fantasy premier league – should we be spending our cash on defence, midfield or forwards? – part 2


Here’s the 2nd part of article on how we spend our cash in fantasy premier league and I decided to practically test out my article

In fantasy premier league we should never take 1 strategy for granted and should always be willing to challenge our own ideas.  If you read my original strategy article on the 23 rules you’ll remember 1 rule was to have an almost “mentor” situation so your ideas are always challenged,  one of these ways was to follow teams of fantasy premier league that have been consistently successful     So I decided to pick a few peoples teams who have been consistently successful,  by that I mean with a combined 15 times in fantasy premier league they have only finished outside the top 5,000 5 times so worth taking a look at.     All are currently in the top 4,000.  Here’s the 3 teams as per last game week


               Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Bunn            Bunn       Begovic

Apart from the fact that all 3 have Michu, Walcott Berbatov and RVP, they all have a similar structure

  • At least 2 elite team defenders – 1 has 4!
  • 4 reasonably expensive midfielders with the 2 obvious striker/midfielders of Walcott and Michu in all 3
  • 3 quality strikers, no Pogrebnyak type

Now they all have values over £105m so alot more to play with than me but it does show a pattern

So what does this mean?

  • A balanced team with a core of 2 elite defenders then cheap back ups is backed up by this article and the 1st one I did.
  • The 4 reasonably expensive midfielders plus 1 cheap reserve and 3 quality strikers is the other common theme structure
  • If it wasnt obvious everyone should have RVP, Michu and Walcott

I hope that gives something more to think about with your January wildcard team







6 thoughts on “fantasy premier league – should we be spending our cash on defence, midfield or forwards? – part 2”

  1. Surely this shows that your strategy of waiting until right before the deadline is flawed, as it leaves you with much less value?

    • Aaron, thanks for the comment, this is something ive recently talked about. In the last 2 seasons my 5,000 finishes in FPL has been on the basis of value of about 103m leaving transfers to the last minute to avoid injuries and knee jerk reactions but the sped of price rises this year has meant that I am reluctantly thought that this needs to change. it’s not something I like doing but playing with less value seems to be worse. Remember though having a higher value team doesnt mean that this is the the selling value as you lose half your gains when you sell a player.

      So expect to see more transfer early more and more in the 2nd half of the season. Unfortunately things do change in fpl and adjusting how you play is one consequence. hope that helps

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