA says season must be decided on sporting merit

This was significant in that it meant that the voiding of the season as a way of clubs getting out of relegation was taken off the table.  The season would be decided through completing the fixtures or current position of Points Per Game are the theories.

Output from the meeting

Wasn’t really a huge amount of output from the meeting

neutral venues

Interestingly there seems to be a bit of momentum on clubs playing home matches in their own stadiums and it was agreed that the Premier League would attempt to persuade authorities to allow matches at home stadiums

Medical protocols

Still seems to be alot of work to be done on these

Interestingly this was said by the PL Chief Executive Richard Masters:

“With regards to our back-to-training protocols, if a player tests positive, providing that player has been been socially distanced as anticipated in these protocols, that player would be isolated for a period but there would be no need for the rest of the group to be, because they’ve been socially distanced.”

This was also said in an article in the Independent

Masters meanwhile ruled out the idea of isolated squad camps for the time being.

“I think it probably has been discussed, but it is not the favoured route at the moment and I guess ultimately, in the judgement of medical professionals, which I am not, they think that the formula they have created is it safe and appropriate.”

Out of contract players

The Premier League has agreed that player contracts ending on 30 June can be extended to the end of the 2019-20 season, whenever that may be.  The main ones are Willian, Ryan Fraser, Vertonghen, David Silva, Lundstram, Tangana and Shane Long

Player Consultation

This week the Premier League will consult with the players over the proposals.  A number of players such as Sergio Aguero, Danny Rose and Raheem Sterling have expressed reservations about the restart.  Also 3 Brighton players have contracted the virus, 1 recently which I’m sure the players will be mindful of.

£300m given as minimum TV compensation

The BBC report that Premier League clubs have been told they could have to repay an estimated £340m to domestic and international broadcasters – even if the season resumes behind closed doors.

What next?

Here’s a handy little timetable from the same BBC article as above

Wednesday, 13 May: Professional Footballers’ Association/League Managers’ Association consult members on medical protocols
Thursday, 14 May: Meetings between Premier League and PFA/LMA about medical protocols
Thursday, 14 May: Meeting between Culture Secretary and football authorities
Monday, 18 May: Next Premier League meeting
Monday, 18 May: Premier League players may return to initial group training under socially distancing protocols
25 May: Uefa deadline for leagues to have finalised plan for restarting seasons
1 June: Government date for possible return of elite sport behind closed doors in England
12 June: Premier League aiming to return with first fixture

I hope you found that useful.  I’ll keep articles coming as events unfold

I outline my  FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

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