fantasy premier league – Saturday game week 11 – part 2

Here’s part 2 of the fantasy premier league game week 11 saturday analysis.  Stoke v QPR and Southampton v Swansea

Stoke 1 QPR 0

scorers and assists

Goals scored

Line up commentary:   Only a surprise is that Etherington was in for Kightly.  Disaster for sky sports players with him.  No surprises for QPR apart from Faurlin in for Mackie

brief match comments:   Both sides could have won this although QPR had some great chances through Taarabt

possession: 51% Stoke

match shots:  10/5 to 17/8

defensive stats:  fairly ordinary defensive performance by both teams

best shooting stats:  Taarabt, he really should have scored

most chances created:  Granero

most forward midfielders for each team:  Walters and Taarabt

most involved players in attacking areas for each team: Taarabt and Crouch

player commentary:   The Stoke defence showed their worth although really there’s no way that QPR shouldn’t have scored.  There’s no one in my mind that really is compelling in the attacking side for Stoke. Probably Crouch and Walters if you’re desperate for someone.  A Stoke defender though or Begovic is a must have when they have such good fixtures.

For QPR I’m not convinced that Cisse is worth wasting a fantasy premier league forward position on.  Taarabt and Hoilett have been on the fringes of the shooting stats and are in the top 10 in the last 6 game weeks and are the only options for me.  The defence has Nelsen as a cheapie  but he’s a filler only.

Southampton 1 Swansea 1

scorers and assists

Goals scored

Goals scored

Line up commentary:    Quite a fiddled about team for Saints.  Fox was dropped for Shaw.  Davis for Cork and cheapie Puncheon keeps his place.  No surprises for Swansea with Monk coming in for the injured Chico.

brief match comments:   Saints should have won apart from a disastrous mix up with the increasingly hapless Yoshida with Gazzaniga.

possession: 60% Saints

match shots:  11/5 to 5/3

defensive stats:   Really good stats for Saints.  Really poor for Swansea

best shooting stats:  Lallana, Lambert and Ramirez

most chances created:  Lambert and De Guzman

most forward midfielders for each team:  Ramirez and Hernandez

most involved players in attacking areas for each team: Hernandez and De Guzman

player commentary:    Lambert was fantastic shooting and chances created wise and its just a shame that he’s up against so much competition for the 3rd forward spot.  Lallana is on the fringe of selection but just doesn’t quite have the stats to match the fixtures.  Ramirez promised so much but just hasn’t produced since the Everton game.

For Swansea Michu was very disappointing considering he could even have been a captain option.  He barely had a shot.  The fixtures aren’t great and I would stay away from everyone involved in the team as the defence is utterly hopeless.