fantasy premier league – a review of the FFGeek alternate teams


Here’s our fantasy premier league review of the FFGeek alternate teams.  This was the expected goals/assists team, the bookies team and the bandwagons team

fantasy premier league – a review of the FFGeek alternate teams

Here’s a quick review of where the 3 alternate strategy teams finished up this season and a few words on each of them.

The idea was to find formulaic ways of setting up a team to see how that would work with an FPL team.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to post the teams as much as I would like to have.  I hope to change that next season but also refine how they work.

Here’s the basic schedule of the FFGeek team for context only and the 3 alternates

Team Tot Pts OR 000’s Hits Team Val
Geek 2292 17 32 102.7
Expected 2251 47 8 100.8
Bookies 2197 130 0 99.3
Bandwagons 2146 280 0 98.8

The expected goals/assists team

The expected goals team is in it’s first season and used the data from my underlying stats articles to compile a team with the best expect goals and assist stats.  The idea was 2 transfers every 2 weeks and no hits (although 2 were taken I see).

Considering there was no allowance for future fixtures and recent form it was a reasonably good finish.  Players were picked on season stats with no allowance for future fixtures.  That was a pretty good plug for form over fixtures.

The bookies team

After finishing with an overall rank of 6k last season this was a very disappointing season for the bookies team.  Basically the idea was to produce a team with the best anytime goalscoring odds and clean sheet odds every week based on 2 transfers every 2 weeks.  I still believe it can form the basis of a successful formula for playing FPL it’s just working out how to use the information.  Whether that’s possible is another question.  In my mind the difficulty is that the difference in ATGS odds for athe premium players was rather small so it made it difficult to switch from say Lacazette to Kane and therefore you could be stuck with an under performing premium player for sometime.  I haven’t got the evidence to support it but that’s the feeling

The bandwagons team

This team relied on 2 transfers every 2 weeks to replace the 2 most transferred out players with the 2 most transferred in.  It was a complete disaster mainly as it missed the window to get Salah and then it was uphill from there.  It was more of a control team than anything else and I won’t be doing it next season

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