fantasy premier league – the season so far Part 2 – the bonus system and its implications

Well part 2 of my review of the fantasy premier league season so far looks at the bonus system to catch up on how they are being allocated

How are bonus points awarded

Well I’ve done a fairly rudimentary analysis of how the bonus points have been allocated.  What earlier analysis looked at was that pretty much all of the bonus points were allocated to the goal scorer, the assister and the defenders on the team who got a clean sheet.

So taking that information I’ve looked at the goal scorers, the assisters and defenders involved in clean sheets in every game so far and then seen whether these players got bonus points.  I have stripped out or adjusted if you did more than one of the above so its not 100% accurate but still shos some valid trends.  I also have differentiated between 1 point or 3 points and have treated an award of any sort as being the same.  The results weren’t that different than the analysis before.

Here they are:

1.  If you scored you had an 84% chance of getting a bonus award of some sort

2.  If you assisted you had a 38% chance of getting a bonus award of some sort

3.  If you are in a team that gets a clean sheet then on average around 2 defenders/GK in that team will get a bonus award of some sort

What does this mean?

1.  The virtual certainty of getting a bonus award for scoring increases the emphasis on forwards and goal scoring midfielders for your team

2.  Defenders  become a much more valuable commodity when you have close to a 50% chance of your defender getting some sort of bonus award when you get a clean sheet.

3.  Here’s how the bonus points were awarded by the different positions.  Again I haven’t stripped out where there has been an attacking contribution:

CBs (52%)

FBs (35%)

GKs (13%)

Although the difference has narrowed as a rule of thumb it is better to pick a CB rather than an FB all other things being equal

That’s it hope you found it useful

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  1. Always helpful, always informative, always modest. Which is why I feel no shame in asking if you could also provide a list of CBs vs FBs for comparative analysis. Cheers.

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