fantasy premier league season end midfielders – player rankings for midfielders


Here’s our fantasy premier league season end midfielders article where we give our midfield player rankings for the 19/20 season. There’s a table of information and discussion on some players of interest

fantasy premier league season end midfielders – player rankings for midfielders

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I’ve ordered the players by their underlying stats ranking when I convert their xG and xA over the season into FPL points for goals and assists. That figure is adjusted for the average minutes played over the last season.  Players with current penalty responsibility get that included in their stats.  Those currently without eg Rashford don’t

Stats definitions

Form s/10/5. These are the form rankings for season, for the last 10 gameweeks and the last 5 game weeks. They are the average minutes adjusted rankings once the xG and xA are converted into FPL points. The lower the number the better the ranking.

Av minutes: The average minutes played over the season. Non appearances aren’t counted.

PPM – the fantasy premier league sites points per match.

VFM: A Value for Money calculation by dividing the theoretical season goal and assist points by the players value. The higher the better.

The schedule ranked by midfielders underlying stats over the season  

Here is the link to the google spreadsheet. You can go to file>make a copy and then sort it how you like.  800 minimum minutes required.

fantasy premier league season end midfielders

fantasy premier league season end midfielders

Players with low average minutes

There’s a few players who with better average minutes would have finished alot higher.  If those prospects improve and they hold their numbers it creates a very different picture for next season.  3 players with low numbers higher up the rankings were Pulisic, Mahrez and Bernardo Silva.  Unfortunately Pulisic maybe injured still and who knows what Pep will do with rotation.

Also still reasonably high up the rankings were Willian , Dele Alli, Sarr, Trossard and Bowen.  Willian looks likely to go to Arsenal.  Sarr has a number of interested clubs after Watford relegation although his stats fell away as you’ll see mentioned below.

Big Improvers

Those who improved markedly in the last 10 and 5 gameweeks:

Phil Foden and Trossard are 2 that spring to mind and worth watching for next season.

Those who fell away badly

Mane dropped a bit and Richarlison quite significantly.  As did Grealish, Sarr, Almiron, Perez and Pepe

Mane had his minutes managed a bit which contributed.  The others didn’t really have that excuse their numbers just fell away.  It’s worth noting that while fairly lowly ranked both Perez’s and Pepe’s average minutes are very low.

Top 20 value for money rankings

fantasy premier league season end midfielders


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